Sunday, November 8, 2009

Did They Read The Bill?

How do you feel about the Democrats and the one Republican, Joseph Dow of La., pushing a health care bill through the house that the majority of Americans stand agains? Do you believe this will change the control of the Democratic party in the 2010 elections?


  1. I don't think that they read the bill at all or if they did then they sure wasn't listening to the people. They just wanted to push this thing through because they knew that they would loss their job any way and didn't care. Well they are about to find out that the people wasn't messing around, so let me tell y'all that "YOUR FIRED."

  2. redneck patriot22/12/09 4:06 PM

    The 2010 election will definitely be affected. Most everyone must know that as of this date, the Congress has managed to buy enough votes to pass the Obama-care bill. I do not thini anyone has read the bill, I think the Republicans and Democrats should be made to read any bill that comes before them. They should all be given equal opportunity to add and change the bill, so it becomes a partisan bill and not one sided.