Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama Against Free Speech On Internet

Seeing what happened in the 2010 elections Obama pushes even harder to control what Americans say. Knowing the great losses his party took he is now looking at what new underhanded ways he can use to get a second term

As he speaks of the new bipartisanship and transparency we are going to see the push for world order continue. 
Him and his administration are now pushing for more government leadership for the Internet in the name of privacy. He wants to create a new group of people to oversee it. Three weeks ago, a special task force to control the Commerce Department was said to have been put into place. The task force led by Cameron Kerry, brother of Senator John Kerry.

Representative Joe Barton (R-Tx) says he welcomes the idea. I can understand privacy laws pertaining to protecting children from sex predators and other frauds. The problem with this is like the health care bill all the rules have not been laid out. Is this another bill we see go through where we are expected to pass it before we can read it.?

The Federal Trade Commission has said we will hear a report by the end of the year. I believe if this is passed it will not benefit the people but give Big Brother another way to infiltrate on our privacy. It is beyond me how Liberals can stand by silent while seeing our freedom being removed daily.

Obama promised us change and we are sure seeing it. I think we will see more bills being p0ushed in this lame duck session than in any other. Dems know they have a short time to move before the new House and Senate take over. With the Republicans taking the House it will be harder for Obama to push his propaganda down our throats, so he must move quickly. The other problem he is facing is will the Dems in the upcoming election stand beside him as they have in the past or will they fear being voted out?

We can not put our guard down for one moment, we must keep our fight moving forward for the sake of generations to come.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter