Monday, February 21, 2011

Liberals Show Their Yellow Streak

At a time when our leaders should be working together to help our country and states move forward the protocol appears to be hide.

Obama who needs the unions backing stands behind them while telling the states to kiss off
Protesters in Wisconsin mobbed the State Capital protesting Governor Scott Walker.
Walker has said if unions won't give, there is no way to close the $3.6 billion debt.

In some cases States are paying union employees $57.00 for every dollar they put into their retirement fund. Unions which used to help workers have now become so money hungry they are putting their members in a position where lay-offs could be inevitable in order for a state to survive.

Walker says by working together people will be better off than having the state force lay-offs.
Democratic lawmakers have called Walker a dictator and compared him to Adolf Hitler.

Democratic lawmakers have left the state in hiding. To me this shows their cowardliness along with child like abilities to work together. This shows no more of a democracy than what we are seeing Obama and Democrats doing in D.C.

Obama's group Organizing For America has bused in protesters from other states. Walker said Obama should worry more on fixing the federal budget.

Where is this so called leader and his cronies when you need them?
I guess they are too busy fighting Brewer in Arizona who is trying to secure their border. If our leaders can not get together our economy will fall.

Babies born now are already $45,000 in debt while liberals want to keep trying to buy their way out of debt. 
America can not continue to take away our future generations chances for a better life. At some point Liberals have to wake up and see their way is not working.

An old saying goes, "When you find you have dug yourself into a hole, quit digging." At some point you would think even a stupid person could see that. 

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard