Friday, May 7, 2010

Racism Hell - It's The Law!

Anger is growing by the day after Governor Jan Brewer signed the Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill into law.
Thousands of protesters gathered across America saying the law is un-Constitutional.
Unlike the peaceful gathering of the Tea Parties who stand for smaller government and less spending the Hispanic protesters threw water bottles at police, broke windows, threatened to burn Phoenix and screamed racist slurs. HBO talk show host Bill Maher said, "if you are racist, you're probably a Republican."

Obama is trying to repeal the law stating the Federal Government should make the law and not the States. What planet did you Liberal Socialists come from?
It has always been a law in this Country for a person seeking citizenship to go through due process of the law.

My ancestors came from Ireland and became US Citizens. After the Civil war they were burned out. In wagons pulled by oxen they settled in Arkansas. They share cropped and took any job they could find to feed their families. The women boiled mud from the destroyed salt bins in order to have salt for their tables.
My great grandparents (on my mothers side) were so poor they lived in a cave in their younger years located in Oklahoma. My grandmother was four with blond hair, the Indians were impressed with her and offered to buy her for a two ponies. Being refused they returned a week later to give her a set of moccasins they had made, one of which I still have.

As a child I saw many days we did not have enough food to go around. In my early twenties I slept in the back of pick-ups, on beaches and on park benches while striving to become a business owner. Many times I fell on my face. Picking myself up I didn't ask for a free ride or help from the government, I started over.

You call it un-Constitutional, racial profiling or anything you wish. I say hell no to amnesty.
Don't give them citizenship until they earn it the way everyone else has had to.

No one gave a handout to my  ancestors why should I have to pay for welfare and food stamps for a bunch of illegals.

Be proud to show your ID. This is a small price to pay for freedom. I back Arizona 100% and hope Texas and other states follow behind them. Remember in November what legacy you are leaving your children and grandchildren whey you vote.
Say no to people trying to fundamentally change our country.

Freedom Fighter 5-7-10