Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fear The New Progressive Movement

The word Progressive means to make progress and to move forward. Obama has changed the term Liberal to Progressive. This doesn't sound like any major change. It is saying the Democrat Party is a group who will progress our Country to move forward. But when Obama makes a move our Country normally looses.

A Progressive used to stand for expanding schools, improve working conditions, building playgrounds, restricting child labor, regulating drug and food companies.
Four amendments were adopted during the true pProgressive era. It provided the people to elect Senators, authorized income tax, gave the vote to women and prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcohol.

This administration has turned the meaning around. Today it means government should control not only all large businesses but the people also. A Progressive today shows a picture of Socialist control where government tells you where you can work, how you will raise your family and what type of media you can listen to.

The reason I say this is look at what this administration is doing to our Constitution. They want to abolish our amendments. They stand for gun control, limiting freedom of speech, the right to dissolve the Tea Party Movement and bring us down to a point we are forced to rely on Big Gov. They are trying to make us believe we can not make a decision on our own, we are too stupid.

Obama has surrounded himself with czars who want to take our country down such as Van Jones (who has stepped down.) He is a self proclaimed Communist. He worked for ten years of his life with people he met in jail and wanted to become a Revolutionary.
Andy Stern is a Left Wing thug and head of SEIU. He is anti-American, anti-business and a Left-Wing Extremist.
Obama has made it clear he stands behind the SEIU.
This is just  to name a few of the New Progressives Obama has surrounded himself with.

Beware people, they will indoctrinate our children and rewrite our Constitution. They will spend and tax our Country into ruin. This has already started. Our schools now have the largest drop out rate, manufacturing has almost stopped, we export nothing and our jobless rate is at an all time high. They want to change our textbooks and take out American history. They are brain washing a group of people who don't have the political knowledge to vote on their own. These people who believe the Government will give them everything they want.

We have to educate those who do not understand what True Freedom is all about.
We have to teach them to know who and what they are voting for.
2010 is the year that can stop this Progressive movement from going forward.
I shutter to think, if we can't stop this movement, what our Country could look in another 5 to 10 years.
Vote however you are led, but know what the repercussions could be if we don't stop this movement.

Freedom Fighter