Saturday, December 31, 2011

Obama No Longer needs Congress In 2012 E Os Will Be His Answer

Honolulu (AP) says Obama calculated he no longer needs Congress in 2012 to promote his agenda. He could benefit in his re-election campaign if lawmakers accomplish little.

Don Stewart - spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) said, "It's disappointing that job creation, energy security, tax reform and preventing everyone's taxes from going up aren't on the presidents must do list."

Obama believes he can move forward with his campaign by using Executive Action (E O's to try boosting economy. There are no issues pressing him in 2012 that he feels are important. 

Josh Earnest said he will have a larger playing field . If that includes Congress all the better, but that is no longer a requirement. If all fails White House says he will focus exclusively on Executive Orders. Earnest said Obama will come out with 2 or 3 directives per week.

What does this mean for the working class? 
I believe Obamas greed for power surpasses his concern for the people. Once he no longer needs congress by using E O's he can easily promote his Socialist Agenda.

By using this power it doesn't mean that jobs matter any longer. He can blame it all on Congress. This is a tool he loves to use, look at President Bush. Obama cried for 3 years how everything was his fault. 
He could become the first president to be elected with an unemployment rate between 8 & 9 %.

The sad part Liberals seem to want his transformation. I can't figure out if they want everything free of if they care nothing for the future of their children and grand-children.

I hope I'm wrong but wonder if we are seeing the same transformation used by Hitler.

If Republican Contenders and Congress continue to fight one another all could be lost.
Socialism or worse could become the fate for America. I believe we are in for a wild ride in 2012. My only hope is voters on both sides will wake up to what is happening. Source

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Could A Government Imposed Holocaust Be America's Future?

Many people are seeing a movement crossing our Country which they say is nothing like what they have seen before.

A mother of three told me she now fears Big Gov more than the economy. By all rights with what I am seeing she should be worried.

As I have written before countries are lead into dictatorship by taking peoples guns away, stopping their food supply, silencing the opposition and forming a military large enough to control what government wants.

Could this happen to the U.S. - Let's look at some facts.

1.     The Middle East is uniting with Mexico planning an attack on the U.S. - One of the Iranians connected to the foiled plot to murder the Saudi ambassador in DC has been sent to Mexico. He has been ordered by the country special forces to recruit forces of the "Los Aetus" drug cartel
  • With government standing in the way of States securing our borders the infiltration into our Country from Mexico could be easily carried out.
  • If disruption broke out during election time Obama would have the power to stop the election until the problem was solved through and Executive Order (E.O). He  could then impose Martial Law.
  • All this comes at a time when government placed guns into cartels hands through Fast & Furious.
Obama has said in the past he wants a civilian military larger than ours.    Read More

2.     Martial Law - This can be done through an E.O., giving Obama the power to control all aspects of our lives. He can control the media, telephones, Internet, power plants etc. He could have citizens work under Federal supervision. He could allow FEMA to take control over all government agencies. Hitler turned Germany into a Nazi dictatorship through Executive Orders.     Read More

3.     FEMA Camps - This is a subject which has been debated for years. The movement of Interpol, The World Police, coming to the United States has many people alarmed. 
  • They have the power to siege what they want' without question. 
  • They have more power than any branch of our law enforcement, people are wondering why FEMA Camps are being built here. 
  • Who are they built to hold? This is a question you will have to answer for yourself. 
See for yourself, watch these videos:  
Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory:  Part One - Part Two - Part 3
Want Proof Foreign troops are here now?! Watch.
Martial Law? Pics of one Concentration Camp in America. Plus vehicles
Secret Obama New World Order Fema Martial Law Concentration Camps in America 2009-2012

4.     Why is this administration building more government jobs rather than creating jobs for the working class, such as the Keystone Pipeline? 
  • Why does Obama back Muslims, Atheists and the New Black Panther Movements over Christians and our Constitution? 
  • Why does Obama want  a Civilian Army larger than our military? 
  • Why won't he let us secure the borders? 
  • Is it possible when a person craves power they will go to any extent to hold on to it? 

I can not provide all the answers or want to be a Chicken Little running around yelling "the sky is falling." Each of us must decide for ourselves. I believe we are looking at a time the U.S. people have never had to deal with.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TLC Loosing Sponsors Over All-American Muslim Show

Patriots are winning a small battle today but one that could be of grave importance to the future of our Country.

The Muslim reality show on The Learning Channel is loosing sponsors in groves. The show is from Dearborn, Michigan depicting the idea Muslims are just like us. American people are seeing this to be propaganda. The Fordson High School football coach is a Muslim and requires the players to say a Muslim prayer before each game.
One program showed a Christian man converting to Islam in order to make the girls father happy.

To me this is a movement of hate for Westerners. Muslims will stone their women, cut their heads off and cut their genitals out if they see fit.
To me Muslims are a Godless bunch of people spewing their vile in every corner of the world

If one tells you he or she has converted ask the person to publicly denounce Islam and the Koran. Watch them squirm then.

The Conservative Florida Family Association is pushing for all sponsors to drop the show. They will automatically send an e-mail to all the sponsors. Feel free to share it as is or add your message at the bottom. I let them know exactly how I feel. 
Send your message -Help us in our fight to stop Muslim propaganda.

Here is a list of the sponsors who have backed out. Lowes, Dyson Vacuum, Diamond Foods, Estee Lauder, HTC Phones, McDonalds, Petsmart, Pfizer, Sears, Sonic, T-Mobile and Wal-Mart. 

Check here to see the list of sponsors currently supporting The ALL-American Muslim. Please note that since the airing of the Dec.5 show Lowes Home Improvement has bailed out and will not support the rest of the series.

You have heard my opinion - Now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Border Agents Killers Case Disappear From Federal Court Records

It appears Obama's desire to be a second term prez will stop at nothing.

While he needs the Latino vote along with Fast and Furious to disappear will he along with Liberals let our law enforcement go to prison for protecting our Country?

It appears that is the case
The case of the alleged killers of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry has vanished from the Federal Court records. The records have been sealed by a Federal Judge.

In May a federal indictment was won against Manuel Osorio-Arellanes and others. When the indictment came only Osorio's name could be read but others were blocked out.
Osorio was charged with second degree murder. He had been wounded in a gunfight which left Terry dead.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol said his agents are fed up at the lack of transparency in this case.

The assault rifles found at the scene were believed to be from Fast & Furious.

As odd as it may be a criminal investigation has been lost from public view.
Too many papers seem to be falling through the cracks. Will Obama along with his cronies let our border agents go to prison in their stupid quest for power.

My answer is yes with what I see trying to lead our Country now. Obama, Pelosi, Napolitano and Holder will go to any lengths to  look good while deceiving the people. I dread seeing what next year will be with an election coming up. The filth of what we see may be surprising.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Monday, November 14, 2011

All American Muslim TV Series Is Islam Propaganda

Being one who wants to know what Muslims are up to I watched The Learning Channel "All American Muslim" Sunday at 9pm CST. It's an 8 part series which depicts American Muslims as everyday people who work, laugh, and play the same as us.

The more I watched the angrier I became. They are not like us. Embedded in their mind remains the fall of Christianity. Their goal is to transform the world into Islam. The series showed Jeff McDermott, an Irish-American Catholic converting to the Islam faith in order to appease the fiance's father. In the background Jeffs mother was crying while questioning him. What Jeff might not realize is once you convert to Islam it is forever. If the marriage goes bad, under their law Jeff can be killed if he converts back to Catholicism. He had to give up his Catholic religion, denounce God and give his faith to Allah. He was surprised how easy it was to convert, but the show brought no attention to divorce.

Fouad Azban, a local high school coach made his team go from day practice to night in order to comply to the Ramadan fast.

To me this is not the way our children should be taught. We are a Nation built upon the concept that everyone is entitled to Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness. These people can smile in order to get their point across. Some might buy it but to me if they hold true to the Koran they are nothing more than Spawns from Hell. They will suck the blood life out of a country in the name of Allah then rebuild it to Islam standards.

I have seen no good Muslims only actors of the faith deceiving our traditions while waiting to impose their hate and vial belief on us. 

I can't believe TLC would allow such a show to air. To me it is like teaching our children the good of Communism. I still stand by my belief that Islam is of the Devil. Don't accept what they are trying to feed us. Protect your children from their radical ways. As for me I am not now nor ever will be Sharia compliant.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Read More Deception here
Radical Richard

Sunday, November 6, 2011

DC Protesters Draw First Blood - Obamas Army Is Here!

After Obama became pres. he said, America needs a Civilian Army larger than our Military. People questioned why anyone besides a Muslim dictator would make such a statement. We can now see what his goal was. An army of losers banding together in order to create anarchy.

They are closing ports, businesses, convention centers, urinating and defecating in streets, masturbating in public, etc.

At the DC Convention Centers Metro Station they blocked the entrancing by placing 2 children in harms way.  See Video

A father blocking a car placed his 13 year old daughter in front of it.

At a peaceful Tea Party event DC protesters forced entry into the Washington Convention Center (Fri Nov-4-2011) blocking cars with children. Some were injured.

Worst of all occupiers  attacked a 78 year old woman and pushed her down a flight of stairs. See Video

This is Obama and his Liberal Cronies way of leading our Country into chaos. I say it is time to fight back. We can not keep turning the other cheek when government and state officials keep turning their back on us. 

I do not instigate violence but I will by any lawful means protect my family and Country. Two years ago I was told by a Sheriff answering a call in my mobile home park, "if a person pulls a knife on you take it one step further. A person does have the right to protect themselves."

I have heard law officers along with Veterans discussing their concern over what is happening. Many say it is coming to the point we must answer the call. When protesters create a rebellion we must be ready. 

I have heard statements such as take gas to protesters as they sleep or distribute poisen laced pot and marijuana cookies to them. 

This is NOT the answer we should uphold. This would make us no better than the protesters. These people are Obamas and Radical Liberals cross to bear. For every action there is a reaction, it can go good or bad.

Protesters: Don't start something you can't stop. Many of you are young and have your full life ahead of you, don't give it up for stupidity.
When people have had enough you will see their reaction and I don't think you will like it.

Be proud Obama and followers see what you have created.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Sources: Examiner 
Radical Richard.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Obama Sends Law Enforcement Officers To Prison For Doing Their Job

Under Obama along with his Destroy America Administration law enforcement officers can now go to prison for upholding the law.

Border Agent Jesus  E. Diaz was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury and sentenced to two years in prison. His crime was for lifting a teenager in handcuffs up by his arms. The Grand Jury called it unreasonable force.

The Eagle Pass, Texas Mexican Consulate said the boy was beaten and mistreated. No marks were found on him except from the backpack he was carrying containing 75 pounds of marijuana. The council was aware the teenager had claimed no injuries.

Diaz had been cleared by General and US Immigration and Customs of NO wrongdoing. Two years later Internal Affairs at US Customs & Border Protection in the Western District of Texas filed charges against Diaz. The council stated later that witnesses perjured themselves but it  was ignored.
Diaz a seven year veteran will now spend two years in prison for trying to uphold the law that protects United States Citizens.

