Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Democratic Anger Flares - Saying Obama Rolled Over

Tempers run high this week as Democrats say the leader they backed caved in on them. The Bush tax cuts have brought out the worst in Liberals.

Obama has once again broken his promise. Since the beginning of his campaign he promised America he would not increase taxes on the middle but on those making $250 thousand and above.
This week in order to secure a deal on the tax cuts he asks Dems. to grant a 2 year extension on those earning over $250,000.

Dems are crying out  that this is a surrender to the GOP. They feel after many lost their seats in the House by backing Obama he has turned  and begun eating his own.

Republicans told Obama they would not give one inch when it came to the tax cuts. In a time of recession you can not increase taxes on the people who are able to create jobs. They ask if anyone has ever seen a poor person create jobs? They also threatened to filibuster everything Obama put through if he didn't give them this.

In order for the bill to pass Repubs had to agree to extend unemployment benefits for 13 months. In my opinion this is the way we should have been heading since Obama took office. This is the first step to bipartisanship we have seen. For the last 2 years it has been Democrats hiding behind closed doors, keeping info from the public and construing  deals under the table.

At a time we have reached 9.8% unemployment we have to move in a direction to create jobs, Obama told us if we passed the stimulus bill we would not see unemployment go above 8% .

Some Dems have vowed we have not heard the end of this and we should not consider it a done deal

At a time America faces a mountain of problems some form of leadership has to prevail.
Our borders lay wide open while Pelosi and Reid continue to push the Dream Act. Our deficit  is out of control. Muslim polls show a person should be killed if they change their religion so why do want killers living with us?

It is time for Dems to stop their crying and realize we have to move forward. We had to put up with your stupidity for 4 years. Let's get down to business which is working for the good of the Country. Grow up whine bags.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.
Merry Christmas

Freedom Fighter