Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Don't Ask - Don't Tell, Changed to G. I. - F. I.


Being a veteran I am concerned about DADT being passed. This is raising a cloud of smoke as to how service people will cope with it.
Last weeks blog pertained to the Robin Hood theory of government stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. This week it looks like we are dealing with a new theory all together:  

Let 's take showers and other issues as an example: 
  • Should gay people shower with straight people?
  • Maybe the answer is to let straight men shower with gay women or vice-versa.
  • Imagine the fights that will be started in the johns ... A woman goes to the restroom, you hear a blood curdling scream come out. You hear "Oh My Gosh someone left the toilet seat up and I fell in, it was horrible." Urine was everywhere. 
  • Picture a girl having to sit on a urinal! 
  • What will it be like when some man sleeping next to you comes to bed wearing frilly pajamas? 
  • Can you picture the disgust seeing a woman trying to flush a Tampax down a urinal?
  • Can you imagine what Larry The Cable Guy could do with this?
Now let's take it out of the barracks: 
  • Arlington Cemetery could have to start issuing pink headstones. 
  • Military parades could start with 20 to 40 tinker-belles running in front wearing frilly Tu-Tus and throwing rose petals everywhere. 
  • Think of what it would be like to lay in a fox hole next to someone wearing pink camouflage.
  • Do military people go through their career taking salt peter? 
  • A war hero goes before a Court Martial:  "What can I say Sir? I was standing watch when this pink blur came skipping across the field. It was dark and it appeared to have a bomb on its buttocks. I yelled halt but it continued skipping across so I shot. Sir, how was I to know Barney Frank came for a surprise visit?
  • Will you be able to salute an officer or the flag with a limp wrist rather than coming to attention?
They say you can find something good in everything. 
Because of this new bill there could be a new combat unit formed. 
They will be known as the Pink Beret
  • These courageous people will be the first to go into enemy areas. 
  • Their purpose will be to get the enemy laughing so hard they will forget why they are there.
  • At that point the Green Beret will move into action.
I foresee many problems coming from this. What is even worse is why aren't our leaders worrying more about winning a war or just go ahead and bring our troops home? It would also be nice to get a national budget then start reducing our deficit. Are outgoing Dems so shallow they would rather see our Country go down hill than stand up for what they were elected to do? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Since I got into trouble last week speaking the truth I will try to be politically correct this week. 
  • To the straight and patriotic people I wish a Merry Christmas.
  • To the Atheists I wish a bah-humbug holiday.
  • To the gays I wish a very Nelly Foo-Foo  Holiday. (I'm not sure what you believe in.)
  • To everyone who still believes I ask you to remember to wish Christ a Happy Birthday Christmas morning.
If RFA doesn't like what I have written, so what?
You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Merry Christmas

Freedom Fighter.