Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Magic Month

December has always been my favorite month. The beauty of the decorations; excitement as the children await the big day for Santa to arrive and the love people show for one another. 

But as they say all good things must come to an end. The jolly old fat man has made his rounds and has settled in for a long winter nap. The decorations are beginning to come down while all the turkeys look forward to the coming year with a sigh of relief.

Father Time is watching the hour glass as the remainder of the sand falling brings in a New Year.

People across this great Country are making New Year Resolutions such as loosing weight, exercising more, stop smoking, etc... Many will be upheld while many others will fall by the wayside.

What ever the case may be the fact still remains we all still have our hopes and dreams for the future: Seeing our children or grand-children growing up. The dream of our first home, or a new home. The hope to travel to exotic new places. These hopes and dreams can not be taken away from us.

I look forward to the coming year. The chance to adventure into new ideas or possibly to change the old ones which were wrong. Time is a commodity which no one holds the key to. What we do today could reflect on where our futures will lay.

Let's have some fun this week. Let me hear about your New Year Resolutions, your best times this year or what you are looking forward to next year.

Have a Happy New Year!

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Ask - Don't Tell, Changed to G. I. - F. I.


Being a veteran I am concerned about DADT being passed. This is raising a cloud of smoke as to how service people will cope with it.
Last weeks blog pertained to the Robin Hood theory of government stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. This week it looks like we are dealing with a new theory all together:  

Let 's take showers and other issues as an example: 
  • Should gay people shower with straight people?
  • Maybe the answer is to let straight men shower with gay women or vice-versa.
  • Imagine the fights that will be started in the johns ... A woman goes to the restroom, you hear a blood curdling scream come out. You hear "Oh My Gosh someone left the toilet seat up and I fell in, it was horrible." Urine was everywhere. 
  • Picture a girl having to sit on a urinal! 
  • What will it be like when some man sleeping next to you comes to bed wearing frilly pajamas? 
  • Can you picture the disgust seeing a woman trying to flush a Tampax down a urinal?
  • Can you imagine what Larry The Cable Guy could do with this?
Now let's take it out of the barracks: 
  • Arlington Cemetery could have to start issuing pink headstones. 
  • Military parades could start with 20 to 40 tinker-belles running in front wearing frilly Tu-Tus and throwing rose petals everywhere. 
  • Think of what it would be like to lay in a fox hole next to someone wearing pink camouflage.
  • Do military people go through their career taking salt peter? 
  • A war hero goes before a Court Martial:  "What can I say Sir? I was standing watch when this pink blur came skipping across the field. It was dark and it appeared to have a bomb on its buttocks. I yelled halt but it continued skipping across so I shot. Sir, how was I to know Barney Frank came for a surprise visit?
  • Will you be able to salute an officer or the flag with a limp wrist rather than coming to attention?
They say you can find something good in everything. 
Because of this new bill there could be a new combat unit formed. 
They will be known as the Pink Beret
  • These courageous people will be the first to go into enemy areas. 
  • Their purpose will be to get the enemy laughing so hard they will forget why they are there.
  • At that point the Green Beret will move into action.
I foresee many problems coming from this. What is even worse is why aren't our leaders worrying more about winning a war or just go ahead and bring our troops home? It would also be nice to get a national budget then start reducing our deficit. Are outgoing Dems so shallow they would rather see our Country go down hill than stand up for what they were elected to do? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Since I got into trouble last week speaking the truth I will try to be politically correct this week. 
  • To the straight and patriotic people I wish a Merry Christmas.
  • To the Atheists I wish a bah-humbug holiday.
  • To the gays I wish a very Nelly Foo-Foo  Holiday. (I'm not sure what you believe in.)
  • To everyone who still believes I ask you to remember to wish Christ a Happy Birthday Christmas morning.
If RFA doesn't like what I have written, so what?
You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Merry Christmas

Freedom Fighter.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dem Mentality

The complexities we face in our Country today are brought on by leaders who retain a non-caring attitude for our future.

Obama whose objective is to take from the rich that which they have earned and give it to the poor is a good example. He also feels the need to control all banks, auto manufacturers, Wall Street, along with anything else he can get his greedy hands on. He is changing health care to fit his Socialistic views. His Muslim up-bringing has been viewed in foreign nations as well as in ours.

Nancy Pelosi appears to be nothing but a puppet to Obama. She has shown to be a power grabber with a theatrical outlook on life. Her time as House Speaker has proven she cares nothing about the public but only for herself.

What can one say about Harry Reid? All he has on his mind is pushing the Dream Act through in order to get the illegal votes. The problem is the Congressional deceit seems to be never ending with Liberals. Their mentality to take our Country forward is blinded by their greed to make others look bad.

At a time America is crying out for leaders we hear Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D) state Democrats need to create a financial problem in order to make Republicans look bad. He believes by exploiting the unemployment issue before Christmas could be a key issue.

As the Bush tax cuts are voted on before the end of the year we see the wheels turning. 54 House Dems sent Pelosi a single letter stating how upset they are and feel Obama is craw-fishing on them.

Republicans have shown a bi-partisanship effort in working with the tax cuts. Democrats have done nothing more than cry, whine and exploit the package.

It is time we see Liberals for what they are, trash bringing down our Country. For the sake of generations to come we can only hope the new electives coming in will see the deception from past leaders and work for the people.

If they do not like living in a free Country then get the hell out! Let them go somewhere they can be happy.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Democratic Anger Flares - Saying Obama Rolled Over

Tempers run high this week as Democrats say the leader they backed caved in on them. The Bush tax cuts have brought out the worst in Liberals.

Obama has once again broken his promise. Since the beginning of his campaign he promised America he would not increase taxes on the middle but on those making $250 thousand and above.
This week in order to secure a deal on the tax cuts he asks Dems. to grant a 2 year extension on those earning over $250,000.

Dems are crying out  that this is a surrender to the GOP. They feel after many lost their seats in the House by backing Obama he has turned  and begun eating his own.

Republicans told Obama they would not give one inch when it came to the tax cuts. In a time of recession you can not increase taxes on the people who are able to create jobs. They ask if anyone has ever seen a poor person create jobs? They also threatened to filibuster everything Obama put through if he didn't give them this.

