Friday, August 6, 2010

Obama - Constitution Hater

With less than 90 days left before Americans go to the polls to vote we see utter chaos  brewing with liberals. Their denial of paying attention to the peoples wishes has now become their worst enemy. The deceit they have used to pass Obama's radical bills could possibly cost them the House and the Senate.

While anger races across our Country Obama continues to push his wishes upon us. He will not fight to secure our borders because he needs the illegals vote by giving amnesty to keep his party in office. Even after Joe Arpaio (Az Sheriff) had a million dollar contract put on his life by a Mexican drug cartel, Obama still refuses to send help. He continues to sue Gov. Jan Brewer because she is trying to protect her State. His reason is he feels Big Government should be the one to make amnesty laws.

Has this man along with his administration lost their mind?
Never in my life time have I seen such stupidity come from the White House.

Or is it stupidity? As we have written before this could be a ploy to start mass riots across America. If this happened Obama could hold up the elections. This would give him time to fundamentally change our Country from Capitalism to Socialism.

This is the only reason I can see him trying to go under the table with his amnesty bill and not through Congress. In my opinion he does not have one honest bone in his body. His soul purpose seems to be an agenda of creating mass confusion. Sine he took office it has been spending and bailouts in order to make government bigger.

More Americans continue to be out of work while government jobs are progressing very well. Even Timothy Geithner says unemployment could go up before it goes down.

What is the answer? As we have written before nullification could be what we see in the future. This is when a state says we do not see this law as Constitutional and will not enforce it within the boundaries of our State.

If half or more of the states voted nullification in, the government would not have th manpower to enforce the laws.

The other answer could be we remain calm for the next 90 days in hopes we can get the vote over.

It is sad when you are dealing with a mad man in power who pushes his garbage down peoples throats.

Voters are going to have to stand up and be respnsible for their vote or see our Country fall. This can be hard to do when many live on welfare, foodstamps, government aide and the belief they should not have to work. Then the ones who are here illegally want us to give them everything while they stomp on our flags, burn them then curse America because they want something for nothing.

Obama has sent a memo out telling liberals to continue blaming Bush for our problems so they have a chance to hold their seats after November.

Try to stand up and be man for once Obama. America wants an honest leader, not a back room whiner. Stop apologizing to other Countries saying we are not a Christian Nation. Start protecting our people. You made the new hate crime laws, so don't let Black Panthers go on National news and threaten to kill people while they go unpunished.

Get off your butt and do something for the U.S.A.

The Bible says turn the other cheek. I am tired of turning it only to get hit again. I'm going to fight like hell to save my children, grandchildren and our future Americans. 

This is our view, now let us hear yours.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard