Wednesday, July 25, 2012

U. N. - A Hooker A Day Keeps The Doctors In Pay

America has prevailed on what our forefathers built this great Country upon. The hope of owning a home, car or having hope for a family is quickly fading. Thanks to the Pagan values of the United Nations, Obama administration, and Liberals the outlook for prosperity along with freedom is becoming a dream of years gone by.

The U. N. Council is now asking the world to allow prostitution along with drug use for those who impose no threat with drugs to be legalized. What is worse the countries funding this are Canada, Norway, Australia (through USDA), the United States and of course George Soros.

This is being done in the name of hope for those infected with HIV and is believed to be a great cure for the disease because doctors and medical personnel can monitor it easily. Those on drugs would be able to take their needles back and turn them in for clean ones. In my opinion it is nothing more than a way to infiltrate countries leading them in the direction of Socialism, Communism and Dictatorship.

Governor Romney on a 6 day trip told Israel Leaders they deserve better than to receive threats, accusations and insults from the U. N. and Free World. Obama is very fond of lecturing Israel Leaders as to how they should run their country. What was once a strong ally to the U. S. is becoming a country plagued by the evils of leaders who devalue their religion along with their very existence and freedom.

I say take the U. N. out of America and revert back to the values of God, Country and Family.

The United Nations has become a world organization degrading our Constitution along with forcing us to devalue what we stand for. They believe in a one world power, one world currency and one world policies.

I say get rid of the pagans so we can move on with our lives.
Don't accept what the Libs are trying to feed us, they care nothing about your future. 

You have heard my opinion - Now let me hear yours.


Radical Richard