Thursday, January 6, 2011

Americans Stand In Limbo

As the New Congress steps in we wait to see if they will stand by their word. The watch dogs are following every move they make.

The first item on their agenda is to repeal health care. I don't believe in any way they can repeal it. At best they might be able to break it.

The next question is do you believe Dems have seen the light or will they continue down the same path as before? Winning the House was good but we also needed the Senate. We now have the power to filibuster but will that be enough if Democrats try to pass a new law making it harder to filibuster?

In seven months we have seen Liberals take our deficit from 13 trillion to 14 trillion dollars. Since 2009 when Obama took over our deficit has raised from 10 to 14 trillion dollars. This is about 95% of our economy for a year. If our new Congress does not curtail spending then start depleting our deficit America will loose it's credit rating then move in a down hill slide.

Employment for the last 2 years has been at a stand still. Without job creation there will be no hope of moving forward. Americans are going to have to realize we will have to give up something if we are going to get back on track.

This could be a large hurdle to overcome. Many young people today believe the government and others owe them a living. They have never had it rough. Mom and Dad gives them everything they want. Rather than work to get what they want, they cry long enough to get it for nothing.

We have generations of welfare recipients who have never worked in their life. They have been raised to take everything they can. We have first time home buyers who believe a starter home costs around three-hundred thousand dollars.

The day of reckoning is coming. If Congress does not take some giant steps to drop our deficit America will enter into a world economy. Our destination will be that of Socialism. Young and old alike are going to have to learn to live on a budget. That new car may have to wait another year. People being interviewed on TV this year said since they couldn't afford a new home or car they would spend the money on Christmas gifts. This is the mentality of a Liberal. If you can't spend it on what you want don't save it just find another avenue to spend it on. We will all pay the price for this.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter