Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama's White Wash

Senator John McCain (R-Az) had asked for 6,000 troops to be sent to the border.
On Tuesday, while under pressure to do something about securing the US-Mexico border Obama ordered 1,200 troops to be deployed. At what time they will be sent is not known.
Since Governor Jan Brewer (R-Az) signed a tough law to take action against illegals Obama has had to show some effort to protect Americans.

Drug cartels appear to be in control of Mexico. They are bringing drugs across the border, kidnapping children and beginning to set up residence in the US.

Obama's move takes place at a time he is pushing for immigration reform. This has many wondering if the National Guard will be nothing more than an attempt to take America's mind off the problem before the November elections. Obama knows immigration reform will be almost impossible to pass before the elections. He stands to loose the House and Senate Democratic majority this Nov. This would hinder the passing of many of his radical laws, such as transforming America and distributing the wealth

By giving millions of illegals citizenship he would improve his chances of having Dems re-elected by as much as 75% through the new citizens vote.

The plan is not clear, but the troops are going to be used in a supporting role only. Some will be allowed to carry guns but most will not. They will be used for surveillance, intelligence, training and blocking drug trafficking.

The Mexican Embassy said they would assist in stopping drug cartels but would not be used to control immigration. WOW this sounds like another Obama White Wash. Will this man ever stand up for freedom of our country?

If you doubt the urgent need for additional troops in order to secure our borders, read the following article: Feds Issue Terror Watch For The Texas/Mexico Border Somalian and other terrorist are preparing to cross the Texas border in order to do harm to Americans. This does not seem to bother Obama in any way. The Democratic Senators just voted down a bill requesting more troops. It appears Obama and his administration are looking at Americans saying we are stupid and don't understand what is happening. Again I say this is nothing more than him and his administration standing there with their finger up their nose giving us another Obama White Wash.

Let me know what you think.  Remember in November.

Freedom Fighter