Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reconciliation and Health Care

The words reconciliation rings out across the US today. The people are saying it is a travesty if Dems allow reconciliation to be used on such an important issue as Government Run Health Care.
Reconciliation has been an objective for parties which has been around for years. Since 1980 it has been used 21 times. What it boils down to is when Congress can not get a bill passed they can opt to reconcile it. This gives them the power to push the bill through the Senate with 51 votes rather than the normal 60 votes. Reconciliation requires 20 hours of debate on bills being voted on and amendments being adopted.
Former Pres Bill Clinton vetoed 3 reconciliation bills put before him. Reconciliation is normally opted in, when Congress is voting to lower the defecit. Democrats are now using it to pass the Health Care Bill Americans have been rejecting for a year.

While 57% of mainstream voters reject Gov Health Care, Obama, Pelosi and Reid demands it to be put through in it's entirety. Pelosi demands to the public 'you do not understand the issues at hand and whether you like it or not it will go through.'
Knowing this will increase our defecit to alarming highs and raise taxes on everyone, they continue to go forward with their gallant quest for power. They don't seeem to care it could bring our country to its' knees. Many countries are already saying they will not buy our treasury notes and many holding our notes can not sell them. Ben Bernanke said "If we don't lower the National Debt our country will go down.

As I am writin and watching the bipartisan Health Care Summit I am still unable to believe Obama's arrogance. When asked a question he does not agree with, he lashes out like a young child.
He said, "I promise we will get this settled before the day is over." Republicans asked him to start over disclosing fair bipartenship from the beginning.
I question how the Dems can take a year to work on it and have it rejected by the people, then believe a 6 hour meeting will solve every problem?
Sen. Chriss Dodd (D- Ct) has said 'when the meeting is over they better join us or get out of the way.'

Do they think the American people are stupid? Do they think we can not make a decision on our own and have to let government decide on everything for us?
If this administration shoves this down our throat, I believe the people will rebell in November.
A wave of hatred is growing in America today. People have awoken to the fact this administration is doing everything they can to take our rights and freedom away.

Continue with your damn smug looks Obama. When you get your arrogant face slapped like a stepchild by the voters maybe then you can wake up to see you are not as smart as you think. Listen to both sides, everyone is not as stupid as your acorn friends.
I feel the 2 most feared things in the world is a gavel in Nancy Pelosi's hand and a pen in Obamas'.