Thursday, July 15, 2010

Will Blood Run Deep On American Soil?

As America awakes to a growing number of problems facing our country, it appears little concern is being shown by this administration or Obama himself . With elections in November coming closer you would think Dems facing large losses in the House and Senate would be pushing jobs and economy on a large scale.
This does not seem to be the case. Many continue to sit back doing nothing while their poll numbers drop at a rapid pace.

Could there be an interior motive behind their thinking? I am not the one to answer yes or no to this question. Read some  of the events leading up to the November elections, then draw your own conclusions.

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) formed in 1989 in Dallas, TX. by Aaron Michaels has emerged, their logo is 'Freedom or Death.'
Malik Zulu Shabazz is now the chairperson for the group. He is a left wing radical who hates white people. On an interview with Michelle Malkin, he calls her a Political Prostitute for Bill O'Reilly.

King Samir Sabazz, leader of the Philadelphia Chapter of the NBPP has stated on video "I hate all white people and we are going to have to kill crackers and their babies. All blacks must prepare for war." This is the same person shown at the polls in Philadelphia carrying clubs and intimidating voters. The men were found guilty of the crime and later released by Erick Holder and Obama. His punishment was that he could not be at another poll site until the year 2012. The links of these videos will be displayed at the bottom of this article.

.... I wonder why that year sticks in our heads? ... I remember now, that's when Obama comes up for re-election!

The New Black Panthers have formulated a way on Face book where any comment you post on your wall that contains the word 'black' or 'black panther' goes straight their group page and is posted. While on the site many derogatory statements were made. Radical Richard answered many of them. Within 30 minutes the replies were removed. It is believed by many this was a ploy to intimidate people. Some of the statements I read, shows their strategy was not working. People are fighting back.

They are holding a Hate Crime March July 17th in Newberry, South Carolina. This is over an incident where a 30 year old black man, Anthony Hall, was dragged 10 miles to this death by a pickup truck driven by Gregory Collins, age 19, white. Collins is in custody for the murder, the NBPP wants him charged with a Hate Crime.

Now let's look at Part II of the possible conspiracy:

Obama and his administration is pushing to legalize all illegals. They have enacted a lawsuit against the State of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer (Az-R) to stop SB 1070 and are looking at a second lawsuit.

By pushing amnesty through before the November elections Obama could receive 75% of their votes. He continues to allow drug cartels and their runners to cross the Mexican/American border. Nothing has been enacted on his part to stop the violence. If he ever sends the 1200 troops as he promised they are only allowed to observe.

Part III of the possible conspiracy:
While oil continues to spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Obama states to America he has been on it since day one. He is now pulling away from his many golf games and campaigning in order to take his 3rd vacation since the disaster began. He continues to impose moratoriums on drilling although a Federal Judge has overruled his first one. This would put many coastal employees and businesses out of work creating mass losses for southern states affected by the spill.

Republican Alan Simpson and Democrat Erskine Bowles heads of Obama's National Debt Commission say the 2.53 trillion dollar deficit created this year will destroy America like a cancer from within. Obama has created the largest one day deficit of any past administrations.

At the G-20 Summit he pushed his agenda to spend, spend and spend in order to stop world inflation. This was opposed by many countries.

The picture we have drawn lists only a few of Obama's radicalism which has created a mass of confusion before the November elections.

 Now let's look at how this could all sum  up.

Dems know they will loose big this year. Obama knows he is looking at being a one term President. This being the case something drastic has to occur.

In December of last year while everyone was sleeping Obama enacted an  Executive Order allowing Interpol into the US as the World Police. He gave them power over the FBI and CIA. Not even the Senate can go above their heads.
He enacted a new Hate Crime Law. Although it appears the New Black Panthers, illegals and terrorists are all above this law. Innocent people and Tea Party Participants can be held accountable.

If Obama could insight riots before the elections he could enact another Executive Order to hold off  the November vote,

Knowing the Southern states are armed heavy and Texas more than most , this would be a good place to start. With the NBPP office in Dallas, Tx. this could make the setting of a large revolution. If this happened Obama could say we have a major outbreak of violence across the country and feels the elections should be cancelled until it ends.
It would be at his discretion when they should commence.

If the Hispanics took up the fight it could begin another Civil War. This would allow Obama to call in Interpol in order to stop it because our military by oath can not fire upon another American.
If this did happen Obama would have the power to cut off the Internet, any TV stations speaking against him or any group or gathering he felt was resisting. This would open every door for him to bring socialism in and set up  the new world government.

The original Black Panthers say they are not affiliated with the NBPP. They say the new party is illegal and considered a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Through New Black Panther Hate Groups, drug cartels crossing our borders and government showing no intention of stopping it, should be a call for all Honest Americans to come to arms. Though we are peace loving people, we can not continue as we are, while our rights are being violated by an unscrupulous group of Far Left Extremists. If this administration who made the new rules on hate crime continue to ignore threats on innocent people we will be forced to take the matter up ourselves. Although I hope it does not come to this at the threat of our children's lives, I believe we have to fight fire with fire.

I am not saying this will happen, I am just saying be prepared. For the sake of our children, grandchildren and future Americans we can not stand by and let radical racists intimidate us. Racism had almost disappeared until this administration took over.

Please view the videos posted on Michelle Malkin's blog:

God Bless All Peaceful Freedom-Loving Americans and to hell with the rest of them.
I would like to hear your views on this.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard