Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fast And Furious Brings Left And Right Together

This Act of Terrorism from our appointed leaders could turn into 
the Obama Watergate.

Ten Arizona Sheriffs, five Democrats and 5 Republicans, stood together calling for the president to launch an investigation for Attorney General Eric holder. They ask he step down or be fired.
They stated Holder along with anyone who has knowledge of the 2,000 guns going to Mexico should be responsible for a criminal act.

Sheriff Larry Dever said We're here to defend America against Cartels. Our own government is complicit in helping them conduct that business is offensive to us.

Sheriff Paul Babeu said Brian Terry's family hearts are broken. They want the truth but haven't been given it.

Two of the guns used to kill US citizens were from Fast & Furious.

In a press conference Obama said Holder had his full confidence but would not address accusations that Holder perjured himself.

It is time the people stand against the stench of Liberals trying to take away what our Country was built upon.

If we can not find honesty in the White House or with the Attorney General Where do we turn? 

Let's take back our God given rights embedded in our Constitution.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard