Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama's New Executive Order Imposes Dictatorship On U. S. Citizens

Last Friday evening, March 16th 2012, while everyone was preparing for the weekend Obama dropped another bomb on American Citizens. This one could be the one that leads the U. S. into dictatorship led by Yours Truly.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order gives Obama unlimited power over the way US Citizens can live, work, play or own property. This was all done in the name of National Security.

In order to promote national defense it delegates the head of the agencies the following:
  1. The Secretary of Agriculture: Food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources and distribution of farm equipment along with commercial fertilizer.
  2.  Secretary of Energy: Controls all energy including price and amounts allocated.
  3.  Secretary of Health and Human Services will control all health resources.
  4. Secretary of Transportation shall control all civil transportation.
  5. Secretary of Defense will have control of all water resources.
  6. Secretary of Commerce will handle all materials, services and construction materials.
In other words Obama can control every aspect of your life as he wishes. Every item in this Executive Order will be directed by him. He can now declare "Peace Time Martial Law" if he wishes, then take our guns away. 

The National Defense Authorization Act gives him the right to torture U. S. Citizens without due process of law.

What is worse media, nor either side of Congress is saying anything about it.

I have written in the past how a country can be taken over. First take away their guns then their economy, food and water supply. Big Government brings in their Army.

I know a Cuban family who lost all seven of their restaurants and were left on the street after Castro's takeover of Cuba. Don't ever think it couldn't happen here.

This could explain the many Fema Camps that now lay empty and what they could be used for. 

Some of the Tea Parties have joined with the Unions concerning the First Amendment.. Without the right to protest in peace anyone protesting against Obama could be arrested. 

This EO will also give him the right to stop the vote in November by declaring it unsafe. If the vote does go through and he loses he could use the order to remain in control before a new president can be sworn in.

This is where Liberals have taken us. Our children and grand-children could live under dictatorship thanks to people who care about nothing more than themselves.

Enjoy what you can now. Obama is not a person who cares about you or your future.

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