Friday, December 17, 2010

The Dem Mentality

The complexities we face in our Country today are brought on by leaders who retain a non-caring attitude for our future.

Obama whose objective is to take from the rich that which they have earned and give it to the poor is a good example. He also feels the need to control all banks, auto manufacturers, Wall Street, along with anything else he can get his greedy hands on. He is changing health care to fit his Socialistic views. His Muslim up-bringing has been viewed in foreign nations as well as in ours.

Nancy Pelosi appears to be nothing but a puppet to Obama. She has shown to be a power grabber with a theatrical outlook on life. Her time as House Speaker has proven she cares nothing about the public but only for herself.

What can one say about Harry Reid? All he has on his mind is pushing the Dream Act through in order to get the illegal votes. The problem is the Congressional deceit seems to be never ending with Liberals. Their mentality to take our Country forward is blinded by their greed to make others look bad.

At a time America is crying out for leaders we hear Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D) state Democrats need to create a financial problem in order to make Republicans look bad. He believes by exploiting the unemployment issue before Christmas could be a key issue.

As the Bush tax cuts are voted on before the end of the year we see the wheels turning. 54 House Dems sent Pelosi a single letter stating how upset they are and feel Obama is craw-fishing on them.

Republicans have shown a bi-partisanship effort in working with the tax cuts. Democrats have done nothing more than cry, whine and exploit the package.

It is time we see Liberals for what they are, trash bringing down our Country. For the sake of generations to come we can only hope the new electives coming in will see the deception from past leaders and work for the people.

If they do not like living in a free Country then get the hell out! Let them go somewhere they can be happy.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter