Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Ray Of Hope

The voice of the American people is being heard in Washington thanks to the courage voters in Mass. After 48 years of being a Democratic state, they have said this is enough. Scott Brown's victory over Martha Coakley was a vote heard across our Nation.
Scott Brown an Independent running on the Republican ticket came up in the polls overnight, taking the Senate seat.
This gave us back a two party vote in the Senate, which we have not seen in a year.
Because of Obama's broken campaign promises arrogance and greed we have not seen an honest vote go through the house or Senate. What we have seen in his first year is
  • Promises to transform America
  • Redistribute the wealth
  • Gov Health Care shoved down our throat
  • Closed door hearings and meetings
  • Acorn continuing to get money in spite of voter fraud and attempted prostitution
  • Black Panthers set free for threatening voters at polls
  • Attempting to stop the Tea Party Movement
  • Stimulus money doing nonething
  • Trying to stop E-Verify
  • Trying to take away our guns by imposing higher taxes on ammunition
  • Bowing to Muslims
  • Trying to close Gitmo
  • Trying the terrorists in the US rather than by a Military Tribune.
  • He has also enacted Interpol, an organization above our Government Law Enforcement and our Constitution.
  • He has stated to foreign Nations we are no longer a religious Nation and has spent millions of dollars flying his entourage to Copenhagen to address Climate Change.
  • Obama still plays the blame game rather than step up to the plate and accept responsibility.
  • He has surrounded himself with corrupt Czars such as: Van Jones a known Communist; tax evaders who have control of our money and people who work for our rights to be taken away.
  • He also accepted a Nobel Peace Price for accomplishments he never achieved.
His first year in office has been a legacy for greed and corruption. I guess it is only fair that I should also list his accomplishments while in office.
In one year. along with Pelosi, Reid, Barney and others he managed to turn the voters against him, thus giving us back our country. I will always thank him for this because I believe in 2010 we will be able to give the power back to the people.
A great leader is built on the concern he shows for the people he leads. I hope obama can see this some day and stand up to the responsibility he was voted into office for.
The people spoke in Mass. and in November will speak again.

Freedom Fighter