Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Threshold Of Socialism

As we stand on the threshold of socialism through Obama's oblivious belief that a government run health care bill will solve all our Country's medical problems, Americans are fighting mad.
How can this self proclaimed Messiah in Washington think he can mend our medical problems when Medicare and Medicaide are going broke now. The government has already shown us how well they have run the systems in the past. A couple making $60,000 jointly could pay as much as $12,000 a year for Obama's program. The majority of Americans through polls have said they don't want our government to have this kind of control.
In less than a year this man has continued to back Acorn (his favorite nut); closing Gitmo so we can try terrorists in New York and put them in a prison that will be opened especially for them; hired communistic Czars and tax evaders to run our Country.
He has led the US into a debt we will not be able to repay, lied on climate control and boldly stated he will transform our Great Nation.
It is time to quit trying to buy our way out of debt that will only lead to inflation.
Many Democrats and Republicans are standing together saying get this administration out. Your vote in 2010 and 2012 is the strongest weapon we have to fight with.
If we do not stand together now, tomorrow could be too late. Look at how Hitler, Chavez, Castro, Kim Jong-il and other Countries have destroyed their Nations by bringing in government power.
Don't let this happen to us.


  1. redneck patriot22/12/09 3:37 PM

    Wow, are we ever getting closer to Socialism! I heard that it is illegal what Nelson has accepted for his vote on the health bill. I certainly they get on the ball and stop this health care bill.
    We lived for a long time without it and can do so for a long time to come. Why do the Dems think they have to run this thing through without even reading it? I'm really upset about this. This new administration needs to be fired!
    redneck patriot

  2. Vote in 2010!! Fewer liberals = greater liberty.

  3. You said if a couple made $60,000 per year that they could pay as much as $12,000 for the President's health care bill. An additional $1,000 would break my families budget. I would also like to find out if this includes the children. From what I have heard on other blogs this is the couple only. We wonder what would happen if people refuse to pay it. This could break many families in the United States. I also don't understand why hard working people should have to pay for illegal aliens in our country.
    Roy - Oka.

  4. I'm going to stay positive, we might be at the threshold but the door hasn't opened all the way. We still have a chance that the door might slam shut before we go through it. The way to do that is to convince the people that voted for Obama and the rest of his clan to turn there vote around and put these Liberals on the street in 2010 and 2012.

  5. I have pros and cons about the health care bill. I have not been able to read enough about it to know what parts are good or bad. I do believe that the gov. should not run it, because they mess up 90% of everything they do. I feel we need reform, but would like to believe it is for the benefit of everyone.