Friday, August 20, 2010

Obama Supports The Mosque

Controversy looms on both sides over the Mosque being built so close to ground zero.
Many people who lost loved ones on 9-11 feel this is a slap in their face. They say a shrine should not be erected by the same countries who killed our people and took down our Towers. It would be a reminder everyday of the hate Muslims have toward our Country.
Obama, who many feel is a devout Muslim himself, says they have the right to practice their religion the same as anyone else and is for building the Mosque.

Although our Constitution says people have the right to practice their religion in the manner they wish, the question becomes what is the right thing to do? Is it right to disrespect the families who lost loved ones?

In my opinion it is not right and should be stopped. We have already seen our rights taken away by other Countries. Our kids can't pledge their allegiance to the flag at school. They can't sing God Bless America or pray before a meal at school. Christ can not be displayed at a school function.
This is as much a slap in the face to Christians as building the Mosque by ground zero.

Harry Reid whom I feel will say anything to stay in office says this will hurt Dems and make Obama a one term president. In my opinion that would be great! Bill O'Reilly says let them build it then try the Gitmo prisoners there. Definitely a bit of humor to think about.

Sharia Law takes woman's rights away by leaning more toward men. Sharia Law also includes honor killing.
History shows when a country gains a large Muslim population they will begin to implement the law.
They believe in punishment such as amputation of a hand or foot for theft and public flogging for people caught drinking alcohol.

Is this what we want our Country to turn into, I think not. Our Forefathers built America with the belief people should be tried fairly. They had the right to a better future. Prosperity was something anyone willing to work could achieve. I am only one voice speaking but I can not support anyone who believes in this religion. I will stand against this until I take my last breath.

Don't give our Country to Muslims Obama. Even you can't hate America that much.

You have heard my views, now I would like to hear yours.

Freedom Fighter