Friday, September 17, 2010

Will Republican Arrogance Give Democrats A Victory In November?

I have written a number of articles pertaining to the start of The Third Party before November elections. My concern is not that of having a third party but of the possibility of splitting the party. While Repubs. stand a good chance of taking one or both chambers back they could play into the hands of Dems.

For many years wars and conflicts have been won by a simple maneuver called 'divide and conquer.'

If Republicans continue to fight the Tea Party candidate and not unite with them this administration will stay in power. It is time for a number of over the hill Republicans to understand we must unite in order to stop the madness in our Country.

Karl Rove on Fox News criticized Christine O'Donnells win in the Delaware Senate primary. Party leaders turned their backs on her, pledging no support for her in the upcoming elections.

Wed. Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs said Republicans in Delaware nominated someone they didn't believe could be voted in as dogcatcher.

Long time Representative Mike Castle (R-De) who lost his bid for the Senate to Tea Party Candidate Christine O'Donnell, said he will not endorse O'Donnell because he doesn't believe she can defeat Chris Coons (D). Castle proved to be a very poor looser, by not making a concession phone call to O'Donnell. This proves to be very poor sportsmanship in the party and has angered a number of voters. Victory can only come when the party stands together, not by a sore loser.

The Republican party pledged Wed. to support O'Donnell. National Republican Senate Committee Chairman John Cornyn, in a written statement said O'Donnell will get the maximum $42,000 donation from the organization. Sen. Mitch McConnell along with Michael Steele also gave their support.

Karl Rove said he is concerned about her character and background. Rove who has always seemed to be a concerned leader seemed to show his lack of leadership in this matter.

It's time for Republicans to stop playing the better than tho game and say united we will stand.  If they can not do this then they need to get out of the way. A new group of leaders are coming to this Country. We can't continue playing Independents against Republicans.

This is the way Obama's mind works. He knows if he can keep the public confused before elections he will win. He must divide and conquer in order to continue with his radical pace.

Wake up Republicans, don't throw away a winning hand because of spite. 

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter