Friday, March 26, 2010

The Next Step To Socialism

In Obama's quest to conquer and run our country there are many steps which must be placed in Order.
He has now, through under-handed tricks, bribes and promices managed to get a vote through on Health Care. This would enable him to control pharmaceutical companies along with our money. This also puts the IRS in charge of collecting the Health Care money and fines.

He has managed to begin the indoctrintation of our youth, which will transform our Country.
The wealth is now being redistributed. Obama has Big Government hand in the Auto Industry and our Banks.
With gun control he is having a problem. The states have a loophole call nullification, which many are enacting.
All of these steps have been used by Countries taking over the people.

The next step he will need to push will be amnesty for illegals. This fight could be harder to pass than Health Care. With a mid-term election coming up and the seating of Scott Brown in the Senate, reconcillliation may be his only alternative.
The reason amnesty will be so important to his is 75% of these people will give him their vote.
Because of Health care, it is predicted many Democrats in the House and Senate will loose their seats.

If Obama has to work with a Republican run Congress, he won't be able to push his agenda through as he does now.
In my opinion amnesty will become a larger prority than Cap & Trade.

All segments of socialism must follow a path if it is to succeed without bringing an Army in against the people.
He is quickly moving this Country in that direction. If Americans keep turning the other cheek he will achieve his goal.
We must stand up against the tyranny being pushed upon us.

If the people do not group together and make their voices heard we will loose Freedom as we know it today.
Stand up, tell them enough is enough. Help make our voice heard.

Freedom Fighter

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Freedom In Peril

Today America was raped by a group of Political Prostitutes voting on Health Care. They did it by using unethical acts of bribery, closed door meetings and twisting Constitutional laws.

While the majority of people shouted no, their voices fell on deaf ears.
Rep Bart Stupak (D-Mi) said he could not vote on a bill supporting abortion. After a meeting with Obama he changed his mind. He was told after the vote Obama would enact an Executive Order which would not allow any Federal money to go toward abortion.

What does all this mean to America?
  • You will pay for Health Care 4 to 6 years before being able to use it.
  • The exception will be children who have pre-existing conditions.
  • It will add an additional 30 million people to Medicare, which is already broke.
  • The IRS will be in charge of collecting the money. They have said 15,000 employees will have to be added every year for the next 10 years.
  • The Government will set up the rule for what treatment you will receive and at what time you can receive it.
  • The older you become, less money will be allocated for medical treatment.
  • Medicare will be cut by 500 million dollars.
  • Doctors who now take medicare patients have said many will opt out of it. Up to 43% have said they will consider closing their door within a year or two.
  • Walmart has said they will stop taking medicare prescriptions.
  • If you refuse to accept the Government plan or pay the penalty, the IRS can take it out of your bank account or out of tax return.
Progressive Socialism is quickly approaching. We are now seeing how fast our Country can be transformed.This is just one of the first steps to abolish Freedom. This administration is trying to control all aspects of our lives. Once they have achieved this, there will be no need for law makers. Government will be able to control the entire economy.

The sad part of this is our young people who are already being indoctrinated to believe this is the way of the future. They will be the ones to feel the reprecussions placed on them by this administration.

A cry is going out across America. I hear and see more angry people than ever before. Their voice is now changing from peaceful methods to retaliation by force.
At the White House today, as Pelosi and her group passed through the protesters, they were hit with a wall of angry people shouting the N-word along with much more.

The seed has been planted.It is now only a guess as to how fast the tree will grow. Progressives know that every time they can get another root embedded, their cause will grow stronger.

Our only hope for future generations is if enough people will stand up and make their voices heard in November.
My hope is they have awoken a sleeping giant.
Keep the Bell of Freedom ringing across America. Vote the Progressives out.