Monday, April 25, 2011

Does Obama Hate America?

The controversy goes on...Obama, the self-pro-claimed Messiah...Obama the next Hitler. What is in store for our future? Will Big Government control every part of our life or will we find the land of milk and honey?

Let's explore a few simple facts.

  • Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis) has laid out a bill which would cut the deficit by 6.2 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. It would mean everyone pitching in and giving up something. This sounds harsh but to put the country back on track it would mean a future for our young people.
  • Obama and his cronies are appalled over such a bill. They believe we should spend, spend, spend.
  • Obama has laid out a bill which would cut 4 trillion dollars in 12 years. His bill includes cutting health care, but not Obamacare. 
  • He wants cuts in the defense system and raising taxes over a trillion dollars. 
  • He wants to keep funding planned parent hood which is killing babies while promoting prostitution. 
  • He wants to fund Acorn who promotes prostitution along with voter fraud. The worst sentence Acorn can get for voter fraud is a $5,000 fine. I bet Liberals would fund that everywhere.

Obama wants to continue foreign aid such as helping build and repair Mosques. It makes me wonder why he wants to have our tax money gong to people who call us infidels and want to kill us. Could it have something to do with what he wrote in his book saying if Americans went against Muslims he would stand by the Muslims. What a vote of confidence that sends out to America.
He sends billions to  Brazil to drill for oil while our workers strive to feed their families and keep their homes. His statement to the President of Brazil is we will be her best customers.

All this doesn't make sense, why does he hate prosperity for this country? Is the Liberal idea to ruin the future for our kids or do they really believe Socialism is the way to go?
God help America if stupid people can't be stopped.

Many people ask what can we do to drop our deficit?
Let's look at  just a few items then you make your decision. If you have other ways let me hear them on the comments below.
  1. Stop foreign aid in many cases.
  2. Stop wasteful pork.
  3. De-fund Fannie and Freddie Macks.
  4. De-fund Planned Parenthood.
  5. De-fund Acorn.
  6. Put a tax on imports as other countries do to us.
  7. Start a fair tax so druggies, prostitutes and Congress people pay the same as we do.
  8. Stop bailouts, go back to the system business solves their own problems.
  9. Stop Obamacare.
  10. De-fund Obama along with his children's snow cone run ideas.
The time has come we need true leadership and not a bunch of Obamas Pelosis and Reids. If Republicans won't fight for us then get them the hell out also. This could be our last chance before it is too late.

You have heard my opinion - now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard