Friday, March 11, 2011

Wisconson Unions Declare Death Threats On Republican Leaders

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker along with Republican State Senators say enough is enough. It is time for our cowardly Democrats to come home and do their jobs. For three weeks Dems have been hiding in Illinois in order not to have a vote taken pertaining to collective bargaining.

While Walker is trying to lower the state budget unions are trying to continue their brazen Chicago methods of power threats.
Union protesters have already caused over 7 million dollars of damage to the State Capital building. Live rounds of ammunition have been found outside on the grounds.

Thursday evening Republicans found a loophole enabling them to pass the vote without the one necessary Democrat being present. This outraged Democrats and Unions. Death threats have been e-mailed to Republicans wives and the Senators themselves.

Democrats were so sure their childish plan would work they sat back laughing. It appears the joke turned around on them.

It is time large unions take another look into what position they are playing. Are they for the people or are they just lining their pockets?

If a State can not balance their budget it is time to look at Plan B. The teachers union is getting hit the hardest but lets look at why. In Texas a teacher gets paid 35 to 45 thousand dollars. In New York they are paid around $100,000. They can at times teach one class, then make extra money working for the Union. This causes the State to have to pay substitute teachers.

In Wisconsin about 24% of 8th grade students can not read. 34% just get by. This is stupid in my opinion. Fire the damn people not doing their jobs and reward those doing their job. If you or I didn't do our jobs or did not show up for three weeks we would be fired. It is time these limp brain nuts found out what life is all about.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.