In order for the bill to pass Repubs had to agree to extend unemployment benefits for 13 months. In my opinion this is the way we should have been heading since Obama took office. This is the first step to bipartisanship we have seen. For the last 2 years it has been Democrats hiding behind closed doors, keeping info from the public and construing  deals under the table.

At a time we have reached 9.8% unemployment we have to move in a direction to create jobs, Obama told us if we passed the stimulus bill we would not see unemployment go above 8% .

Some Dems have vowed we have not heard the end of this and we should not consider it a done deal

At a time America faces a mountain of problems some form of leadership has to prevail.
Our borders lay wide open while Pelosi and Reid continue to push the Dream Act. Our deficit  is out of control. Muslim polls show a person should be killed if they change their religion so why do want killers living with us?

It is time for Dems to stop their crying and realize we have to move forward. We had to put up with your stupidity for 4 years. Let's get down to business which is working for the good of the Country. Grow up whine bags.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.
Merry Christmas

Freedom Fighter

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Story Of Peace

I have been told by some of my readers with Christmas upon us I need more holiday spirit. I should stop talking about old news and politics for a while. Although this will be hard to do I will give it my best shot.

I have been fortunate enough to travel overseas and see how many people live. I have seen the shacks, polluted water and poor conditions they endure.

The story below is not of one person but many I have seen. Some from my travels and others from Viet Nam. Our rewards do not come from silver and gold but often from the heart.

A Christmas Story

I sat on the lonely street which had become my home watching happy faces of holiday shoppers passing. The children voices rang with joy as they hustled down the street waiting for Christmas Day. Occasionally someone would stop to toss some loose change in my hat. I was cold, lonely and afraid as I questioned the reason for my existence. My mind drifted back to younger days when I had hope and dreams to pursue.

My Country said they needed me so I went without question. I gave all I could including 2 limbs so Americans could live free. When I returned home I was scorned and spit upon. The people who needed me had forgotten. 

One morning while sitting outside a Church listening to the pastor I knew there was a ray of hope. I had found a friend. I had little to give but helped as much as I could.

The years passed as Father Time began to take its toll. The body was growing weaker as my time grew closer. I knew when my eyes closed that day they would never open again. Fear filled me as I felt the hand of death moving ever closer.

Then anger took over as I looked back on my life. I had no home, family or friends. I had no where to turn. As I felt the last breath leaving my body I heard a gentle voice speaking. "It said hurry my Son, your home awaits you, your rewards are many. You will sit beside me at the feasts of all feasts. You have fought the good fight." A beautiful voice in the background was singing Amazing Grace, I was home.

Take time to give thanks and embrace in the joy of Christmas but never let your guard down. We must remember a leader who was elected, then heard the songs of our children singing his praises. We also must remember an administration of hatred who is taking away our future.

Let you hope be that we will still have the freedom next year to celebrate Christmas in the manner we wish. How quickly Freedom can be removed.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is It A Lame Duck Or Cooked Goose Session?

People are asking if everything we are seeing in this Lame Duck Session is staged in order to keep Americans mind off the real problems we are facing. Everything the Liberals are trying to push through is mind boggling.

Liberals know if their agenda can't be passed before January their chances of passing anything will be be very slim. It is like a mix-master stirring up so many problems the public can not keep up with it.
  1. We wait to see if the Bush Tax Cuts will be extended. If it does not pass middle class Americans will be strapped with higher taxes and more job loses even though Obama says it will only affect those making $250,000 or more.
  2. Obama has formed a committee to help control the internet in the name of the privacy act. The committee could claim what we are saying is detrimental to our privacy and needs to be stopped. This could also extend to News and Radio Stations. This would give Obama what he needs to control what we say.
  3. Congress is now voting on the Dream Act which will allow illegals to receive citizenship at the expense of tax payers.
  4. A Mosque is trying to go up where Muslims killed over 3,000 people in New York. Muslims are now asking to use American Tax Dollars to help build it.
  5. The S-510 Food Safety Act which will put small farmers out of business and give Government the control of what we eat. This will also allow countries like Communist China who owns about 50% of America to ship more of their food in.  Read more about this on Radical Richard's Corner
  6. We awake to hear North Korea has attacked South Korea. So. Korea, being our ally, has people wondering if we will find ourselves in yet another war. The problem with this is China is the only ally No. Korea has. Will they stand by them if America attacks? This could be another way to run America into the ground by having to increase more taxes in order to fund another war.
  7. Body scanners and pat downs at airports have become the talk of the news. People feel government is going too far when it comes to groping our 'JUNK'. They say Muslim women should have to go through the same pat downs because we are at war with them.
  8. Many States are looking at dropping Medicaid because of the cash flow on Obama's Health Care Bill. This will cost more tax dollars to the middle class.
If America is to remain a free country people are going to have to wake up to what is happening around them. Liberals along with a President that seems to care little or nothing to what happens to our Nation has to be stopped. If Republicans can not stand up for the peoples rights, boot them also.

I am tired of hearing people saying "I do not want to get involved." Then cry the loudest when it hits home.

I suggest if you do not want to get involved then do two things. Shut the hell up, then bend over and kiss your butts goodbye because you are the problem.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, then hope it won't be our last.

Freedom Fighter

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama Against Free Speech On Internet

Seeing what happened in the 2010 elections Obama pushes even harder to control what Americans say. Knowing the great losses his party took he is now looking at what new underhanded ways he can use to get a second term

As he speaks of the new bipartisanship and transparency we are going to see the push for world order continue. 
Him and his administration are now pushing for more government leadership for the Internet in the name of privacy. He wants to create a new group of people to oversee it. Three weeks ago, a special task force to control the Commerce Department was said to have been put into place. The task force led by Cameron Kerry, brother of Senator John Kerry.

Representative Joe Barton (R-Tx) says he welcomes the idea. I can understand privacy laws pertaining to protecting children from sex predators and other frauds. The problem with this is like the health care bill all the rules have not been laid out. Is this another bill we see go through where we are expected to pass it before we can read it.?

The Federal Trade Commission has said we will hear a report by the end of the year. I believe if this is passed it will not benefit the people but give Big Brother another way to infiltrate on our privacy. It is beyond me how Liberals can stand by silent while seeing our freedom being removed daily.

Obama promised us change and we are sure seeing it. I think we will see more bills being p0ushed in this lame duck session than in any other. Dems know they have a short time to move before the new House and Senate take over. With the Republicans taking the House it will be harder for Obama to push his propaganda down our throats, so he must move quickly. The other problem he is facing is will the Dems in the upcoming election stand beside him as they have in the past or will they fear being voted out?

We can not put our guard down for one moment, we must keep our fight moving forward for the sake of generations to come.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Time To Honor And Remember

All too often we forget the sacrifice our men and women in uniform have made in order for us to live in a free Country.

Veterans Day is not only to remember our fallen heroes but to pay tribute to all Veterans. Many gave up family friends and limbs in order that our flag could continue to fly.

The oldest component of the Armed Forces in the United States is the National Guard. They will celebrate their 374th birthday on December 13, 2010. Their history is traced back to the earliest English Colonies in North America.

The Continental Army was established June 14, 1775. Its purpose was to fight Great Britain. George Washington was appointed as its Commander. He used the Fabian strategy of hit and run where the enemy was the weakest. His motive was to wear the enemy down.

Next came the Marine Corps, established on November 10, 1775. Marines were first known as Devil Dogs. The term came from their ability to press forward in combat. Leather necks came about in 1798. Black leather collars, about 3 1/2 inches high were issued to prevent the number of decapitations from the enemy. In the Philippine - American War they were re-issued because of the Filipino Muslims they were fighting.

The Navy was established 9 months before America declared themselves politically independent. Their ability to navigate on water aided all branches of the service. They could carry troops, aircraft, fire missiles and aide in combat without going on shore.
As our Country began moving into the mid-pacific and Western Atlantic the Navy  became the Nations first line of defense.

On August 1, 1907 the Air Force was formed from the Army Signal Corps. This came about 3 1/2 years after the Wrights flew the worlds first powered plane, the Kitty Hawk. Their original purpose was to observe by balloons. They accepted their first plane from the Wright brothers in 1909. Their first operational unit was the 1st Areo Squadron in December of 1913.

For hundreds of years our Veterans have upheld what our Founding Fathers built our Country on. They prevailed through hard times in order for all of us to live free.

I cringe when I hear of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting at the funerals of our Fallen Soldiers. 
Read the article on Radical Richard's Corner

No higher honor can be given to any group of people who have given up so much. I salute each and everyone of you.

If you know a Veteran go up to him or her this weekend, shake their hand and thank them for what they have done.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Obama's Enemies Clean House - What's Next?

Never in my lifetime have I heard a President refer to the opposite party as "our enemy". Last night we showed him what his so called enemy could do.

Our voice was heard across this Nation.
The House was reclaimed by Republicans with a landslide.
The Senate gained many seats, with some States still waiting for  the final votes to be counted.
Nancy Pelosi will NO LONGER be Speaker of the House when the new term starts!

We are now seing the change we were promised, but what happens next?

Our fight is far from over, it has just begun. It now comes down to the issue, will bipartisanship and transparency prevai.? Will Obama work with Republicans and Democrats, or will he continue his same old arrogance?

In order for this Country to come back together two things must happen:
  • We have to quit fighting amongst ourselves and join together to fight the real enemy, economy and Big Government.
  • We have to have our elected officials listen to the voice of the people.
If Obama cant lead the parade then get the hell out of our way so we can move forward. Let's work together to bring down our deficit. Let's cut the pork, the lavish spending and give back hope to future generations.

We have many hurdles to cross but it is written we can move mountains if we have the faith of a grain of mustard seed.

After the Civil War, our country was divided but in time we did renite. I believe this can happen again if we evert back to the Founding Principles our Forefathers laid down.
We must first keep God in our Country and not Socialists or Marxists leading the way. We have to instill in our young peoples minds that in order to get ahead you have to contribute, not take away.

Our goal at is not to indoctrinate, but to educate. Remember the words of Glen Beck, have Faith, Hope and Charity, but I say, don't let the Charity be misused!
If we can keep these words intact I believe we will be able to remain the Greatest Nation in the World.

Thank You Obama, You did start putting our Country back together.  
You woke the sleeping giant and made it clear we had to do something to overcome your radical agenda.

Let's all work together for our future. Let the Bells of Freedom continue to ring across this great Nation.
God Bless and continue the good fight.

You have heard our opinion, now let us hear yours!

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Day Of Reckoning Is Here

This will be the last blog I write before the November 2 election. The only thing we have to do is inform everyone we can about what is happening to our freedom. 

A young man named Brian who is in high school posted on my Face book wall. His story told of how he had to do detention because he asked a teacher if he could say the Pledge of Allegiance and pray in a class. The teacher said it would be okay. The next day he was confronted about the issue and punished.
This is where our elected officials are taking this country.

If we do not stand up to them in Nov. I believe it will be our last chance. If this administration remains in control another 2 years Obama will destroy everything we have built our country upon. 

Some people who tried to vote in Clark County, Nevada got ballots with Harry Reid's name already marked as a vote for him.

In a town in North Carolina a man pushed the button to vote for all Republican candidates and all Democrats came up on his ballot. Clearing the machine, he attempted to vote again, only to have the Democrat candidates chosen. He asked for help, the people running the polls tried voting 2 times and the results were the same. On the 5th try they got it to work.

This shows just some of the under-handed tricks Dems will try in order to stay in office.

There are many more stories like this. Greed and deceit is all they understand. That is why it is important to make our voice heard.

All of us at RFA have done our best to get the word out. It is now up to America to show how they will respond.

Let's hope on November 3rd we will be happy over the outcome for the sake of freedom and our young people.

Get out, vote and double check your ballot. 

You have heard my opinion, now let hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Thursday, October 21, 2010

America's Doomsday Machine

As we sit at the threshold of broken promises administered by an administration of greedy politicians, people around our Nation wait to see the outcome of the November elections.

The change we were promised by Obama and Pelosi has not bettered our Country, but taken it to a lower level of living. The middle class are struggling to keep their homes. It has been announced one in five homes across the Country are facing foreclosure.

Because of Obama's health care we face penalties or fines if we do not comply. This is a direct conflict to our constitutional rights. We seceded from England for the same reason. They were forcing taxation and penalties on us against our will. This is nothing more than our Government is doing now.
If the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire at the end of the year the middle class will be the ones who take the largest hit.

Eleven foreign countries are now suing Arizona over their illegal immigration reforms. Harry Reid is standing by letting it happen. This will open the doors to terrorists, radical Muslims and others wishing to over-throw our Country.

The rights of the states is being shredded while Liberals stand by laughing and stating un-documented lies against their opponents.

In Chicago ballots could not be sent out on time for our men and women over seas, yet they could be personally be handed out to people in county and city jails.
This is nothing more than Dems grasping at straws to retain their power over us.

No poll or organization has been able to say how many dead people or ones who have left a state are still going to cast a vote. As Pelosi has said, "if we can't go through the gate, over the fence or under it, then we will parachute in, but we will get in."

I am sad to say in my home-state of Texas a woman was turned away from a voting poll because she wore a pin with the Gadsden flag and the words "Don't Tread On Me." Lawyers have been contacted and forthcoming law suits could be inevitable.

This is nothing more than a mockery to our freedom . If we do not stand up to the people trying to destroy us I don't know how we can look our future generations in the face.

What we do November 2nd could change the destiny of the United States of America.

We must crush stupidity before it can go any farther.

Through the power of the vote,
I say let's crush the politicians taking our freedom away.

Make this vote come from the heart and not what friends or relations feel. 
This could be our final chance to put our Country back on the right course.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Shame Of Government

A kaleidoscope delivers many different designs as the end is turned. Yet the fact remains it is nothing more than a number of colored rocks falling through the end of a tube.

Today's  politics in America appear to be nothing more than painted pictures appearing at the end of a tube. They change daily but in the end they do our country no good.

As election time draws closer the Dems protest the Tea Parties even stronger. The Tea Party stands for abiding by our Constitution. This goes against the grain of Liberals because they believe large government should rule us.

The up-coming election could turn out to be one of the most important ones we have ever had.
For two years now we have been under the rule of a group of radicals who are bent on changing our way of life.

Obama's belief is to redistribute our money. He holds to the Robin Hood theory, steal from the rich and give to the poor. This works fine until the rich say that is enough and takes their money someplace else. At that point more jobs are lost while people's futures grow dimmer. Our young people will become wards of the government. Their future will consist of what big government feels best for them. Obama has asked religious leaders to help preach his health care bill.

Nancy Pelosi said she was going to drain the swamp. The only problem with this is after she drained it all she found was a bunch of sludge left. She also stated that food stamps promote jobs. My question is for who?

Our tax dollars are being wasted. Part of it is being spent to turn a sewer treatment plant into a state monument.

When we go to the polls in November we are challenging the most unethical administration we have ever had.
How we vote could make the difference for future generations to come.

It is our duty to our young people to reinstate our Constitution and what our Country has stood for.

Liberals want a one party system which takes the peoples rights away. They believe big government is the only answer.

I believe Americans are smarter than this and we have to prove it next month.

Every vote counts, let's make it count for our future.

America is faced with a political plague in government. It is called hoof and mouth disease. Let's take it out of their mouth and place it where it gets their attention the most.

Make Your Voice Heard This November Second.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Friday, October 8, 2010

Global Power Coming To America

Obama is quickly shifting world power to our Country. If allowed to continue the transformation could take place as early as 2025. 
He, through an executive order last December has given inter-poll priority in America.

He has stopped us from drilling for oil while loaning money to other countries such as Mexico, so they can make more money. They are allowed to drill in the same places we can't. This alone has put thousands of people out of work. The ripple effect this causes reaches many other businesses; restaurants, clothing stores, food, etc.

This is the transformation he promised us during his election campaign. Before long we could see China producing all the cars. Other countries could be issued their jobs. Capitalism will be forgotten and replaced by global power.

The Internet will be under government control. This will make it easier for their future. What you watch on TV will be what the government wants you to see. What you want will no longer be your choice.

Your children will be raised to believe the government is right and old people know nothing. Instead of reading history or children's books they will read the propaganda of world government. This is what Obama and his administration believes is right for us. To him we do not have the mentality to think for ourselves.

If this is not what want then make your vote count this November. We must fight every way we can in order for our young people to have a future.

This is my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dumb or Stupid?

Dumb and Dumber?    Maybe Just Stupid?
by 1Tea-edTexan
In late September, investigative journalist and  talk show host, John Stossel, made an appearance on the Fox News program, The O'reilly Factor. Stossel was there to speak out about how Americans, particularly young Americans, are ill-prepared to vote.
Host of the Factor, Bill O'Reilly, who is not one to let his personal ratings go unnoticed, gave Stossel free rein to expound  his proposition that young people are too dumb to vote. Stossel came prepared to support his notion that young people are stupid with prerecorded videos of  random,"on the street" interviews with young people who were asked to identify the images of notable political and entertainment personalities who are in the news of late.
As to be expected, the clips clearly demonstrated that the particular set of people questioned could not readily identify the Vice President of the United States, The Speaker of the House, or the House Minority  Leader, but they quickly and easily identified a celebrity from the Situation Room.
While Stossel presented the snippets as prima facie evidence that "young people are just too dumb to vote",  he neglected to include other data or documentation to support his assertion. There are innumerable variables in facial recognition that render his presentation seriously flawed and  besides, it was likely edited and weighed to support his claim.
That was not the first time Stossel has taken a swipe at America's youth. In January, 2006, while anchorman at ABC 20/20, he featured a program, "Stupid in America" which was more of a frontal assault on schools, educators and administrators than an examination of the intelligence or learning abilities of children. To his credit, the program did focus national attention, for a time, on our failing educational system.
In the same week that Stossel appeared on The Factor, Senator John (swift boat) Kerry (D. Ma.) told reporters that "We have an electorate that doesn't always pay that much attention to what's going on so people are influenced by simple slogans instead of facts or truth or what's going on". That was Kerry's opinion but he offered no supporting data.
Is there a parallel here?  Is this conservative talk show host and this liberal Democratic senator,  on opposite ends of the political spectrum,  saying the same thing?  This appears to be the case!
But, WHY?
Arrogance, Pals, Arrogance. There may be other more subjective and  less conspicuous reasons for their demeaning charges against young people but I cannot come up with a single objective reason.
For the most part, I avoid using the words "stupid" or "dumb".  Both are perfectly good words and may sometimes find valid application to some persons, acts or situations, but to say that anyone  is too stupid to vote, too stupid to participate in government at the lowest level,  is the highest degree of self-serving  arrogance,
That being said, there is always an exception and sometimes arrogant people do stupid and arrogant things and the act of voting or even calling for a vote becomes a grave mistake and a  colossal act of stupidity.  The case in point would be the Affordable Health Care Act in which 435 "uninformed" members  of The United States House of Representatives met on a Sunday to vote on legislation that no one had bothered to read, that would cost untold millions and affect the lives of every living American and all future generations.  The bill passed by a vote of 219-212.  Yes, there are times when some people are too stupid to vote but stupidity knows no boundaries and it is not limited to the young.  Need I say more?

