Monday, November 14, 2011

All American Muslim TV Series Is Islam Propaganda

Being one who wants to know what Muslims are up to I watched The Learning Channel "All American Muslim" Sunday at 9pm CST. It's an 8 part series which depicts American Muslims as everyday people who work, laugh, and play the same as us.

The more I watched the angrier I became. They are not like us. Embedded in their mind remains the fall of Christianity. Their goal is to transform the world into Islam. The series showed Jeff McDermott, an Irish-American Catholic converting to the Islam faith in order to appease the fiance's father. In the background Jeffs mother was crying while questioning him. What Jeff might not realize is once you convert to Islam it is forever. If the marriage goes bad, under their law Jeff can be killed if he converts back to Catholicism. He had to give up his Catholic religion, denounce God and give his faith to Allah. He was surprised how easy it was to convert, but the show brought no attention to divorce.

Fouad Azban, a local high school coach made his team go from day practice to night in order to comply to the Ramadan fast.

To me this is not the way our children should be taught. We are a Nation built upon the concept that everyone is entitled to Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness. These people can smile in order to get their point across. Some might buy it but to me if they hold true to the Koran they are nothing more than Spawns from Hell. They will suck the blood life out of a country in the name of Allah then rebuild it to Islam standards.

I have seen no good Muslims only actors of the faith deceiving our traditions while waiting to impose their hate and vial belief on us. 

I can't believe TLC would allow such a show to air. To me it is like teaching our children the good of Communism. I still stand by my belief that Islam is of the Devil. Don't accept what they are trying to feed us. Protect your children from their radical ways. As for me I am not now nor ever will be Sharia compliant.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

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Radical Richard