Friday, August 27, 2010

Sharia Law - Death To Women!

Freedom Fighter, I am an American Muslim born and raised here. I read your blog and the comments readers sent in. I couldn't believe the hate in you and your readers comments. It's true some bad Muslims destroyed the twin towers but that does not make all Muslims bad. To me you are labeling anyone who doesn't agree with your as terrorists. I believe the Mosque should be built and would be a tribute to our Nation.
 I have also heard on Sept 11 people are burning Q'urans. Is this what you people think religion is about? I wouldn't burn your Bible. 
Please reply to me about this. 
Thank you Shara P.

Shara, thank you for sending your e-mail. I do my best to respond to as many readers as I can. As far as the comments my readers leave I have no control over their thoughts.
Pertaining to the article I wrote about the Mosque I hold true with my feelings. It would be disrespectful to build a Mosque two blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood. You can not slap people who had loved ones killed in the face by building what you call a shrine. As for your statement about hating all Muslims I feel there is good and bad in all people. 

I think you will also have to agree when Muslims reach a certain population they  begin to enact Sharia Law.
This law takes your right as a woman away by the enactment of a fair trial. Is this what you want for yourself and your children? To me stoning is very barbaric. Your second statement about the burning of the Quran is all over the internet.
Trinity United Methodist Church in Florida will hold the event on Sept. 11th. The event was set up in protest of the 9-11 Twin Tower attacks in 2001. Reverend Dan Johnson is calling everyone he can to participate. 

The city of Gainesville said they will not issue a permit for the burning because it is against city law to burn any book. This has not stopped Reverend Johnson who says the event will take place anyway. The church will be subject to a fine.

One group of Muslims intends to hand out 100,000 copies of the Quran. You stated you would not burn our Bible. If you are a Muslim as you say then you must study their law. According to Muslim law there are three ways to dispose of the Quran:
  1. Burn it.
  2. Give it to another person and give that person the same three choices.
  3. Bury it in a clean field where it would be undisturbed.
This being your law what is the Church doing wrong? They may be going against city code but if they don't agree with the Quran then they are following your law.

I can not accept a religion who has no respect for women, Western Law may not be perfect but it does allow you to have a fair trial. It also protects you from stoning or amputation because they feel it is right.If this is what you accept in your life then more power to you. For myself I would honor your Muslim request and burn the Quran also. I want no part of any religion who believes world domination is the Lord's way.

Muslims have threatened to bomb or burn the Church if the event takes place. To me this shows Muslims true colors.

I will  do whatever I can, within the law to keep these terrorists out of my Country.
Human nature teaches us if a person tries to harm you, retaliate with something bigger. 
As I have said before, I am tired of turning the other cheek. It is time to stop stupidity.

This is my opinion now I would like to hear yours.

Freedom Fighter