Dumb or Stupid?
by Freedom Fighter
The complexity placed on young and old alike has changed drastically over the years. When we make a distinction between dumb and stupid many factors have to be considered Our great grandparents, although unschooled had the knowledge to build a house or cabin. They grew their own crops and hunted or raised their own meat. They could carve out a life for their family while standing against all elements placed before them.
In the eyes of many today they could be considered dumb but far from stupid.
Einstein would forget to put his pants or shoes on if an idea hit him. Was he dumb or stupid?
Many of our young people and middle age know nothing about politics. They may be dumb on one  subject, but genius on another.
On the other hand many might be like myself when I was young. I was more interested in the opposite sex than who was being elected to office.
I saw the same show on O'Reilly with John Stossel that 1Tea-ed Texan did. I agree with Texan there are no boundaries to stupidity. I think John displayed that very well. Children today are not taught history or politics as we were. This makes it hard to choose between dumb and stupid. Today's youth are taught to praise the stupidity of Obama. There are a lot of young people I respect because they do want to know what is going on in government.
I guess what I would have to call stupid are the people who voted on a health care bill we didn't want or a President they knew nothing about.
Dumb would be when you don't understand a subject. I fall into this category on many subjects. I say stand up for our youth, we could be all they have left.

You have heard our opinion, now let us hear yours.

Take our 15 question quiz at RednecksForAmericans go to Radical Richard's Corner and show Stossel he was wrong.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Take Back America

A wave is going across our Country which has not been seen in many years. Voters are mad and ready this November to make their voices heard. It is not just Conservatives but Liberals as well. In the last 21 months we have seen a rapid change take place, voters are turning their backs on this administration. The change we were promised has not taken place. Instead we see a collage of laws being voted in which will control every aspect in our life.

Obama along with his grunts think we are stupid and not capable of making any decisions of our own. They believe they have to control what we eat, how we dress, what we drink and how we raise our family. The list goes on and on....
  1. Cap and trade, will increase your utility bills.
  2. Stop drilling and go green, which will increase the cost of fuel. To make this work we need to look at a 10 to 15 year period.
  3. Stop you from selling produce along the highway or out of your garden.
  4. Tax breaks if you breast feed.
  5. Take your guns away so you have no way to protect yourself.
  6. Indoctrinate your children into Socialism and change our history to suite their needs.
  7. Give Muslims the right to build a shrine where they killed thousands of our countrymen.
  8. Take God out of everything our Country was built on.
  9. Take wealth away from people who make America's wheels turn.
  10. Impose a law where you have to buy government health care knowing they can not provide as good of care as we get now.
It is a never ending list of how they plan to transform us.

Do you think we are so dumb we can't make a decision for ourselves? I don't. Americans have made this country what it is.... or should I say what it was?

No friends we are NOT dumb and I hope we will show them our anger in November. It is time to take the jackass out and bring a new generation of lawmakers in (this also includes many Republicans.) Don't let government continue to destroy what we were built upon.

They call me stupid check these figures out:
Obama gave California 111 million dollars to create jobs. By the way this is our tax money. When the money was finally distributed it created 59 jobs. Wow, what a great feather this puts in Obama's and California's hats! With leaders like this, how can we not see our economy getting ahead?

But wait, as a simple business owner what if they had given the money to me to distribute?
If I did not want to spend much time on it I could give a quarter million dollars to workers. This would let 444 people go on with their life. That is a better figure than what California accomplished and with no thought behind it.

If we want to stop illegals from taking over then hold them accountable for being here and prosecute. We could even let Obama's observers he sent to the border help in stopping illegals from coming in.

But what do we do with our deficit?
How about cutting the pork which is going towards wasteful projects? 
What if we cut some of the government give-aways and made people have to take lower paying jobs to feed their families? I knew a woman with 3 kids who was getting $800 per month in food stamps.
What if we cut raises to Senators?

It is a wonder Obama hasn't imposed the European method for saving water by urinating while taking a shower. Of course you could accomplish the same thing by urinating in the toilet twice before flushing.

I feel the  real stupidity comes from the people making the laws.
Former President Clinton has told Dems to blame everything on the 8 years of President Bush. Did he forget Dems have had control of the House and Senate for the last 6 years?
I say take the problem out of our Country this November and in 2012. It is time to give our young people their chance back to build a better life for their families. Pride is when you earn something not when the government gives it to you. 

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Friday, September 17, 2010

Will Republican Arrogance Give Democrats A Victory In November?

I have written a number of articles pertaining to the start of The Third Party before November elections. My concern is not that of having a third party but of the possibility of splitting the party. While Repubs. stand a good chance of taking one or both chambers back they could play into the hands of Dems.

For many years wars and conflicts have been won by a simple maneuver called 'divide and conquer.'

If Republicans continue to fight the Tea Party candidate and not unite with them this administration will stay in power. It is time for a number of over the hill Republicans to understand we must unite in order to stop the madness in our Country.

Karl Rove on Fox News criticized Christine O'Donnells win in the Delaware Senate primary. Party leaders turned their backs on her, pledging no support for her in the upcoming elections.

Wed. Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs said Republicans in Delaware nominated someone they didn't believe could be voted in as dogcatcher.

Long time Representative Mike Castle (R-De) who lost his bid for the Senate to Tea Party Candidate Christine O'Donnell, said he will not endorse O'Donnell because he doesn't believe she can defeat Chris Coons (D). Castle proved to be a very poor looser, by not making a concession phone call to O'Donnell. This proves to be very poor sportsmanship in the party and has angered a number of voters. Victory can only come when the party stands together, not by a sore loser.

The Republican party pledged Wed. to support O'Donnell. National Republican Senate Committee Chairman John Cornyn, in a written statement said O'Donnell will get the maximum $42,000 donation from the organization. Sen. Mitch McConnell along with Michael Steele also gave their support.

Karl Rove said he is concerned about her character and background. Rove who has always seemed to be a concerned leader seemed to show his lack of leadership in this matter.

It's time for Republicans to stop playing the better than tho game and say united we will stand.  If they can not do this then they need to get out of the way. A new group of leaders are coming to this Country. We can't continue playing Independents against Republicans.

This is the way Obama's mind works. He knows if he can keep the public confused before elections he will win. He must divide and conquer in order to continue with his radical pace.

Wake up Republicans, don't throw away a winning hand because of spite. 

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Death To Christians and Americans

As Sat Sept 11 draws closer America waits to see what the repercussion will be. The Dove World Outreach Church has vowed to continue with the Quran burning in spite of threats of death. Muslims have threatened to burn or bomb the church. General Petraus said "This will place an undo burden on our troops fighting in Afghanistan." The Muslim countries have said they will kill Christians and Americans if the burning takes place. They stated no one will be safe. Muslims are beginning to gather in numbers protesting what the church is doing. Here is an e-mail I received from a dear friend and patriot I would like to share with you. I will give my answer to it after you read it.

True Christians Will Not Burn the Koran in Hatred
"I am one who has been wary of the spread of Islam for quite some time.   One of many who, even prior to 911, knew of the danger of Islamic jihad but was silent about the dangers posed by violent jihad due to  cowardice in standing against political correctness,  I no longer fall into that category....I am  definably, proudly, one of the infidels. 
That being said, I am writing this to stand in firm opposition to any group which promotes or supports any organized effort to burn a Koran (or a hundred Korans).  Any group that does this, or supports such action is not true to patriotism, conservatism, and most certainly of all, not true to Christianity.  This is an act of pure hatred, and the belittlement of another religion is NOT Christian ideology (even though it is obviously an accepted practice of Islam). 
Christians as individuals and as congregations are supposed to emulate the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ.  Is there anyone who can fathom Jesus burning a Koran, or even encouraging such an action?  This group which calls itself a Christian church is not just burning Korans ...they are spitting in the face of Jesus and His teachings. 
Many of us recognize the blatant hatred and disrespect towards the United States represented by the proposed mosque near Ground Zero.  And it is obvious that this is in keeping with the Islamic tradition of building dynamic mosques near the sites of their most significant victories.  It is right for us to be mad.  It is right for us to do all within our power to stop this mosque from being built, and to stop the spread of radical Islam.  In fact I believe it is our duty, even to the extent that we may be forced in the future to physically defend our ground.  But aggressive, petty acts of hatred and prejudice do not serve our cause and only plays into the Islamisists' plan to build hatred against US citizens. 
And, yes, I recognize that people and groups have the right to burn Korans.....that doesn't mean they should.  True Christians, and patriots will not stoop to the level of hatred shown by the Islamists."
Although this person is a very good friend I would have to oppose his statement you can not be a true Patriot or Christian if you burn a Quran  in hatred. If I was given a Quran and wanted to dispose of it I would follow their 3 laws in the proper procedure to rid myself of it Burn it -  Bury it - or Give it to someone else. As for me I would burn it.

I do not agree Christians are spitting in Jesus' face if you stand against a group of people out to destroy a nation.

Did God not give Samson the power to destroy an army with the jaw bone of an ass? Did He not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because Lot could not find any righteous people?

I do not stand by what this church is doing but I would not pass judgment on any person stating they cannot be a Christian because they burn garbage. Are we spitting in Jesus' face when He says "Vengeance is mine" and "Though shall not kill" by sending troops overseas to protect what our country is built upon.

The preacher has said if the White house calls asking him not to do this he will stop it.

If America does not stand up for our freedom, we will see it vanish. 
As the statement goes "Freedom Is Not Free."

I will not give my friends name out of respect but I do hope he comments on this blog and leaves his link. He is a blogger also and a very good one.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

News Flash! 
A news broadcast has been released that the pastor of the World Outreach Church has been contacted and has stopped the burning set for Saturday!

Word is also out that the 911 Mosque site will be moved, but at this time I have not confirmed it.
I would still like to hear your comments on this, Let's see how the weekend plays out. 

Freedom Fighter

Friday, September 3, 2010

President versus Prez.

A long time friend was telling me, some time back, how President Bush was the worst Commander In Chief he had ever seen in office.
His decision was based on the fact he took us into two wars.

I asked him if he thought we should stand by idly while the Twin Towers went down and what he thought Obama would have done?
He stared at me with a blank look on his face. After awhile he answered, "I'm not sure."

From what I have seen of his time in office,
I believe he would do what he is doing now - Nothing.
As Obama stated in his State of the Union address we are going to have more transparency in Congress. This sounds like the same broken record we have heard since he took office.

He also said we are going to work on building the economy.
If he shows any less interest in the working man getting ahead we will all starve!

To me his attitude toward America is nothing more than a joke. I personally believe him to be a Muslim who is working toward one goal, to bring us into one world power.

It seems only lies and deceit come from his mouth.

The love I have seen from Mrs. Bush compared to Michelle can not even be debated, Laura Bush believed in our Country.

Having coffee with my friend 7 months later his story had changed. "Mr. Bush might not have been so bad after all." His business is slowing and money is getting tighter.

This just goes to show if you give Obama and Liberals enough they will hang themselves. In November we have to make our vote count.

From myself and everyone at enjoy your Labor Day week-end and try not to overeat. I would like to thank all our readers who have helped our site grow.

Remember what true values our Country was built upon,
and the hope for future generations.
To each and everyone of you I wish health and happiness.

Freedom Fighter

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sharia Law - Death To Women!

Freedom Fighter, I am an American Muslim born and raised here. I read your blog and the comments readers sent in. I couldn't believe the hate in you and your readers comments. It's true some bad Muslims destroyed the twin towers but that does not make all Muslims bad. To me you are labeling anyone who doesn't agree with your as terrorists. I believe the Mosque should be built and would be a tribute to our Nation.
 I have also heard on Sept 11 people are burning Q'urans. Is this what you people think religion is about? I wouldn't burn your Bible. 
Please reply to me about this. 
Thank you Shara P.

