Sunday, November 6, 2011

DC Protesters Draw First Blood - Obamas Army Is Here!

After Obama became pres. he said, America needs a Civilian Army larger than our Military. People questioned why anyone besides a Muslim dictator would make such a statement. We can now see what his goal was. An army of losers banding together in order to create anarchy.

They are closing ports, businesses, convention centers, urinating and defecating in streets, masturbating in public, etc.

At the DC Convention Centers Metro Station they blocked the entrancing by placing 2 children in harms way.  See Video

A father blocking a car placed his 13 year old daughter in front of it.

At a peaceful Tea Party event DC protesters forced entry into the Washington Convention Center (Fri Nov-4-2011) blocking cars with children. Some were injured.

Worst of all occupiers  attacked a 78 year old woman and pushed her down a flight of stairs. See Video

This is Obama and his Liberal Cronies way of leading our Country into chaos. I say it is time to fight back. We can not keep turning the other cheek when government and state officials keep turning their back on us. 

I do not instigate violence but I will by any lawful means protect my family and Country. Two years ago I was told by a Sheriff answering a call in my mobile home park, "if a person pulls a knife on you take it one step further. A person does have the right to protect themselves."

I have heard law officers along with Veterans discussing their concern over what is happening. Many say it is coming to the point we must answer the call. When protesters create a rebellion we must be ready. 

I have heard statements such as take gas to protesters as they sleep or distribute poisen laced pot and marijuana cookies to them. 

This is NOT the answer we should uphold. This would make us no better than the protesters. These people are Obamas and Radical Liberals cross to bear. For every action there is a reaction, it can go good or bad.

Protesters: Don't start something you can't stop. Many of you are young and have your full life ahead of you, don't give it up for stupidity.
When people have had enough you will see their reaction and I don't think you will like it.

Be proud Obama and followers see what you have created.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

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Radical Richard.