Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is It A Lame Duck Or Cooked Goose Session?

People are asking if everything we are seeing in this Lame Duck Session is staged in order to keep Americans mind off the real problems we are facing. Everything the Liberals are trying to push through is mind boggling.

Liberals know if their agenda can't be passed before January their chances of passing anything will be be very slim. It is like a mix-master stirring up so many problems the public can not keep up with it.
  1. We wait to see if the Bush Tax Cuts will be extended. If it does not pass middle class Americans will be strapped with higher taxes and more job loses even though Obama says it will only affect those making $250,000 or more.
  2. Obama has formed a committee to help control the internet in the name of the privacy act. The committee could claim what we are saying is detrimental to our privacy and needs to be stopped. This could also extend to News and Radio Stations. This would give Obama what he needs to control what we say.
  3. Congress is now voting on the Dream Act which will allow illegals to receive citizenship at the expense of tax payers.
  4. A Mosque is trying to go up where Muslims killed over 3,000 people in New York. Muslims are now asking to use American Tax Dollars to help build it.
  5. The S-510 Food Safety Act which will put small farmers out of business and give Government the control of what we eat. This will also allow countries like Communist China who owns about 50% of America to ship more of their food in.  Read more about this on Radical Richard's Corner
  6. We awake to hear North Korea has attacked South Korea. So. Korea, being our ally, has people wondering if we will find ourselves in yet another war. The problem with this is China is the only ally No. Korea has. Will they stand by them if America attacks? This could be another way to run America into the ground by having to increase more taxes in order to fund another war.
  7. Body scanners and pat downs at airports have become the talk of the news. People feel government is going too far when it comes to groping our 'JUNK'. They say Muslim women should have to go through the same pat downs because we are at war with them.
  8. Many States are looking at dropping Medicaid because of the cash flow on Obama's Health Care Bill. This will cost more tax dollars to the middle class.
If America is to remain a free country people are going to have to wake up to what is happening around them. Liberals along with a President that seems to care little or nothing to what happens to our Nation has to be stopped. If Republicans can not stand up for the peoples rights, boot them also.

I am tired of hearing people saying "I do not want to get involved." Then cry the loudest when it hits home.

I suggest if you do not want to get involved then do two things. Shut the hell up, then bend over and kiss your butts goodbye because you are the problem.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, then hope it won't be our last.

Freedom Fighter