Saturday, January 2, 2010

Death To The Constitution - Interpol

On Dec. 16, 2009 while Americans were enjoying the Holidays, Obama gave us a present which will take us far beyond the realm of Socialism.
Thursday, Dec. 17 the White House released an Executive Order amending EO12425. This gives the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) full diplomatic immunity.
It also gives Interpol the authority on American soil to investigate law enforcement activities with complete immunity from U.S. laws such as the Information Act and complete independence of oversight from the F.B.I.
The global law enforcement now has full law enforcement authority in the U.S. without any discrimination on it's power.

Interpols assets can not be searched or confiscated and their archives can not be checked for any reason or by any power in the U.S.  They can not be restrained by the U.S. Constitution, Congress, law enforcement, media or the American people to scrutinize.
By removing some of President Reagan's wording in the 1983 Executive Order, Obama was able to give Interpol unlimited authority over our Country.
Americans are asking why anyone would want to give an international police force the right to stash government files,  confiscate personal property, have information on wanted persons, missing persons, stolen vehicles and terrorists when we already have these organizations in our Country?
The answer is because they will have authority over us and we as citizens will have no legal recourse against the government.
You ask why is this necessary? There are many different opinions about this. Here are some of the ones I have heard.
This will give Obama the power to keep his birth cerfificate and college records sealed from the people.  If he claims any person or organizations are terrorists or detremental to the U.S. through hate crime laws he would have the power to shut them down.
This could include Tea Party protesters, radio and TV stations speaking against him, web and blog sites or service men coming home.
Janet Napolitano has stated men coming home from the war could be right wing extremists and take up arms against America.
It could give Obama the power in 2010 to eliminate many media organizations in order to hold a Democratic House and Senate. He would also be able to distribute the wealth without any controversy.
People are asking - Why haven't we heard about this from the media, Congress or Obama?
I believe this has been planned for a long time. By waiting until Congress  was about to adjourn and was wrapped up with the Health Care Bill, he was able to keep people's focus off of this.
Why didn't Obama discuss this before taking such a step? When a person or party is determined to take over a Country, silence has to prevail so action can not be taken against it.
Can this be turned around? The only way is by another President or Obama himself.
What can we do about it? Hope Americans will have anotoher honest vote and tell everyone you know what is happening.
Obama has finally done it! He holds the U.S. in his hands. Americans voted for change they could believe in and all we got was Socialism.

Many people today believe that FEMA is setting up prison camps across the U.S. so the new World Order will be able to control American citizens who protest or retaliate against government.
Is Interpol the beginning of the New World System by simply declaring Martial Law in our Country?
This is not for me to decide, view the video clips listed below and decide for yourself.
Could this be our future?