In 2006 the Attorneys Office of the Western District of Texas filed charges on Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos for wounding an illegal after abandoning a van carrying 800 pounds of marijuana. The illegal, Aldrete--Davila, as with the Diaz case were given immunity to testify against the agents!

So now under Obama, law enforcement can go to prison if someone arrested says they had pain. This is a mockery of justice set forth by the Libs who will go to any extreme in order to see our country transformed. Read more

If this was just one case of Government tyranny that would be one thing 
but look at the whole picture:
  1. Napolitano lied to a House Judiciary Committee about Fast & Furious saying she learned about it in December of 2010. She helped launch the project in March of 2009.
  2. OWS donations are now tax deductible and has received $500,000. Tea Parties have not received the same privileges.
  3. Crack cocaine prisoners now being freed due to the Fair Sentencing act passed in 2012 and signed by Obama. Read more
Obama will go to no end in order to take this Country into Socialism or Dictatorship. We must go to extra lengths in order to keep our freedom. An old saying is:
"Fight Fire With Fire But Don't Break The Law."

Gaddafi, Hitler, Hussein along with other Dictators have been removed. 
I wonder under this administration if we will be lucky enough to see many more terrorist minded people gone? 
The time for action is now. 
Be ready for anything to happen in 2012. 
We are seeing the change we can believe in.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.
Radical Richard

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why Obama Could Be A Second Term President

When looking at the reality of  what is going on around us I can see how Obama could win a second term. Although Wall Street is backing away with their support dollars, unions and their thugs are pledging their support.

Thugs like Jimmy Hoffa, Jr have declared war on anyone opposing union power. Over the years unions have beat, killed and put small businesses out who wouldn't accept what they want.

Their power to keep people living in fear while lining the leaders pockets is the platform they build on.

This becomes a tool for Socialist Liberals along with Obama to retain another term. They have the money and power to call the vote. As Obama sees his ratings drop he begins to back the power players. Anyone who watches news can see the direction he is traveling.
  • Support unions, OWS protesters, Muslims and Acorn.
  • Borrow from China then give it back as aid. 
  • Support the Black Panthers at voting polls.
  • Break America with mandatory Health Care.
  • Enact Executive Orders to override Congress.
Put all this together and you can see the fundamental change he is creating.
He had the vote of many young people, blacks and Latinos in 2008 but seeing them leave his side fear sets in.

Plan B is to promise college students cheaper loans, ask blacks to continue standing by him and keep pushing open borders along with the Dream Act.

With all these working in his favor he sees his victory. 
Our only hope is Patriots will come out fighting with everything they have in 2012. 
This could be our last chance to retain freedom as we know it.

Don't depend on your friend or neighbor. Answer the call to fight with everything you can. It is not too late but the gate is closing quickly.

See a video on how unions maintain control. It is not pretty but true. Watch the Video then sign their petition to stop Union Thugs with the Freedom from Union Violence Act.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours

Radical Richard

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obamas EOs In 2012 Could Be The Fall Of Capitalism

Obama has said, "We can't afford to let politics stand in the way of a well functioning government."
Nancy Pelosi said "We have legislative tricks to get health care through."
She has also stated "if we can't go through the gate we will go under, climb over or parachute in, but we will have it."

Comments like those do not sound like a government working for the people. They sound more like an administration trying to take over our Country. To me these comments do not sound like Socialism but more like Communism.

The above statements were blogged by me nearly 2 years ago as I watched the radical movement of Liberals. It is amazing how true the words are today as we watch Obama's "Fundamental Change" coming to the United States.

Watching Obama's popularity fall as unemployment rises, raised many questions.
  1. What underhanded action does he have planned next.
  2. Will he resort to passing his will on us through the power of Executive Orders?
  3. Eric Holder was not the only one to impose "Fast & Furious." Could this be a way for Libs to take peoples mind off the upcoming election?
  4. Could the "Occupy Protesters" be the Libs Tea Party averting the insight of Capitalism into Socialism?
  5. If #4 was found true what could it do for Obama in the 2012 election?
As we begin to roll all this into one ball Patriots should take heed.

Protesters are now calling for revolution across the US. If this continues through 2012 and mass chaos breaks out this could be a way for Obama along with Liberals to retain office past 2012.
He could enact an Executive Order stating our Country is in a 'State of Emergency' and elections could be held up for the sake of Americans safety. This could enable him to control newsworks on radio, television, the Internet, all utilities, petroleum and Government spending. 

I am not saying this will happen. What I am saying is beware of the Liberal mind. In a time of loss their greed for power could hold no restraints to push their radical agenda through.

Patriots don't take anything for granted, we must prevail for the sake of our future. 

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fast And Furious Brings Left And Right Together

This Act of Terrorism from our appointed leaders could turn into 
the Obama Watergate.

Ten Arizona Sheriffs, five Democrats and 5 Republicans, stood together calling for the president to launch an investigation for Attorney General Eric holder. They ask he step down or be fired.
They stated Holder along with anyone who has knowledge of the 2,000 guns going to Mexico should be responsible for a criminal act.

Sheriff Larry Dever said We're here to defend America against Cartels. Our own government is complicit in helping them conduct that business is offensive to us.

Sheriff Paul Babeu said Brian Terry's family hearts are broken. They want the truth but haven't been given it.

Two of the guns used to kill US citizens were from Fast & Furious.

In a press conference Obama said Holder had his full confidence but would not address accusations that Holder perjured himself.

It is time the people stand against the stench of Liberals trying to take away what our Country was built upon.

If we can not find honesty in the White House or with the Attorney General Where do we turn? 

Let's take back our God given rights embedded in our Constitution.

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Radical Muslims By Any Other Name Is Still Spelled Crap

It has come time to treat garbage like what it is more garbage.

