Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Great American Lie

The unanswered question about Obama being a legal citizen of America draws more fire.

The puzzle is now coming together showing a cover-up by the State of Hawaii and by Obama himself.
Tension mounts against the possibility that the man leading our Country could be a fake If proven this would make every bill he signed null and void.

Governor Neil Abercrombie (D-Hi) stated in an interview that a long form, hospital generated birth certificate for Obama may not exist in the Hawaii Department of Health. He stated he was continuing to search the records because it could hurt Obama's chances of re-election in 2012. The governor is known as a die in the wool Democrat who supports everything Obama does. He said it exists in the archives written down.

WND documented the address of the birth announcements was the home Obama's grandparents. The birth records in the archives could have come from the grandparents registering the birth in Hawaii which would create a newspaper release even if a long form birth certificate did not exist. The only form we have seen at this time was a live birth certificate shown in 2008 when Obama was elected. This could have been done in Hawaii by the grandparents even if Obama was foreign-born.

The two websites showing the live birth certificates are very biased for Obama.

At the end of an interview Abercrombie was holding, a newspaper person said, "You stirred up a controversy about birthers concerning your release of more info. How is that coming?"
His response was, "The certificate will have political implications in the next elections, we can not have that."

Reading this makes me ask where does honesty step in. If a leader can not show his papers why should he or she hold office?

Maybe Congress should pass a law for 2012 that anyone running for office will have to show their complete set of records. Of course this could mean Obama would have to bow out.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard