Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Threshold Of Socialism

As we stand on the threshold of socialism through Obama's oblivious belief that a government run health care bill will solve all our Country's medical problems, Americans are fighting mad.
How can this self proclaimed Messiah in Washington think he can mend our medical problems when Medicare and Medicaide are going broke now. The government has already shown us how well they have run the systems in the past. A couple making $60,000 jointly could pay as much as $12,000 a year for Obama's program. The majority of Americans through polls have said they don't want our government to have this kind of control.
In less than a year this man has continued to back Acorn (his favorite nut); closing Gitmo so we can try terrorists in New York and put them in a prison that will be opened especially for them; hired communistic Czars and tax evaders to run our Country.
He has led the US into a debt we will not be able to repay, lied on climate control and boldly stated he will transform our Great Nation.
It is time to quit trying to buy our way out of debt that will only lead to inflation.
Many Democrats and Republicans are standing together saying get this administration out. Your vote in 2010 and 2012 is the strongest weapon we have to fight with.
If we do not stand together now, tomorrow could be too late. Look at how Hitler, Chavez, Castro, Kim Jong-il and other Countries have destroyed their Nations by bringing in government power.
Don't let this happen to us.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Commander in Chump - I mean Chief

In Obama's address to the Nation, Monday, Dec. 1, 2009 concerning Afghanistan, he stated 30,000 additional troops would be sent. Gen. McChrystal had asked for 40,000. Americans are asking why the Commander in Chief would not back his leaders on the ground by sending 25% less than was asked for.
Obama stated that Muslims were beginning to trust us. To this I say bull! The majority of Muslims who do no live in America want to kill us. I don't believe this leader cares about this country and would turn against it and return to his Muslim upbringing in a minute. Obama says we will draw our troops out of Afghanistan in 18 months. This tells the Taliban to wait us out, then take over where they left off.
I think it is time to show the people he understands what the words authority and leadership stand for. The only thing he has shown me is he is leading us into Socialism with government run health care. The only business he has been involved in is community organizations, like Acorn. He wants to share the wealth. He is going to break America, he backs up the Muslims, large auto manufacturers along with the banks.
In his speech I saw nothing more than the same old broken record we have heard since he took office. I am trying to think of one promise he has kept since taking office. I believe we should send enough troops over to win the war or bring them all back and say we were defeated. If we send those troops over it would be nice to hear Obama say we will carry this out to the end and win. What is your opinion?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Did They Read The Bill?

How do you feel about the Democrats and the one Republican, Joseph Dow of La., pushing a health care bill through the house that the majority of Americans stand agains? Do you believe this will change the control of the Democratic party in the 2010 elections?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Loss of America

A month and a half ago I wrote this article, and intended it to be entertainment only. The other night on world news I actually saw elementary children being taught to sing their praise to Obama to the tune of religious hymns. It's degrading to see teachers and adults filling our children's heads with propaganda. I hope in the future I will still be able to say In God We Trust and not some self-proclaimed messiah in Washington, DC.
In my opinion the following is some of the worst garbage I have ever encountered.
Link to children singing praise to Obama:

I have tried in all fairness to study this administration in a positive manor, but can't come up with any answer but the following.

Our people could be standing before the flag, hand over heart saying -
"I pledge allegiance to Hussein Obama of the United States of America and to the government control for which he stands. We are now one Nation under sensor-ship with poverty and socialism for all."

Our school children could be singing to the tune of Jesus Loves Me -
"Obama loves me this I know, dear Joe Biden told me so, little tax payers to him belong, we are weak but he is strong, etc."

Vice President Joe Biden - to me is a straight forward man. He says what's on his mind even though it gets him in the dog house sometimes. I admire a person for their honesty even when it gets them in trouble.

Robert Gibbs - When this man speaks I just stand listening in amazement, this is how he sounds - "That's a good question. Now if aah, you aah'm, well like took you know, took $50 billion dollars and aah, put it here, you would well like aah'm, do this with it aah you know. Are there any more questions?"

Nancy Pelosi - is one of a kind. She thinks she is the Messiah to Congress, she speaks out of both sides of her mouth and I don't think she can be trusted. I picture Obama sitting in a shoe-shine chair with Nancy at his feet holding a rag singing -
"Gotta Keep on poppin', yea keep on a poppin' that shine. I keep a gold painted broom by my desk in case I have to take an emergency flight. I call it the Pelosi Golden Eagle."

Janet Napolitano - I picture this woman standing at a border crossing facing Mexico with a big grin on her face, waving for them to come over and holding citizenship papers that says Welcome to America.

Timothy Geithner in charge of our taxes - I picture him on bended knees begging for people to pay their taxes so he can borrow from them because he forgot to pay his.
I could go on, but think you get the drift of my conversation about how I feel concerning this administration.

I have also been asked who I trust most in the Obama administration. My answer was Bo, the White House dog.

Please send me your opinions concerning elementary school children being taught these kind of songs?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Generations Of Hope?

Obama's Government Picks - Many Americans are starting to doubt Mr. Obama's ability to run our country. The Czars and staff he is surrounding himself with seems to lack the stability people were searching for when they elected him to office.

Representatives along with Blue Dog Democrats are stating his government run health care is following Canada's socialized Medicare, which is not working. His ratings are dropping at a rapid speed while people are saying he has not kept his campaign promises. His Green job czar, Van Jones who admits to being a communist and is a racist has resigned. Since leaving Rev. Wright, he has not found another Church home. Acorn, who he supports has been caught by undercover video stating how El Salvadorian under age girls can enter a professional prostitution ring, using the professional arts as a cover to not pay taxes. See Video

He states in his health care speech tax payers will not pay one dime extra while leading economists state this is impossible and will raise taxes on the middle class. He also states we will not cover uninsured illegals, yet it is not taken out of the proposed bill.
He also goes on to say people who can not afford health care will get a tax break. Americans are asking why people who are doing the right thing should pay to foot the bill?
Many dealerships who participated in the 'Cash for Clunkers' program are finding themselves holding large debts, yet not receiving money from the government as they were promised.
Anyone who attends a Tea Party or Town Meeting is considered astro-turf or un-American if they don't agree with what the far left is saying. My wife and I attended a grass root meeting in Lubbock, Tx where Governor Rick Perry was speaking. We did not see anyone out of control, no anger and no swastikas as stated by Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker. Her approval ratings have now dropped to 19%.

As I am writing this article today, I have been labeled a radical racist because I do not agree with the present administration's ideas. I feel we are being led into socialism. If we can not vote many of these leaders out of office in 2010 we will discover not only an America but our Constitution being controlled by government only.

My Question Is: Do you believe this administration is leading us to Democracy or Socialism for generations to come?