If Muslims believe in female genital mutilation, stoning, torture, rape, multiple wives, killing Westerners, beheading and forcing their daughters to marry older men, then let's turn the tables and do unto them.

If they believe what they are doing is right then why shouldn't we have the right to cut their nuts off or behead the useless bastards?

Banay Mahmod was killed in Britain in 2006. Her father and uncle called it an honor killing. They stuffed her body into a suitcase then buried it in a London garden.
Before killing , her 2 cousins along with other Muslim men tortured raped and beat her.

Is this what we have to look forward to when letting Muslims enter our Country?

I believe if freedom is to prevail we have to stand up for what we were built upon. If this is the way they elect to live then let's play by their rules. A piece of CRAP can be called by many names, but like Koran believing Muslims it is still the same, a pile of useless CRAP!

There are good reformed Muslims but they are far and few between.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.
Radical Richard

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obama's Ponzi Scheme Plaguing America

Is Obama staging more financial down fall for our Country or is he playing a game of fools golf without any balls?
It appears his leadership is like a game of golf where you call any shot you want.

Come on Liberals, someone step forward and give this man some balls to play with. I am sure you could help, Nancy.

Obama's Green Ponzi Scam seems to be never ending. After President Bush said NO to Solyndra Industries who manufactures solar panels, Obama gave them $535 million of tax payers money. He toots his horn to America stating it will create 4,000 new jobs. Representative Cliff Stearns (R-Fl) said after the Obama administration took over the stimulus package from the Bush administration the Solyndra deal was pushed through. 

In August of this year the company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy laying off their 1,100 workers and leaving taxpayers on the hook for over 1/2 billion dollars.

This is not the only solar company to go belly up after receiving taxpayer bail-outs.
  • Evergreen Solar Inc. received $5.3 million is now  bankrupt stating they can not compete with China.
  • Spectra Watt in New Jersey received $500,000 in bailout only to go belly up. Spectra Watt was one of 13 companies to receive the money without changing current manufacturing processes.
China Development Bank offered $30 billion to Chines Solar Company. This is 20 times more than U.S. backed loans.

Whitehouse spokesman, Jay Carney, said the U.S. is on track to double its renewable energy production in 2012. Read more at Fox News  

We are now dealing with 14 new green green loans by the end of the month!
Wake up Obama! Is this your new scheme to put Americans back to work? It also seems funny many of these companies sponsored your 2008 campaign.

We the common people are not stupid. Let us drill for oil and natural gas. Have your wife stop telling us what to eat until she heeds her own words. You received a Nobel prize for something good you might do. When in the Hell are you going to do it? Don't take another 1/2 trillion of our money and throw it down the drain.
Our Children Can Not Afford It!

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Childrens Legacy

If we continue to follow the same path our leaders are taking us down the legacy our children will face will read, R. I. P.

A free nation can not exist without concerned leadership, true education,m people working together and the divine belief of a superior being who teaches peace.

  • Atheists have taken God away from our children while the Muslims goal is to kill all Western infidels. China's goal is to own our country then lead us into communism. Obama's along with Liberals belief is to redistribute the wealth then lead us into Socialism. In order to achieve their goal they are working with all of the above.
  • We are giving foreign aid (tax payers dollars) to countries who own over $30 billion of our Country. 
  • Our deficit has reached its limit while Obama asks for over $2 trillion more without cutting our budget.
  • We have 16 million people who have lost jobs while liberals continue to extend unemployment.
  • The committee for the War On Drugs say we have lost and should give in.
  • Charlie Rangel says the U.S. is a great Country so why not keep spending big.
  • Government has spent half a million dollars to study the reaction of shrimp on a treadmill.
  • We have been infiltrated by illegals from Mexico while Obama fights to keep our borders open.
  • Muslims are given tax payers dollars to build mosques in order to teach people to kill us in the name of Allah. 
  • Home sales in the US have reached an all time low, yet are selling good in DC.
Black Americans state they have made the biggest change of anyone in history. What about the American Indians who lost the Country they were born in? Is the US building Uncle Sam's Plantation in order to appease the blacks?

Our money is going to un-licensed hair braiding schools, consisting of 1,000 hours hours because some blacks claim un-braided people will go blind.

Yes our Country is seeing true change happen. 
  • Unemployment continues to rise while our National debt does the same.
  • 24% of home owners owe more than their homes are worth. 
  • Six out of ten school students can not tell you who our first president was.  
  • 44.5 million people are now on food stamps, the highest in history.
While the facts hit us in the face every day, we appear to stay blinded.
Education and job creation is the only hope for the future, let's hope we can once again see it. If we continue in the direction we are going free America will be lost. Freedom can only exist when the will of the people is heard and not the greed of Big Government.

My hope for the future is to see my children and grandchildren have the same opportunities I had as a young man.

I will not be posting on this blog site or under Radical Richard's Corner for awhile due to business matters I am attending to I would like to thank all of you for the support you have shown and look forward to sharing our opinions in the future. Let us stand proud and keep the bells of freedom Ringing. God Bless America.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Monday, May 23, 2011

Conservative - Liberal - Muslim - Socialist Where Does Obama Stand?

Obama's ratings are dropping quickly as a leader for our Country.

He is now being labeled the "Food Stamp President." We have 1 in 6 families on food stamps.

Workers are loosing hope he will bring jobs back to our Country. People see mountains of tax payer money going overseas to create jobs while our workers do without.

Many people have gone two-and-a-half to three years living on unemployment. They have reached the point they expect the government to continue supporting them or many will resort to crime. The backbone of our Country was built upon is quickly fading.

Obama begins his six day vacation...I mean political trip to Europe. He will start off in Ireland visiting Dublin where his great-great grandfather lived. America is wondering why our debt is increasing under his leadership.

Foreign aid is going overseas to help rebuild Mosques, help flood victims, rebuild earth-quake ravished countries, etc while our people face destruction.

The Morganza Spillway has been opened for the fist time in 38 years, flooding one to three-thousand square miles of farm land. The water could rise to 25 feet in some areas. This will place more people out of work while raising food and other commodity prices.

Why should our money be going to help Radical Muslim Terrorists repair and build their Mosques? How long does Obama think he can keep buying their friendship?

To make matters worse he tells one of our biggest allies, Israel, they should return to their 1967 borders. Where is this man's mind coming from? Should we give up everything we have gained in order to appease his way to Socialism?
He tells Israel to secure their borders while leaving ours wide open.

Illegals and foreigners can burn our flag, yet we commit a crime when we burn theirs.

In my opinion Obama and Liberals are slicing the throats of our young people while sending our Country into Hell.!

Hitler, Stalin, Hussein along with Bin Laden have been stopped...Where is our Justice?

Our vote in 2012 will tell which direction our Nation will go.

Six in ten high school students when asked who the the first President was could not answer correctly. It is sad to say but too bad they can't remember who one more was.

Let us hope we can lower our debt while voting the do nothing rinos out on both sides.

Contrary to Liberal, foreign, Communist or Socialist beliefs America is still the "Land of Milk and Honey." We must let the Bells of Freedom ring or we will give in to the many avenues of terrorism which now plague our Country.

You have heard my opinion, Now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones - Preacher, Politician or What?

Terry Jones Pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida and founder of Stand Up America, Florida spoke at a rally in Amarillo, Texas Sunday May 8.,

Jones has been known as a radical for his views on the burning of the Koran along with his views pertaining to abortion and homosexuality.
Many of his speeches have been met with hostility across the United States. People have thrown bottles of urine at him while claiming him to be a spawn of Satan.

During a private interview with him before the rally I was able to find out more about what the man stands for. You can view the pictures of the rally and the interview on the links below. We will also  be doing a live internet radio show Tues. May 10th at 9 PM EST with Jim on FreedomFighterRadio.  Call-ins are most welcome, let us hear your views. 

Arriving in Amarillo in the RFA motor coach we were greeted with a collage of police officers. They were very helpful and polite. Anticipation grew as we awaited the arrival and interview of Reverend Jones. (Audio problems - interview will be posted Wed.)
We wondered if we were going to meet a lunatic who proclaimed hate across the country or what. When he a arrived along with Wayne Sapp, we were amazed at their professional manor and politeness as we greeted one another. After a few formalities were exchanged we sat down for the interview. I had 10 questions to ask pertaining to his past association with the Westboro Baptist Church, who protests service men and women's deaths, to if his movement was still leading people to Christ.
He answered each question without hesitation. I began to take another look at the mans views. 

Being raised in Amarillo, he reminded me of the Hellfire and Brimstone preachers I used to listen to as a kid. What he spoke of pertained to nothing more than what is written in the Bible.
He spoke of what Preachers stated years ago but seem to be afraid to speak of today for fear of offending people.

After the interview Deanie and I walked over to the protesters to introduce ourselves. We were greeted with respect as they explained their point of view. We were soon to learn the protest was more against an upcoming mayoral election than Mr Jones.

Pastor David Grisham who sponsored the rally along with his organization Repent Amarillo, is also running for Mayor and was the center of the protest. Read more about him on Rednecks For Americans 
I spoke with him the next morning. He is  a pastor for Repent Amarillo who believes Christians are turning away from what their objective should be. He is an interesting man worth listening to.
As Dr. Jones began his speech the protesters started to protest loudly. A gay mayoral candidate named Fred E. Dunaway, now going by the name of Sandra Dunn dressed in drag walked up as we were doing an interview with Channel 10 news. Read more about him on the members page at Rednecks For Americans.
As Mr. Jones continued to speak on burning the Koran, abortion and homosexuality some of the protesters began moving closer to the police Line yelling "You lie, go home, get the hell out of Amarillo and take David with you.
The police moved in quickly making sure the rally did not get out of hand.

Listening to Dr. Jones speak I could find nothing he said to be out of place. His words were harsh, but to the point. When controversy broke out on his abortion views,Dr. Jones asked the protesters to go to Houston with him Monday then view how many babies would be killed before getting a chance to have a life. He explained to them how it was a  woman's right to cut off her arm or leg but not end a human life.

On the Koran he spoke of the atrocities against women and children. He stated how radical muslims were imposing Jihad against us in the name of peace. 

Ending his speech he spoke to one of the protesters over the roar of the crowd while police moved in.

The rally ended peaceful with only one arrest. Read about it on Radical Richard's Corner at Rednecks For Americans.

As to what  Dr. Jones spoke on I would back him. As with anyone else I don't agree with everything he stands for but I do wish more Pastors and people had the courage to stand up for their beliefs as he does. This could be the way to awaken our young people as to where America is going.
He told me that while he was at breakfast Sunday morning he was approached by a woman asking if he was Terry Jones. After answering her, she stated he would burn in Hell along with Bin Laden.

Leaving the rally many of the protesters waved and honked  at us.

For the sake of our young let us hope more people can stand up 
for what America was built upon. 

You have heard my opinion let me hear yours.
Hear Dr. Jones' speech here.
Radical Richard

Monday, May 2, 2011

Headline News - Rot In Hell Bin Laden Dead

A cry of joy rings out across the US, Osama Bin Laden is dead!

The instigator of 911 for the murder of over 3,000 Americans is buried at sea. The question now is what comes next?

Will the upcoming retaliation be addressed by our leaders in a positive way or will it become another war which we don't call a war such as the Middle East?

Without a doubt justice has been done. The worry we now face is will Obama who wants to close Gitmo and supports Muslim Mosques around the world have the courage to stand up to the events ahead of us. For two and a half years we have not seen leadership come from this man. At a time when we seek positive leadership I shudder to think about what we have leading the parade. We have seen him bow to our enemies, while condemning our allies. He claims he will pull our troops out of battle this year. Will that leave us with open borders where AlQaeda can run rampant? Will this be what terrorists across the world is waiting for? I don't know the answers nor does anyone else. 

I do know and  believe in the saying for every action there is a reaction. The action has been put into motion, we now wait to see the reaction

One can only hope that we will see enough leadership to perpetuate the end of what has gone on for almost ten years. A Scum-Bag is dead and rightly so but don't count our chickens before they hatch.

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor a victory cry went across their country. The victory ended when they saw the reaction which ended in death and destruction to their country.

America is a great country lets hope we will continue to stand up for what our 
Forefathers laid out in the Constitution.
Pray for peace it's not free. 

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Monday, April 25, 2011

Does Obama Hate America?

The controversy goes on...Obama, the self-pro-claimed Messiah...Obama the next Hitler. What is in store for our future? Will Big Government control every part of our life or will we find the land of milk and honey?

Let's explore a few simple facts.

  • Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis) has laid out a bill which would cut the deficit by 6.2 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. It would mean everyone pitching in and giving up something. This sounds harsh but to put the country back on track it would mean a future for our young people.
  • Obama and his cronies are appalled over such a bill. They believe we should spend, spend, spend.
  • Obama has laid out a bill which would cut 4 trillion dollars in 12 years. His bill includes cutting health care, but not Obamacare. 
  • He wants cuts in the defense system and raising taxes over a trillion dollars. 
  • He wants to keep funding planned parent hood which is killing babies while promoting prostitution. 
  • He wants to fund Acorn who promotes prostitution along with voter fraud. The worst sentence Acorn can get for voter fraud is a $5,000 fine. I bet Liberals would fund that everywhere.

Obama wants to continue foreign aid such as helping build and repair Mosques. It makes me wonder why he wants to have our tax money gong to people who call us infidels and want to kill us. Could it have something to do with what he wrote in his book saying if Americans went against Muslims he would stand by the Muslims. What a vote of confidence that sends out to America.
He sends billions to  Brazil to drill for oil while our workers strive to feed their families and keep their homes. His statement to the President of Brazil is we will be her best customers.

All this doesn't make sense, why does he hate prosperity for this country? Is the Liberal idea to ruin the future for our kids or do they really believe Socialism is the way to go?
God help America if stupid people can't be stopped.

Many people ask what can we do to drop our deficit?
Let's look at  just a few items then you make your decision. If you have other ways let me hear them on the comments below.
  1. Stop foreign aid in many cases.
  2. Stop wasteful pork.
  3. De-fund Fannie and Freddie Macks.
  4. De-fund Planned Parenthood.
  5. De-fund Acorn.
  6. Put a tax on imports as other countries do to us.
  7. Start a fair tax so druggies, prostitutes and Congress people pay the same as we do.
  8. Stop bailouts, go back to the system business solves their own problems.
  9. Stop Obamacare.
  10. De-fund Obama along with his children's snow cone run ideas.
The time has come we need true leadership and not a bunch of Obamas Pelosis and Reids. If Republicans won't fight for us then get them the hell out also. This could be our last chance before it is too late.

You have heard my opinion - now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Friday, March 25, 2011

How Much More Can America Give?

We are already fighting 2 wars and possibly 3 if anyone can figure it out.

The U.N declares a 'No Fly Zone' over Libya. France, the U.K.  and the U.S. answer the call. 

No one knows what the outcome will be, where we are going, who is in charge or what the next step should be. One person says we must take Gadaffi out while another says that is not the purpose.

Obama says let's get it on then takes his family on vacation. He does not confront the Senate or American people, we are left holding the bag. Now after taking the lead he says we need to back out. His stupidity reminds you of the handling of health care, the oil spill, Japan etc. We should not be engaged in another country's civil war.

We can call it humanitarian or what ever but who wins? The rebels are terrorists, so do we help the Muslim Brotherhood or do we say what the heck let Gadaffi go back in?

While in Brazil Obama tells the President what a great job her country is doing. He said America will be their best customer in buying oil then pledges $2 billion of tax payer money to boost their production of oil.
Meanwhile America can't drill  at a time when we need jobs in the worst way. Food, clothing, gas, etc. prices are rising at alarming rates.

In the mean time Jimmy Carter is leaving for North Korea next month. He says women, children and the elderly are starving because of the floods. Who cares, they hate us as much as the Middle East does.

It is time we show compassion for our people. Humanitarian aide should begin here not to people vowing to kill us. If they can not comply to peaceful standards, I say let them starve or whatever. We are not the world's overseers.

My children and grandchildren mean more  to me than some Muslim or North Korean who wants to see us dead.

Wake up Obama and Liberals. It is time to understand our Country craves leadership, not stupidity or Socialism. Let's work together so we can once again hear the bells of freedom ring.

You have heard my opinion, not let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The 3 Little Pigs - Obama - Pelosi & Reid

As the story begins we see three greedy pigs rutting through the Constitution looking for every way to destroy it. Their renown deceit will be taught for years to come.

The first pig who gobbles up all the Countries prosperity gives advice to the other two who came to him:
"Beware my friends the Conservatives are the wolves. 
Their aim is to destroy us but we will prepare for them."

So to the second pig, who was a sow, he told to go build her home out of lies because under his leadership she would be safe. To third pig who was an old boar he told to build his home upon the ignorance of the people.

The first pig who was the leader of B. S. built his house upon arrogance expecting his free ride to go on forever. He explained how they were really sheep who could be led to the slaughter house with ease.
But then the plot thickens as the 2010 elections came along. The pigs shudder in fear as they see the wolves rocking their homes back and forth. They run to the first pig asking what to do. His reply was, "Hell, I don't know. Let's go play a round of golf, it will be okay."

The wolves began taking their money away throwing them in a turmoil. They then headed to the third pigs house. With the Constitution in hand and the perception of Liberty they huff and puff and blow his house down.

The boar runs to the sows house squealing, "Get ready - the wolves are coming." When the wolves arrive they see the lies her house was built upon. With the power of truth, knowledge and education they blow her house down.

As the three pigs huddle in their leaders home cowering with fear the Tea Party buses show up along with hundreds of wolves. That house falls from all the squealing inside. The wolves circle around them. The pigs knew they were goners... but after one taste the wolves spit them out because they were too nasty to eat. After much debate the wolves decided to give them to the Muslims.

The moral of this story is: Don't cast your pearls among swine. Stand up for God, Country, Family and what America was built upon.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wisconson Unions Declare Death Threats On Republican Leaders

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker along with Republican State Senators say enough is enough. It is time for our cowardly Democrats to come home and do their jobs. For three weeks Dems have been hiding in Illinois in order not to have a vote taken pertaining to collective bargaining.

While Walker is trying to lower the state budget unions are trying to continue their brazen Chicago methods of power threats.
Union protesters have already caused over 7 million dollars of damage to the State Capital building. Live rounds of ammunition have been found outside on the grounds.

Thursday evening Republicans found a loophole enabling them to pass the vote without the one necessary Democrat being present. This outraged Democrats and Unions. Death threats have been e-mailed to Republicans wives and the Senators themselves.

Democrats were so sure their childish plan would work they sat back laughing. It appears the joke turned around on them.

It is time large unions take another look into what position they are playing. Are they for the people or are they just lining their pockets?

If a State can not balance their budget it is time to look at Plan B. The teachers union is getting hit the hardest but lets look at why. In Texas a teacher gets paid 35 to 45 thousand dollars. In New York they are paid around $100,000. They can at times teach one class, then make extra money working for the Union. This causes the State to have to pay substitute teachers.

In Wisconsin about 24% of 8th grade students can not read. 34% just get by. This is stupid in my opinion. Fire the damn people not doing their jobs and reward those doing their job. If you or I didn't do our jobs or did not show up for three weeks we would be fired. It is time these limp brain nuts found out what life is all about.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Government Funds Mosques While Muslims Prepare On March 3rd To March In DC

The integrity of Government leadership has becom the stench of Government control flowing from the bowels of Congress.

It is time for our leaders to wake up and understand what they are doing in America could become the revolution we see in the Middle East.

Six million dollars is being used to fund Islamic Mosques around the world It is being used in the name of Cultural Preservation. The State Department is using our money to help Mr. Rauf's dream come true on building his Mosque at Ground Zero where our World Trade Center once stood.

This is a slap in the face to Patriots who saw their loved ones killed on 9-11 by bastards who care about nothing more than killing Americans.

On a radio show the other night which I was a guest host, I was asked, "Do you think we will see a revolution?" Friends, it has already begun. The integrity of America has been drug through the gutter. I believe the people of this Nation will stand up and say our Constitution will prevail. Our children will have the chance to live the American Dream in spite of Obama's desire for Big Government Control.

To make it worse Muslims plan to March in DC on March 3rd. They are calling for us to adopt Sharia Law into our Country as the ultimate law of the world.

The leader is U. K.'s Anjem Chaudary. He is partners with the New York "Islamic Thinkers Society." These people believe America will bow to Islamic Law even though they desecrate our flag. They believe the Koran to be the literal law of Allah.

They are calling on Muslims across America to rise in order to implement Sharia Law on our Country.
The march is to take place March 3, 2011 from 1 to 4pm local time. 
One way they lure non-Muslims into Sharia is with the Islamic welfare system. This makes me wonder if they have been watching Obama.

I hope this march will be met with the dispursement of radical terrorists. It would also be nice to see some Government leadership step in but I'm sure we will not see that happen.

The revolution has begun. If we hope to hold our values true, which our Forefathers embedded in writing, we must take a stand. Liberty can not prevail with our backs turned. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Maybe it is time we sit down and get loaded! The terminology of a statement is how one sees it in their eyes.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Monday, February 21, 2011

Liberals Show Their Yellow Streak

At a time when our leaders should be working together to help our country and states move forward the protocol appears to be hide.

Obama who needs the unions backing stands behind them while telling the states to kiss off
Protesters in Wisconsin mobbed the State Capital protesting Governor Scott Walker.
Walker has said if unions won't give, there is no way to close the $3.6 billion debt.

In some cases States are paying union employees $57.00 for every dollar they put into their retirement fund. Unions which used to help workers have now become so money hungry they are putting their members in a position where lay-offs could be inevitable in order for a state to survive.

Walker says by working together people will be better off than having the state force lay-offs.
Democratic lawmakers have called Walker a dictator and compared him to Adolf Hitler.

Democratic lawmakers have left the state in hiding. To me this shows their cowardliness along with child like abilities to work together. This shows no more of a democracy than what we are seeing Obama and Democrats doing in D.C.