Shara, thank you for sending your e-mail. I do my best to respond to as many readers as I can. As far as the comments my readers leave I have no control over their thoughts.
Pertaining to the article I wrote about the Mosque I hold true with my feelings. It would be disrespectful to build a Mosque two blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood. You can not slap people who had loved ones killed in the face by building what you call a shrine. As for your statement about hating all Muslims I feel there is good and bad in all people. 

I think you will also have to agree when Muslims reach a certain population they  begin to enact Sharia Law.
This law takes your right as a woman away by the enactment of a fair trial. Is this what you want for yourself and your children? To me stoning is very barbaric. Your second statement about the burning of the Quran is all over the internet.
Trinity United Methodist Church in Florida will hold the event on Sept. 11th. The event was set up in protest of the 9-11 Twin Tower attacks in 2001. Reverend Dan Johnson is calling everyone he can to participate. 

The city of Gainesville said they will not issue a permit for the burning because it is against city law to burn any book. This has not stopped Reverend Johnson who says the event will take place anyway. The church will be subject to a fine.

One group of Muslims intends to hand out 100,000 copies of the Quran. You stated you would not burn our Bible. If you are a Muslim as you say then you must study their law. According to Muslim law there are three ways to dispose of the Quran:
  1. Burn it.
  2. Give it to another person and give that person the same three choices.
  3. Bury it in a clean field where it would be undisturbed.
This being your law what is the Church doing wrong? They may be going against city code but if they don't agree with the Quran then they are following your law.

I can not accept a religion who has no respect for women, Western Law may not be perfect but it does allow you to have a fair trial. It also protects you from stoning or amputation because they feel it is right.If this is what you accept in your life then more power to you. For myself I would honor your Muslim request and burn the Quran also. I want no part of any religion who believes world domination is the Lord's way.

Muslims have threatened to bomb or burn the Church if the event takes place. To me this shows Muslims true colors.

I will  do whatever I can, within the law to keep these terrorists out of my Country.
Human nature teaches us if a person tries to harm you, retaliate with something bigger. 
As I have said before, I am tired of turning the other cheek. It is time to stop stupidity.

This is my opinion now I would like to hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Friday, August 20, 2010

Obama Supports The Mosque

Controversy looms on both sides over the Mosque being built so close to ground zero.
Many people who lost loved ones on 9-11 feel this is a slap in their face. They say a shrine should not be erected by the same countries who killed our people and took down our Towers. It would be a reminder everyday of the hate Muslims have toward our Country.
Obama, who many feel is a devout Muslim himself, says they have the right to practice their religion the same as anyone else and is for building the Mosque.

Although our Constitution says people have the right to practice their religion in the manner they wish, the question becomes what is the right thing to do? Is it right to disrespect the families who lost loved ones?

In my opinion it is not right and should be stopped. We have already seen our rights taken away by other Countries. Our kids can't pledge their allegiance to the flag at school. They can't sing God Bless America or pray before a meal at school. Christ can not be displayed at a school function.
This is as much a slap in the face to Christians as building the Mosque by ground zero.

Harry Reid whom I feel will say anything to stay in office says this will hurt Dems and make Obama a one term president. In my opinion that would be great! Bill O'Reilly says let them build it then try the Gitmo prisoners there. Definitely a bit of humor to think about.

Sharia Law takes woman's rights away by leaning more toward men. Sharia Law also includes honor killing.
History shows when a country gains a large Muslim population they will begin to implement the law.
They believe in punishment such as amputation of a hand or foot for theft and public flogging for people caught drinking alcohol.

Is this what we want our Country to turn into, I think not. Our Forefathers built America with the belief people should be tried fairly. They had the right to a better future. Prosperity was something anyone willing to work could achieve. I am only one voice speaking but I can not support anyone who believes in this religion. I will stand against this until I take my last breath.

Don't give our Country to Muslims Obama. Even you can't hate America that much.

You have heard my views, now I would like to hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fraud And Deceit Looms Over Obama's Health Care Bill

Once again we see the fraudulent promises of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Democrats concerning Government health care.
The promise to insure all Americans is becoming one of the largest increases to our economy.
Obamacare was intended to achieve three goals: 
  • Provide coverage to all Americans, 
  • increase the quality of care for the dollar and 
  • reduce insurance cost.

One hundred days after it was signed we see it failing on all three counts.
It has expanded health care costs because insurance companies fear the future. It is estimated insurance could double within the next few years. This will affect  younger people having to provide their families with health care. 
It will also increase the burden on small businesses who are forced to pay employees health insurance. Businesses could be forced to cut employees hours in order to keep their doors open.
The administration's chief health care reports it will increase health care spending. It will increase $2.7 trillion in the first ten years and 4.3 trillion to businesses, individuals and state government.

Bill O'Reilly said his insurance increased $2,100 this year making his yearly premium over $20,000. As he said he can afford it but what about the people who can't?
Obama says people with pre-existing conditions will be covered, this is impossible without costing Americans more money.

Seniors on Medicare could be forced out of their coverage or have to accept less care because of their age.

People who worked all their life in order to receive Social Security and Medicare could see their future going out the window.

If Obama can get his way by going under the table to give amnesty to 12 to 15 million illegals in order to get their vote could break us within 3 to 6 years. The working people will have to pay for the care of those who won't work. Even worse many of them send their money back to Mexico.

As Obamacare draws closer we start to see the insurance scams begin.
In Alabama a con man is offering Government health care over the pone and asking customers for bank account numbers.
A telemarketer in Illinois sold an elderly lady a fake insurance plan to protect her against death panels.
In other states people claiming to be government employees are taking payments for government health care.
They work under the rule of confusion and pray mainly on the elderly.

With the greed of Obama and his administration the U.S. is facing an uphill climb in order to retain our freedom.
It is hard to imagine how many years it will take to undo what Obama has done in less than 2 years. What is even worse is can it be undone?
If people do not open their eyes soon the problems could be irreversible.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Friday, August 6, 2010

Obama - Constitution Hater

With less than 90 days left before Americans go to the polls to vote we see utter chaos  brewing with liberals. Their denial of paying attention to the peoples wishes has now become their worst enemy. The deceit they have used to pass Obama's radical bills could possibly cost them the House and the Senate.

While anger races across our Country Obama continues to push his wishes upon us. He will not fight to secure our borders because he needs the illegals vote by giving amnesty to keep his party in office. Even after Joe Arpaio (Az Sheriff) had a million dollar contract put on his life by a Mexican drug cartel, Obama still refuses to send help. He continues to sue Gov. Jan Brewer because she is trying to protect her State. His reason is he feels Big Government should be the one to make amnesty laws.

Has this man along with his administration lost their mind?
Never in my life time have I seen such stupidity come from the White House.

Or is it stupidity? As we have written before this could be a ploy to start mass riots across America. If this happened Obama could hold up the elections. This would give him time to fundamentally change our Country from Capitalism to Socialism.

This is the only reason I can see him trying to go under the table with his amnesty bill and not through Congress. In my opinion he does not have one honest bone in his body. His soul purpose seems to be an agenda of creating mass confusion. Sine he took office it has been spending and bailouts in order to make government bigger.

More Americans continue to be out of work while government jobs are progressing very well. Even Timothy Geithner says unemployment could go up before it goes down.

What is the answer? As we have written before nullification could be what we see in the future. This is when a state says we do not see this law as Constitutional and will not enforce it within the boundaries of our State.

If half or more of the states voted nullification in, the government would not have th manpower to enforce the laws.

The other answer could be we remain calm for the next 90 days in hopes we can get the vote over.

It is sad when you are dealing with a mad man in power who pushes his garbage down peoples throats.

Voters are going to have to stand up and be respnsible for their vote or see our Country fall. This can be hard to do when many live on welfare, foodstamps, government aide and the belief they should not have to work. Then the ones who are here illegally want us to give them everything while they stomp on our flags, burn them then curse America because they want something for nothing.

Obama has sent a memo out telling liberals to continue blaming Bush for our problems so they have a chance to hold their seats after November.

Try to stand up and be man for once Obama. America wants an honest leader, not a back room whiner. Stop apologizing to other Countries saying we are not a Christian Nation. Start protecting our people. You made the new hate crime laws, so don't let Black Panthers go on National news and threaten to kill people while they go unpunished.

Get off your butt and do something for the U.S.A.

The Bible says turn the other cheek. I am tired of turning it only to get hit again. I'm going to fight like hell to save my children, grandchildren and our future Americans. 

This is our view, now let us hear yours.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard

Friday, July 30, 2010

Obama - Broken Promises, broken rules and Broken Borders.

Anger continues from both sides pertaining to SB1070:
  • U. S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled that many of the sections of the Arizona law be put on hold. 
  • Lawyers for the State holds the law to be Constitutional. They say it will reduce health care, education and jailing costs to the State.
  • Opponents say it increases local police from doing their job, racial profiling and cause heavy loses to the economy.
  • Federal lawyers say it is not Constitutional for a state to protect it's boundaries but the job of the Federal Government.
Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce told reporters the state will appeal the ruling immediately.

It is sad when a state can not take a stand to protect the citizens because Big Government wants to control everything in our country.

For over a year Governor Jan Brewer (R-Az) has asked Washington to help them secure the borders.

The mentality of Obama and Liberals believe Americans are stupid and do not have enough sense to make their own decisions. They hold with the thought it is okay for children to be kid-napped, people killed and drugs to flow freely across the borders. Many illegals fled Arizona, knowing the law was about to take effect.

I can understand illegals opposing the law but what I can not understand is anyone opposing a law that would cut expenses to the state and open up jobs to workers who are legal.
Has America become so side stepped to Freedom and our Constitution that this administration can hire communists, radicals and crooks to overthrow what we are built upon?

Racists can openly announce crimes of hate without oppression.
I believe a number of washed-up Democrats and Republicans will have an eye opener this November. It is time to say no to leaders on both sides who are imposing their greedy wishes upon us.

I have been wrong many times in my life but I do believe this Nov. could be our last hope to take our Country back. If we can not do it, I believe the left wing nuts along with the Obama administration will take away all forms of Freedom we know today.

For the sake of future generations I hope this does not happen. Get off the couch, start paying attention to National News. If you do not know what is happening to your future you are as guilty as the people imposing the laws.

If you vote for popularity over what our forefathers built our Country on, then you deserve what the future holds for you. It is sad but what we do now could effect the future of all generations yet to come.

You have heard my views, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is A Racial War Brewing?

As the sun sets on a warm day in Texas I watch the children playing in a dried up lake bed. They have no concept of race or hate. Their only objective is to enjoy life and hope for the future.
At their young age they can not see the corruption that lays ahead of them. They have not been exposed to the hate which plagues our government and races across the Country.

At a time when racism had almost disappeared, this administration has managed to bring it back in less than two years.

Obama, who claimed to be a post-racial President shows his colors by allowing black militants to do and say as they wish.
They are allowed to openly speak on TV of killing innocent people without fear of prosecution.
Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Liberals continue to enact laws without the will of the people. Their objective being one of self control.

Although Americans stand by waiting for November 2nd of this year, they are not standing idol. Another wave is moving across our land. One which says we have had enough of your garbage crammed down our throats and we will resist.

I will state the following only as a rumor because rumor is not a crime yet in our country.
I have heard Texas law enforcement has purchased about 110 acres near Austin for a firing range.
Under the ground is a large bunker filled with heavy duty guns and ammunition. In it is supposed to be bullet proof vests weighing about 50#s each and heavy duty helmets. If this is true are they expecting trouble in the future? Border agents are allowed to keep all weapons they confiscate I am told. Could Texas be taking up the same fight Governor Brewer of Arizona is dealing with now?

In Phoenix Arizona Jason 'J.T.' Ready is taking matters in his own hands. He and his people are declaring war on narco-terrorists and watching for illegals crossing the border. Local enforcement is concerned because Ready's patrols  are heavily armed and identifies with the National Socialist Movement. This organization  believes only non-Jewish, white heterosexuals should be American citizens and anyone who isn't white should leave the Country "..peacefully or by force."       Article

Across America groups like this are building daily. Could people be preparing for a racial war or a full blown Civil War?

Unlike young children playing we as adults are plagued with many decisions. We have to hope we understand the decisions we make are for the betterment of future generations.

Let's hope our future can be one of continued freedom and not one of Big Government Control.

Let me hear your views on this.

Freedom Fighter