Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is A Racial War Brewing?

As the sun sets on a warm day in Texas I watch the children playing in a dried up lake bed. They have no concept of race or hate. Their only objective is to enjoy life and hope for the future.
At their young age they can not see the corruption that lays ahead of them. They have not been exposed to the hate which plagues our government and races across the Country.

At a time when racism had almost disappeared, this administration has managed to bring it back in less than two years.

Obama, who claimed to be a post-racial President shows his colors by allowing black militants to do and say as they wish.
They are allowed to openly speak on TV of killing innocent people without fear of prosecution.
Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Liberals continue to enact laws without the will of the people. Their objective being one of self control.

Although Americans stand by waiting for November 2nd of this year, they are not standing idol. Another wave is moving across our land. One which says we have had enough of your garbage crammed down our throats and we will resist.

I will state the following only as a rumor because rumor is not a crime yet in our country.
I have heard Texas law enforcement has purchased about 110 acres near Austin for a firing range.
Under the ground is a large bunker filled with heavy duty guns and ammunition. In it is supposed to be bullet proof vests weighing about 50#s each and heavy duty helmets. If this is true are they expecting trouble in the future? Border agents are allowed to keep all weapons they confiscate I am told. Could Texas be taking up the same fight Governor Brewer of Arizona is dealing with now?

In Phoenix Arizona Jason 'J.T.' Ready is taking matters in his own hands. He and his people are declaring war on narco-terrorists and watching for illegals crossing the border. Local enforcement is concerned because Ready's patrols  are heavily armed and identifies with the National Socialist Movement. This organization  believes only non-Jewish, white heterosexuals should be American citizens and anyone who isn't white should leave the Country "..peacefully or by force."       Article

Across America groups like this are building daily. Could people be preparing for a racial war or a full blown Civil War?

Unlike young children playing we as adults are plagued with many decisions. We have to hope we understand the decisions we make are for the betterment of future generations.

Let's hope our future can be one of continued freedom and not one of Big Government Control.

Let me hear your views on this.

Freedom Fighter