Obama's group Organizing For America has bused in protesters from other states. Walker said Obama should worry more on fixing the federal budget.

Where is this so called leader and his cronies when you need them?
I guess they are too busy fighting Brewer in Arizona who is trying to secure their border. If our leaders can not get together our economy will fall.

Babies born now are already $45,000 in debt while liberals want to keep trying to buy their way out of debt. 
America can not continue to take away our future generations chances for a better life. At some point Liberals have to wake up and see their way is not working.

An old saying goes, "When you find you have dug yourself into a hole, quit digging." At some point you would think even a stupid person could see that. 

You have heard my opinion now let me hear yours.

Radical Richard

Friday, February 4, 2011

Obama - President, Socialist, Muslim, Dictator or What?

Many are asking what the man living in the White House stands for.

He bows to Muslims while showing no respect to our allies. On his visit to England he presented the Queen an iPod with photos and videos of her 2007 trip to Virginia; while his wife hugged her, knowing she does not allow it.

Due to the seriousness in the Middle East Israel, an ally, fears America will not come to their aid because of our leader.

This administration claims Mubarak is not a dictator even though he has controlled the country in poverty for 30 years. 

The Muslim Brotherhood who controls a large part of the Middle East has stated any country who is allies with the United States will be destroyed.

Anjem Choudary a radical Muslim who promotes be-heading, cutting off of limbs, lashing people and keeping women in slavery declares Sharia Law should be the way of America. Meanwhile Obama, Michelle and Liberals continue to say they can build their mosques across America. One can only ask are all Liberals stupid...or, are only stupid people Liberal? You wonder if a Muslim living in the US who still worship the Quran should not be treated in the same way Anjem believes.

Egypt has asked for our help. What do we do, go over and protect a dictator or stand against the people who are fighting to live free? I could only guess which direction Obama would go. You can take the Muslim out of the country but you can't take the country out of the Muslim.

It is time America woke up to the fact Muslims are inter-twining in government with the intention of gaining control.  

On ABC this week Anjem Choudary said the East and the West will be governed by Sharia Law. He also believes the Muslim flag will fly over the White House.

Is it possible this goal has already been implemented? What our country needs at this point is a President who has more knowledge than being a Community Organizer. The only anwer I can see is to fight fire with fire. We can no longer stand by while this administration along with Radical Muslims sucks our life blood away. We must educate our young against the evils of Radicalism. From there we must make our stand to pursue or overthrow those who are taking our Freedom away.

If we have to bury a pig on every site they plan to build a mosque then so be it. It worked in Spain. Fight the spread of Muslims across this Country in every lawful way you can.

Let's work together to dispose of garbage the way it should be disposed of. This must be done for the sake of future generations.

You have heard my  opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Could America Become The Next Egypt?

Tension mounts in the Middle East as we view the violent protests in Egypt. The dictatorship government ignored the people who said we have had enough. Take large government out and give us our rights back.
The Egyptian government has caused the violence to escalate by turning off all forms of communications and bringing in the military.

In America we hear people say "That can't happen here, things like that just happen in other countries." Nothing could be further from the truth.

When governments such as we have in America continues to impose their will upon people who are saying we don't want it, the first step is taken.

The people of Egypt are protesting devalued homes, high unemployment, rising food prices, government controlled Internet and media, along with cell phones being cut off.

When you sit back and look at this picture we see the same thing starting here under the Obama administration.
Our homes are loosing value. We have a high unemployment rate. The cost of food is rising along with other every day items. We have been told we have to pay for a health care bill many do not want. This administration wants to take talk radio shows off the air, control media along with monitoring our cell phones. I believe we will see this administration start trying new ways to empower gun control.

Liberals are attacking Tea Parties, saying they are violent while leaving our borders open to everyone who wants to cross. If we do not stop government spending, drop our deficit and listen to the people we could easily see the same thing happening here as we do in Egypt.

The problem is the riots could be more intense because we would not be fighting with rocks and sticks.

We are sitting on a keg of dynamite if government continues to ignore us. When oil continues to rise many items we buy could cause the bubble to burst.

The time has come for government to listen to the people and Obama to learn how to be a leader.

You have heard our opinion, now let us hear yours.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Great American Lie

The unanswered question about Obama being a legal citizen of America draws more fire.

The puzzle is now coming together showing a cover-up by the State of Hawaii and by Obama himself.
Tension mounts against the possibility that the man leading our Country could be a fake If proven this would make every bill he signed null and void.

Governor Neil Abercrombie (D-Hi) stated in an interview that a long form, hospital generated birth certificate for Obama may not exist in the Hawaii Department of Health. He stated he was continuing to search the records because it could hurt Obama's chances of re-election in 2012. The governor is known as a die in the wool Democrat who supports everything Obama does. He said it exists in the archives written down.

WND documented the address of the birth announcements was the home Obama's grandparents. The birth records in the archives could have come from the grandparents registering the birth in Hawaii which would create a newspaper release even if a long form birth certificate did not exist. The only form we have seen at this time was a live birth certificate shown in 2008 when Obama was elected. This could have been done in Hawaii by the grandparents even if Obama was foreign-born.

The two websites showing the live birth certificates are very biased for Obama.

At the end of an interview Abercrombie was holding, a newspaper person said, "You stirred up a controversy about birthers concerning your release of more info. How is that coming?"
His response was, "The certificate will have political implications in the next elections, we can not have that."

Reading this makes me ask where does honesty step in. If a leader can not show his papers why should he or she hold office?

Maybe Congress should pass a law for 2012 that anyone running for office will have to show their complete set of records. Of course this could mean Obama would have to bow out.

You have heard my opinion, now let me hear yours.

Freedom Fighter and Radical Richard