Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Commander in Chump - I mean Chief

In Obama's address to the Nation, Monday, Dec. 1, 2009 concerning Afghanistan, he stated 30,000 additional troops would be sent. Gen. McChrystal had asked for 40,000. Americans are asking why the Commander in Chief would not back his leaders on the ground by sending 25% less than was asked for.
Obama stated that Muslims were beginning to trust us. To this I say bull! The majority of Muslims who do no live in America want to kill us. I don't believe this leader cares about this country and would turn against it and return to his Muslim upbringing in a minute. Obama says we will draw our troops out of Afghanistan in 18 months. This tells the Taliban to wait us out, then take over where they left off.
I think it is time to show the people he understands what the words authority and leadership stand for. The only thing he has shown me is he is leading us into Socialism with government run health care. The only business he has been involved in is community organizations, like Acorn. He wants to share the wealth. He is going to break America, he backs up the Muslims, large auto manufacturers along with the banks.
In his speech I saw nothing more than the same old broken record we have heard since he took office. I am trying to think of one promise he has kept since taking office. I believe we should send enough troops over to win the war or bring them all back and say we were defeated. If we send those troops over it would be nice to hear Obama say we will carry this out to the end and win. What is your opinion?