Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Obama Sends Law Enforcement Officers To Prison For Doing Their Job

Under Obama along with his Destroy America Administration law enforcement officers can now go to prison for upholding the law.

Border Agent Jesus  E. Diaz was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury and sentenced to two years in prison. His crime was for lifting a teenager in handcuffs up by his arms. The Grand Jury called it unreasonable force.

The Eagle Pass, Texas Mexican Consulate said the boy was beaten and mistreated. No marks were found on him except from the backpack he was carrying containing 75 pounds of marijuana. The council was aware the teenager had claimed no injuries.

Diaz had been cleared by General and US Immigration and Customs of NO wrongdoing. Two years later Internal Affairs at US Customs & Border Protection in the Western District of Texas filed charges against Diaz. The council stated later that witnesses perjured themselves but it  was ignored.
Diaz a seven year veteran will now spend two years in prison for trying to uphold the law that protects United States Citizens.

In 2006 the Attorneys Office of the Western District of Texas filed charges on Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos for wounding an illegal after abandoning a van carrying 800 pounds of marijuana. The illegal, Aldrete--Davila, as with the Diaz case were given immunity to testify against the agents!

So now under Obama, law enforcement can go to prison if someone arrested says they had pain. This is a mockery of justice set forth by the Libs who will go to any extreme in order to see our country transformed. Read more

If this was just one case of Government tyranny that would be one thing 
but look at the whole picture:
  1. Napolitano lied to a House Judiciary Committee about Fast & Furious saying she learned about it in December of 2010. She helped launch the project in March of 2009.
  2. OWS donations are now tax deductible and has received $500,000. Tea Parties have not received the same privileges.
  3. Crack cocaine prisoners now being freed due to the Fair Sentencing act passed in 2012 and signed by Obama. Read more
Obama will go to no end in order to take this Country into Socialism or Dictatorship. We must go to extra lengths in order to keep our freedom. An old saying is:
"Fight Fire With Fire But Don't Break The Law."

Gaddafi, Hitler, Hussein along with other Dictators have been removed. 
I wonder under this administration if we will be lucky enough to see many more terrorist minded people gone? 
The time for action is now. 
Be ready for anything to happen in 2012. 
We are seeing the change we can believe in.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.
Radical Richard

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why Obama Could Be A Second Term President

When looking at the reality of  what is going on around us I can see how Obama could win a second term. Although Wall Street is backing away with their support dollars, unions and their thugs are pledging their support.

Thugs like Jimmy Hoffa, Jr have declared war on anyone opposing union power. Over the years unions have beat, killed and put small businesses out who wouldn't accept what they want.

Their power to keep people living in fear while lining the leaders pockets is the platform they build on.

This becomes a tool for Socialist Liberals along with Obama to retain another term. They have the money and power to call the vote. As Obama sees his ratings drop he begins to back the power players. Anyone who watches news can see the direction he is traveling.
  • Support unions, OWS protesters, Muslims and Acorn.
  • Borrow from China then give it back as aid. 
  • Support the Black Panthers at voting polls.
  • Break America with mandatory Health Care.
  • Enact Executive Orders to override Congress.
Put all this together and you can see the fundamental change he is creating.
He had the vote of many young people, blacks and Latinos in 2008 but seeing them leave his side fear sets in.

Plan B is to promise college students cheaper loans, ask blacks to continue standing by him and keep pushing open borders along with the Dream Act.

With all these working in his favor he sees his victory. 
Our only hope is Patriots will come out fighting with everything they have in 2012. 
This could be our last chance to retain freedom as we know it.

Don't depend on your friend or neighbor. Answer the call to fight with everything you can. It is not too late but the gate is closing quickly.

See a video on how unions maintain control. It is not pretty but true. Watch the Video then sign their petition to stop Union Thugs with the Freedom from Union Violence Act.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours

Radical Richard