Friday, June 25, 2010

Did Weak - Kneed Obama Strike Again?

Many interesting facts are starting to unfold as we begin the third month of the Gulf oil spill.
People are now wondering if the explosion was a giant plot to promote Obama's green bill. They also question if the slow response to the spill was put into place long before the explosion occurred.

For the sake of Americans, I hope this is not the case, but doing some research it does make me wonder. Many questionable business transactions transpired before the explosion.
  • Goldman Sachs placed short on their Trans Ocean stocks days before the explosion occurred making a huge profit on the disaster.
  • They did the same thing on airline stocks before 9-11
  • Goldman Sachs and Obama are long time friends. GS donated almost 750 million dollars to Obama's campaign fund.
  • Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel lived rent free for a year in one of British Petroleum consultant's homes.
  • Trans Ocean sold shares amounting to $250 million which was just under 50% of their holdings prior to the explosion.
  • Tony Hayward sold over $2 million worth of BP stocks before the explosion and paid off the mortgage on the family home in Kent, England.
  • Just weeks before the incident Halliburton bought Boots and Coots in order to be in a position to make millions if a major oil spill happened.
  • Corefit a chemical banned in the UK because it is more toxic than oil was dispersed over the Gulf. Corefit is approved by the EPA.
  • 2 other products proved to be 100% effective in fighting the oil were not used, while Corefit is only rated 55% to 65% effective.
  • BP dumped 400,000 gallons of Corefit into the Gulf waters with plans to dump hundreds of thousands more
  • The product had created liver, blood disorder, respiratory problems and other life threatening problems to humans.

  • Is our government poisoning the Gulf in order to prove a point?

  • Three days after hearing of the disaster Tom Strickland, Interior Department Chief of Staff went to the Grand Canyon to go white water rafting. The Department of Interior is designed to coordinate in response to a major oil spill.

  • Despite numerous offers to help from other countries who have experience combating oil spills Obama shuns them.
When does insanity stop and reality set in? We have a major problem in the Gulf. It is time to solve the problem instead of bouncing the blame from one person to another. It has been announced by leading scientists the oil spill is depleting oxygen levels in the Gulf. This will lead to more aquatic and wildlife deaths than we are seeing now. It will also impact the livelihood of thousands of coastal workers who make their living from these waters.

It is time for stand up to this administration and say we will not put up with your stupidity any longer. The time for action is now, not
6 months from now.
As I have said before, if you can not handle the job Obama, get out of the way of those who can.

If history eventually tells the story that the oil spill was a plot to promote Cap and Trade or generate dollars for large companies I believe it will create a wave of anger going across the country like we have never before seen.
The time for action has long passed. Let's get the problem solved?

I know my views on this subject, now I would like to hear yours.

Radical Richard