Friday, March 12, 2010

Educate - Don't Indoctrinate

Anger is rolling across across America today because of the Progressive Movement and the fact our schools along with this administration are indoctrinating our lives.
It has now reached beyond our children, taking in the middle aged and elderly. Government health care, cap and trade, changing what we read and putting our Forefathers on the back burner.

Today inTexas, an educational committee meets to vote on what our children could learn in the future. The History of our Country could change to; how great Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Socialism are. The great accomplishments Obama has achieved since taking office.

Al Gore told school children, "many of you know more things than your parents do." This is a devious statement which could cause young minds to believe they do not have to listen to what their parents say.

Young adults in colege are being taught that it is better to have government control your life rather than the fact hard work and education will help them achieve a more prosperous life.
They are being taught that transforming our lives will bring us a better future.
Children along with young adults are now pledging their allegience to the earth and not to the flag. They are being taught to resist, mobilize and transform. They believe their birth right has been betrayed and should be taken back by social justice.
California has put out a flyer on how great Progressivism is.
The elderly are being told at an age determined by the government they should take a pill so they can die with dignity.

George H. W. Bush told students to strive for excellence. George Bush Jr. spoke to motivate students and parents responsibility to prepare them for college.
Americans should be taught not to relinquish their rights to government but to stand up and be accountable for what they do. Parents need to instill in young minds that the road to Freedom is built by being able to think for themselves, not big government doing it for them.

If America is to continue to be the land of the free we have to stop this travisty of brain washing. We have to stand up for the beliefs our Constitution was built upon.
Don't accept the falsehood of radicals surrounding themselfs with Socialists or Communists can lead you to the Promised Land. All these people will do is lead us down a path of destruction.

Stand up and demand they give us back our Country. Make them accountable for what they are doing. We are the Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave. Our colors are Red, White and Blue, they do not run! Tell them not to indoctrinate us, we are people of intelligence. Take your propaganda of Socialism and Indoctrination somewhere else.

Freedom Fighter