Friday, February 4, 2011

Obama - President, Socialist, Muslim, Dictator or What?

Many are asking what the man living in the White House stands for.

He bows to Muslims while showing no respect to our allies. On his visit to England he presented the Queen an iPod with photos and videos of her 2007 trip to Virginia; while his wife hugged her, knowing she does not allow it.

Due to the seriousness in the Middle East Israel, an ally, fears America will not come to their aid because of our leader.

This administration claims Mubarak is not a dictator even though he has controlled the country in poverty for 30 years. 

The Muslim Brotherhood who controls a large part of the Middle East has stated any country who is allies with the United States will be destroyed.

Anjem Choudary a radical Muslim who promotes be-heading, cutting off of limbs, lashing people and keeping women in slavery declares Sharia Law should be the way of America. Meanwhile Obama, Michelle and Liberals continue to say they can build their mosques across America. One can only ask are all Liberals stupid...or, are only stupid people Liberal? You wonder if a Muslim living in the US who still worship the Quran should not be treated in the same way Anjem believes.

Egypt has asked for our help. What do we do, go over and protect a dictator or stand against the people who are fighting to live free? I could only guess which direction Obama would go. You can take the Muslim out of the country but you can't take the country out of the Muslim.

It is time America woke up to the fact Muslims are inter-twining in government with the intention of gaining control.  

On ABC this week Anjem Choudary said the East and the West will be governed by Sharia Law. He also believes the Muslim flag will fly over the White House.

Is it possible this goal has already been implemented? What our country needs at this point is a President who has more knowledge than being a Community Organizer. The only anwer I can see is to fight fire with fire. We can no longer stand by while this administration along with Radical Muslims sucks our life blood away. We must educate our young against the evils of Radicalism. From there we must make our stand to pursue or overthrow those who are taking our Freedom away.

If we have to bury a pig on every site they plan to build a mosque then so be it. It worked in Spain. Fight the spread of Muslims across this Country in every lawful way you can.

Let's work together to dispose of garbage the way it should be disposed of. This must be done for the sake of future generations.

You have heard my  opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard