Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obamas EOs In 2012 Could Be The Fall Of Capitalism

Obama has said, "We can't afford to let politics stand in the way of a well functioning government."
Nancy Pelosi said "We have legislative tricks to get health care through."
She has also stated "if we can't go through the gate we will go under, climb over or parachute in, but we will have it."

Comments like those do not sound like a government working for the people. They sound more like an administration trying to take over our Country. To me these comments do not sound like Socialism but more like Communism.

The above statements were blogged by me nearly 2 years ago as I watched the radical movement of Liberals. It is amazing how true the words are today as we watch Obama's "Fundamental Change" coming to the United States.

Watching Obama's popularity fall as unemployment rises, raised many questions.
  1. What underhanded action does he have planned next.
  2. Will he resort to passing his will on us through the power of Executive Orders?
  3. Eric Holder was not the only one to impose "Fast & Furious." Could this be a way for Libs to take peoples mind off the upcoming election?
  4. Could the "Occupy Protesters" be the Libs Tea Party averting the insight of Capitalism into Socialism?
  5. If #4 was found true what could it do for Obama in the 2012 election?
As we begin to roll all this into one ball Patriots should take heed.

Protesters are now calling for revolution across the US. If this continues through 2012 and mass chaos breaks out this could be a way for Obama along with Liberals to retain office past 2012.
He could enact an Executive Order stating our Country is in a 'State of Emergency' and elections could be held up for the sake of Americans safety. This could enable him to control newsworks on radio, television, the Internet, all utilities, petroleum and Government spending. 

I am not saying this will happen. What I am saying is beware of the Liberal mind. In a time of loss their greed for power could hold no restraints to push their radical agenda through.

Patriots don't take anything for granted, we must prevail for the sake of our future. 

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard.