Thursday, September 24, 2009

Generations Of Hope?

Obama's Government Picks - Many Americans are starting to doubt Mr. Obama's ability to run our country. The Czars and staff he is surrounding himself with seems to lack the stability people were searching for when they elected him to office.

Representatives along with Blue Dog Democrats are stating his government run health care is following Canada's socialized Medicare, which is not working. His ratings are dropping at a rapid speed while people are saying he has not kept his campaign promises. His Green job czar, Van Jones who admits to being a communist and is a racist has resigned. Since leaving Rev. Wright, he has not found another Church home. Acorn, who he supports has been caught by undercover video stating how El Salvadorian under age girls can enter a professional prostitution ring, using the professional arts as a cover to not pay taxes. See Video

He states in his health care speech tax payers will not pay one dime extra while leading economists state this is impossible and will raise taxes on the middle class. He also states we will not cover uninsured illegals, yet it is not taken out of the proposed bill.
He also goes on to say people who can not afford health care will get a tax break. Americans are asking why people who are doing the right thing should pay to foot the bill?
Many dealerships who participated in the 'Cash for Clunkers' program are finding themselves holding large debts, yet not receiving money from the government as they were promised.
Anyone who attends a Tea Party or Town Meeting is considered astro-turf or un-American if they don't agree with what the far left is saying. My wife and I attended a grass root meeting in Lubbock, Tx where Governor Rick Perry was speaking. We did not see anyone out of control, no anger and no swastikas as stated by Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker. Her approval ratings have now dropped to 19%.

As I am writing this article today, I have been labeled a radical racist because I do not agree with the present administration's ideas. I feel we are being led into socialism. If we can not vote many of these leaders out of office in 2010 we will discover not only an America but our Constitution being controlled by government only.

My Question Is: Do you believe this administration is leading us to Democracy or Socialism for generations to come?