Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Americans Sold Out

Today more than ever in history we are seeing government selling our freedom and future out in order to line their pockets. This administration believes we are not capable of making our own decisions.Their belief is that Big Government is the only way.

Many see what is happening but bury their heads in the sand because they are afraid to admit Obama's leadership doesn't work.

We have seen him bow to our enemy. He refuses to talk to our allies like Israel but can take time to see people who want to kill us.

After taking us deeper in debt than any other president he now wants to print $40 Billion a month more for 6 months. This money will help him send more money to Egypt and Libya so they can grow stronger in their Muslim and Terrorist hate toward America.

While terrorists burn our Embassies he tells people to be patient because the Muslim Brotherhood is a new leadership trying to work it out.

It is time Americans woke up. 
Radical Muslims hate and want to kill  Westerners. They are a group of people whose Koran tell them it is okay to spread their vile against women and children.  If Muhammad is their Profit and "Allah their God then they are my enemy.

I say the video "The Innocence Of Muslims" tells the whole story  of what they stand for. Sadly while this is happening Obama will stand by them along with gays and Atheists but not beside Christians!

At the Democratic National Convention the words God and Jerusalem were not allowed to be used in their platform. Half way through they had to take a vote to put them back in because it was costing votes.

In my opinion Obama and his cronies are a gutless bunch of thieves selling our freedom and country out. He cares nothing for this country nor the people in it. The only thing he cares about is staying in power.

He is the first person elected to bring our credit rating down. If re-elected he could bring us down to a second or even third world country.

Do you really want to see a person who supports, Muslims, gays, Atheists, voter fraud, illegals and failing ideas running our country? If so, you are as worthless as the problem itself.

Think before you vote, 
it could be your last chance.

You have heard my opinion - Now let me hear yours!

Radical Richard