Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Childrens Legacy

If we continue to follow the same path our leaders are taking us down the legacy our children will face will read, R. I. P.

A free nation can not exist without concerned leadership, true education,m people working together and the divine belief of a superior being who teaches peace.

  • Atheists have taken God away from our children while the Muslims goal is to kill all Western infidels. China's goal is to own our country then lead us into communism. Obama's along with Liberals belief is to redistribute the wealth then lead us into Socialism. In order to achieve their goal they are working with all of the above.
  • We are giving foreign aid (tax payers dollars) to countries who own over $30 billion of our Country. 
  • Our deficit has reached its limit while Obama asks for over $2 trillion more without cutting our budget.
  • We have 16 million people who have lost jobs while liberals continue to extend unemployment.
  • The committee for the War On Drugs say we have lost and should give in.
  • Charlie Rangel says the U.S. is a great Country so why not keep spending big.
  • Government has spent half a million dollars to study the reaction of shrimp on a treadmill.
  • We have been infiltrated by illegals from Mexico while Obama fights to keep our borders open.
  • Muslims are given tax payers dollars to build mosques in order to teach people to kill us in the name of Allah. 
  • Home sales in the US have reached an all time low, yet are selling good in DC.
Black Americans state they have made the biggest change of anyone in history. What about the American Indians who lost the Country they were born in? Is the US building Uncle Sam's Plantation in order to appease the blacks?

Our money is going to un-licensed hair braiding schools, consisting of 1,000 hours hours because some blacks claim un-braided people will go blind.

Yes our Country is seeing true change happen. 
  • Unemployment continues to rise while our National debt does the same.
  • 24% of home owners owe more than their homes are worth. 
  • Six out of ten school students can not tell you who our first president was.  
  • 44.5 million people are now on food stamps, the highest in history.
While the facts hit us in the face every day, we appear to stay blinded.
Education and job creation is the only hope for the future, let's hope we can once again see it. If we continue in the direction we are going free America will be lost. Freedom can only exist when the will of the people is heard and not the greed of Big Government.

My hope for the future is to see my children and grandchildren have the same opportunities I had as a young man.

I will not be posting on this blog site or under Radical Richard's Corner for awhile due to business matters I am attending to I would like to thank all of you for the support you have shown and look forward to sharing our opinions in the future. Let us stand proud and keep the bells of freedom Ringing. God Bless America.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard