Monday, May 23, 2011

Conservative - Liberal - Muslim - Socialist Where Does Obama Stand?

Obama's ratings are dropping quickly as a leader for our Country.

He is now being labeled the "Food Stamp President." We have 1 in 6 families on food stamps.

Workers are loosing hope he will bring jobs back to our Country. People see mountains of tax payer money going overseas to create jobs while our workers do without.

Many people have gone two-and-a-half to three years living on unemployment. They have reached the point they expect the government to continue supporting them or many will resort to crime. The backbone of our Country was built upon is quickly fading.

Obama begins his six day vacation...I mean political trip to Europe. He will start off in Ireland visiting Dublin where his great-great grandfather lived. America is wondering why our debt is increasing under his leadership.

Foreign aid is going overseas to help rebuild Mosques, help flood victims, rebuild earth-quake ravished countries, etc while our people face destruction.

The Morganza Spillway has been opened for the fist time in 38 years, flooding one to three-thousand square miles of farm land. The water could rise to 25 feet in some areas. This will place more people out of work while raising food and other commodity prices.

Why should our money be going to help Radical Muslim Terrorists repair and build their Mosques? How long does Obama think he can keep buying their friendship?

To make matters worse he tells one of our biggest allies, Israel, they should return to their 1967 borders. Where is this man's mind coming from? Should we give up everything we have gained in order to appease his way to Socialism?
He tells Israel to secure their borders while leaving ours wide open.

Illegals and foreigners can burn our flag, yet we commit a crime when we burn theirs.

In my opinion Obama and Liberals are slicing the throats of our young people while sending our Country into Hell.!

Hitler, Stalin, Hussein along with Bin Laden have been stopped...Where is our Justice?

Our vote in 2012 will tell which direction our Nation will go.

Six in ten high school students when asked who the the first President was could not answer correctly. It is sad to say but too bad they can't remember who one more was.

Let us hope we can lower our debt while voting the do nothing rinos out on both sides.

Contrary to Liberal, foreign, Communist or Socialist beliefs America is still the "Land of Milk and Honey." We must let the Bells of Freedom ring or we will give in to the many avenues of terrorism which now plague our Country.

You have heard my opinion, Now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard