Friday, April 30, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law

Arizona's new law SB 1070 is creating an outbreak across America. Sen John McCain approached Janet Napolitano requesting the National Guards to be brought to the Arizona border to help fight drug cartels and illegals from entering the state. Knowing Obama's feelings concerning giving illegals citizenship nothing was accomplished. She stated on television that she thought the border is as safe now as it was when she was governor.

Governor Jan Brewer said Enough is enough! If D.C. will not help us then we will help ourselves. 70% of Arizonans agreed with her so the law was signed. It will be 90 days before it is imposed. Az is the 2nd largest place in the world for people to be kidnapped and I believe number one in the U.S.

Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West has told the residents of Fort Hancock, Texas to arm themselves because he does not have enough officers to protect them.

Gov Jim Gibbons (R-Nv) said "Racial profiling should be for terrorism. If you come across as a bad person, you're going to do harm to our citizens, whether it is dealing drugs, commit crime or commit a terrorist act. Absolutely we ought to profile everybody that looks like a terrorist."

Some states are boycotting Az., such as California (Los Angeles) and Florida are telling people not to hold conventions there. A Washington council meets next week calling on city governments to boycott Arizona.

Sen McCain said on Hannity Sunday night people are calling for the burning of Arizona if the law goes into effect.

Reading and hearing all this makes me wonder if people have become so afraid it is impairing their judgement. When the government will not step up and help True American Citizens in danger we have lost everything our Country fought for.
Our laws elaborate that you can not be in this country illegally. That being the case then I believe these people are breaking the law and should be dealt with accordingly. Why would anyone be opposed to showing their ID knowing it could protect them and their families? It is time we stood up to lawmakers saying if you won't help us we will. This one sided administration we have now is for nothing more than imposing a radical agenda against us.

As for me if someone tries to break into my home intending harm, I will protect my family by every means I can.
As for Arizona's new law all I can say is Godspeed ahead. I would go to hell and back to protect my border state of Texas.

Read the Bill SB 1070

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