Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do Nothing Obama's Oil Plan: TALK, TALK, TALK

DAY 73 -  Obama continues to play with himself, (or should I us the term entertain his thoughts?) concerning the disaster plaguing the Gulf Coast.

His no action administration is running around in circles while nothing productive gets done.
It would be my guess he wakes every morning smiling, saying "How could you do this to us Bush?"

Seven foot waves curling at the top shows masses of oil being rolled and churned as the black death draws closer to the beaches. Hurricane Alex, a category 2 made landfall near  Brownsville, Tx., the eye hit farther south in Mexico. America is waiting to see the outcome of the damage that has been done to our coast and wetlands. One of the largest concerns is the mass of oil that wasn't above the water, but below the surface. Obama says this could be what we need to break up the oil. Environmentalists say not only will this impact the marshes and wildlife, it could create more financial problems for coastal residents.

About 70,000 turtle eggs are in jeopardy of being destroyed after hatching. Humanitarians are working to save the turtles by gathering the eggs 10 days before they hatch. They will incubate them and if successful release them on the East Coast. It is believed one in a thousand will survive. Coastal residents will have to turn off all lights when they are released, as the turtles follow the light of the moon and house lights will throw them off course.

This is just one example of how delicate the balance of nature is. Had preparation began on Day 1 of the spill billions of dollars could have been saved. Now that a major portion of the damage has been done Obama decides to accept the aid of 12 out of 30 countries offering to assist in the clean up.

Steve Scalise (R-La.) wanted to fly ten lawmakers to the Gulf in order to see the damage, House Democrats said no. The Republicans were going to use their office spending allowance to pay for the trip.
What a bunch of BS when Nancy Pelosi spends $18,000 a month for her office.

Drew Hammil, Pelosi's spokesman said everyone should see the result of 8 years of failed Bush Chaney energy policies. Get real Liberals, don't you know when to call a turd what it is? Why don't you stop all of your whining, get off your duffs and try to do something for the good of this country?

With the bleak veil of transparency I see now, unless Conservatives can turn this Nation around we will continue to be run off a cliff.

The oil spill clean up effort has been nothing but a joke since Day 1.
I believe this is nothing more than Obama trying to show the people we have to accept his Cap and Trade bill.

 He proves to be a leader of no integrity who speaks with a moron education.
Get out of the way Obama. You are nothing more than a thorn in America's side.
We have a saying in Texas: Rave on cat dung, someone will cover you up someday.

Again I say, Obama's Plan:  TALK, TALK, TALK. It is time to save the coast.
If you have not read last weeks blog, scroll down in order to read the possible conspiracy covering the oil spill.
I would like to hear your views.

Freedom Fighter