Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Fall Of America - UN Arms Treaty

In order fo a Government to take over and control a country certains steps must be put into place.
  1. First the Government must control the economy.
  2. The next step is to have  a large enough Army or police force to dominate the people.
  3. The last step is to take away their power to fight back.
When these three steps have been enacted the rest is easy.

Many Americans have begun to see how Obama and his administration are leading us into bankruptcy. He now has control over large banks, auto industries and if he gets his way health care. By controlling health care he also controls the pharmaceutical companies. Step one is nearly complete.

In Dec of 2009 Obama signed an executive order giving Interpol (International Police) all authority in the US. They can not be questioned by the FBI or any other law agency in the country. They do not have to show any paper work and have the power to take your home or business without question. Step 2 has been put into place.

How will step 3 be enacted?
Hillary Clinton, Sec. of State, is working with the United Nations in order to confiscate our guns. The US joined 152 Countries who support Arms Trade Treaty. This establishes the 2012 UN conference to attack American sovereignity and strip us ouf our right to Bear Arms.
Clinton who hates guns has pledged to push the US Senate to ratify the treaty. All firearms owned by the government would be excluded, our guns would be gone.

Obama found out he could not take our guns away by increasing taxes on ammunition or regulating the States. Since nullification has begun to take hold, the states can stop it. Knowing this, he uses the back door of the UN to achieve his objectives.
By enacting Interpol he would have the world police to back him. He knows many law enforcement agencies and military personnel would not take up arms against fellow Countrymen, so he goes around them to get what he wants.
Former UN Ambassador John Bolton has told gun owners to watch out for this treaty. He says the UN is showing it as an International Arms Trade between states. He goes on to say the real agenda is to control domestic firearms.

It is time to take action. We have to tell everyone we know to e-mail their Senators saying we don't want the Arms Trade Treaty Resolution, vote against it.

I also ask you to click on the links below to read more about this grave and unjust action being imposed upon us. When you do please sign the petition. Our names are already there. Don't let Obama impose the New World Order on us. Tell all your friends to help us fight it.

Freedom Fighter

National Gun Rights and Petition 
Hiliary Clinton's Comments

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How To Stop Big Government

I have received many emails from readers wanting to know more about nullification and what repercussions it could have on a state. In the writing of my first article, "Could Nullification be America's Future," I stated I was not sure if the government could somehow persecute a state for imposing nullification. Checking into it I have learned more about the subject.

For those of you who did not read my first article, nullification is when a state says; 'In the boundaries of our State we do not accept the law Government has handed down and will not enforce it. We deem it unconstitutional.' This could be a states greatest asset to beating Big Government.

Nullification does not require any decision or action from any branch of the Government, nor does it require a court ruling and does not require permission from any person or institution outside of one's own State.
It can not be leagally repealed by Congress without amending the US Constitution, nor can it be overruled by the Supreme Court or abolished by any executive order.

The Government hopes people never hear of it because this ties their hands. 25 States over the past 2 years have enacted nullification over the real ID Act. It has also been imposed by many states for the sale of medical marijuana. None of these states have been persecuted, the Gov finally turned their back to it.

If the Gov did try to stop a State from nullifing, they could send agents in to uphold the law. If that happened a State could have County Sheriffs require Federal Agents to have written permission before acting in their County.
Washington would then have to consider if the agents going in would uphold the order and punish people for imposing their Constitutional Rights. Many of them could ignore the order because they believe the same way we do. If enough States nullify, the Gov does not have the manpower to cover the order.

This would place Gov in a position where they would have only one way to enact it that would be to bring in Interpol. In Dec. of 2009, Obama enacted an executive order giving Interpol power over all law enforcement agencies, FBI and Congress.
Interpol is the world police. He gave them a free hand over us. They can not be questioned and do not have to show any records they acquire. They have the power to take your home or business without repercussions. If you would like to view more info on this scroll down to my article, 'Death To The Constitution,' Click the links given at the bottom to view what they could do. Although this is just a 'could be' of what could happen it does not mean it is inevitable.
If it did happen then we have surpassed Socialism and embedded Dictatorship into our Country.

Learn more on nullification by clicking on to the Tenth Amendment Center, they are an excellent website.