Friday, September 24, 2010

Take Back America

A wave is going across our Country which has not been seen in many years. Voters are mad and ready this November to make their voices heard. It is not just Conservatives but Liberals as well. In the last 21 months we have seen a rapid change take place, voters are turning their backs on this administration. The change we were promised has not taken place. Instead we see a collage of laws being voted in which will control every aspect in our life.

Obama along with his grunts think we are stupid and not capable of making any decisions of our own. They believe they have to control what we eat, how we dress, what we drink and how we raise our family. The list goes on and on....
  1. Cap and trade, will increase your utility bills.
  2. Stop drilling and go green, which will increase the cost of fuel. To make this work we need to look at a 10 to 15 year period.
  3. Stop you from selling produce along the highway or out of your garden.
  4. Tax breaks if you breast feed.
  5. Take your guns away so you have no way to protect yourself.
  6. Indoctrinate your children into Socialism and change our history to suite their needs.
  7. Give Muslims the right to build a shrine where they killed thousands of our countrymen.
  8. Take God out of everything our Country was built on.
  9. Take wealth away from people who make America's wheels turn.
  10. Impose a law where you have to buy government health care knowing they can not provide as good of care as we get now.
It is a never ending list of how they plan to transform us.

Do you think we are so dumb we can't make a decision for ourselves? I don't. Americans have made this country what it is.... or should I say what it was?

No friends we are NOT dumb and I hope we will show them our anger in November. It is time to take the jackass out and bring a new generation of lawmakers in (this also includes many Republicans.) Don't let government continue to destroy what we were built upon.

They call me stupid check these figures out:
Obama gave California 111 million dollars to create jobs. By the way this is our tax money. When the money was finally distributed it created 59 jobs. Wow, what a great feather this puts in Obama's and California's hats! With leaders like this, how can we not see our economy getting ahead?

But wait, as a simple business owner what if they had given the money to me to distribute?
If I did not want to spend much time on it I could give a quarter million dollars to workers. This would let 444 people go on with their life. That is a better figure than what California accomplished and with no thought behind it.

If we want to stop illegals from taking over then hold them accountable for being here and prosecute. We could even let Obama's observers he sent to the border help in stopping illegals from coming in.

But what do we do with our deficit?
How about cutting the pork which is going towards wasteful projects? 
What if we cut some of the government give-aways and made people have to take lower paying jobs to feed their families? I knew a woman with 3 kids who was getting $800 per month in food stamps.
What if we cut raises to Senators?

It is a wonder Obama hasn't imposed the European method for saving water by urinating while taking a shower. Of course you could accomplish the same thing by urinating in the toilet twice before flushing.

I feel the  real stupidity comes from the people making the laws.
Former President Clinton has told Dems to blame everything on the 8 years of President Bush. Did he forget Dems have had control of the House and Senate for the last 6 years?
I say take the problem out of our Country this November and in 2012. It is time to give our young people their chance back to build a better life for their families. Pride is when you earn something not when the government gives it to you. 

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter