Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Ray Of Hope

The voice of the American people is being heard in Washington thanks to the courage voters in Mass. After 48 years of being a Democratic state, they have said this is enough. Scott Brown's victory over Martha Coakley was a vote heard across our Nation.
Scott Brown an Independent running on the Republican ticket came up in the polls overnight, taking the Senate seat.
This gave us back a two party vote in the Senate, which we have not seen in a year.
Because of Obama's broken campaign promises arrogance and greed we have not seen an honest vote go through the house or Senate. What we have seen in his first year is
  • Promises to transform America
  • Redistribute the wealth
  • Gov Health Care shoved down our throat
  • Closed door hearings and meetings
  • Acorn continuing to get money in spite of voter fraud and attempted prostitution
  • Black Panthers set free for threatening voters at polls
  • Attempting to stop the Tea Party Movement
  • Stimulus money doing nonething
  • Trying to stop E-Verify
  • Trying to take away our guns by imposing higher taxes on ammunition
  • Bowing to Muslims
  • Trying to close Gitmo
  • Trying the terrorists in the US rather than by a Military Tribune.
  • He has also enacted Interpol, an organization above our Government Law Enforcement and our Constitution.
  • He has stated to foreign Nations we are no longer a religious Nation and has spent millions of dollars flying his entourage to Copenhagen to address Climate Change.
  • Obama still plays the blame game rather than step up to the plate and accept responsibility.
  • He has surrounded himself with corrupt Czars such as: Van Jones a known Communist; tax evaders who have control of our money and people who work for our rights to be taken away.
  • He also accepted a Nobel Peace Price for accomplishments he never achieved.
His first year in office has been a legacy for greed and corruption. I guess it is only fair that I should also list his accomplishments while in office.
In one year. along with Pelosi, Reid, Barney and others he managed to turn the voters against him, thus giving us back our country. I will always thank him for this because I believe in 2010 we will be able to give the power back to the people.
A great leader is built on the concern he shows for the people he leads. I hope obama can see this some day and stand up to the responsibility he was voted into office for.
The people spoke in Mass. and in November will speak again.

Freedom Fighter


  1. I hope you are right Freedom Fighter and we do see Pres. Obama turning his way of thinking around. If he does not do this he will be a one term President.

  2. Mad Sally's Roommate24/1/10 2:46 PM

    Freedom Fighter, This is Mad Sally's roommate. I am sure you will remember me since I was very rude when I wrote on your blog the last time.
    Although we have our disagreements I am posting this and sending an email to Radical Richard, since I know you are one and the same. I watched Fox News Sat night with Sally (It was her turn to pick the program.) I heard what the President promised "in his own words" without delivering any of his promises. Today Sally showed me this article and I have to tell you your article was interesting and offers a different perspective to my thinking. You haven't won me over yet. Please respond to my email.

  3. I read the article you wrote when Mad Sally's roommate jumped in the middle of you. I think you should pull the rug out from under him/her. I have been going to Radical Richards Corner on but have not seen a response. I would like to see it myself.

  4. " The people spoke in Mass. and in November will speak again. "

    AMEN to that brother !

    Thank you for jotting down the long list of bs we have seen this first year. It will be an easy reference to keep handy and add to.

  5. The article is good. But I have read it all over the internet, but I would like to know your answer to Mad Sally's Roommate. Is Radical Richard and The Freedom Fighter one in the same? I would like to know your response to what this person said. I went back and looked about this response and want to see what you have to say. Awaiting your response.

  6. I find this humorous. It appears Mad Sally's Roommate has drawn more attention than the article itself. I have posted a response on Radical Richard's Corner.
    Hostility concerning another persons opinion should not exist when people are being honest. I would like to have her roommate write RFA expressing hers and some of her friends opinions.

  7. I read your response on Radical Richard and agree with you. Getting a different response from both sides can be very important. In order to hear both sides of the story both parties have to be able to speak without fear.

  8. Nice list. We should at least thank him for holding unemployment under 8% as he promised his stimulus package would wait...

  9. " Mad Sally said...

    I hope you are right Freedom Fighter and we do see Pres. Obama turning his way of thinking around. If he does not do this he will be a one term President "

    Mad Sally, do you think he really is turning his way of thinking around now today the day after the State of the Union ???? ( sorry but I don't ).

  10. The speech last night was disgusting. I cannot believe the president showed he is not turning his way of thinking around at all.

    keep reminding people everywhere to vote in 2010 and get rid of the progressive Democrats and Republicans. I pray it won't be to late to stop this machine of madness.

  11. I know this last post was a bit away from your topic but I wanted to have my say today about last nights State of the Union.

    Can you open a posting spot where we can voice about general daily political goings on here on your website? It may be semi to quite active the way things are going! Thanks

  12. A Burke said ... Mad Sally, do you think he really is turning his way of thinking around now today the day after the State of the Union ???? ( sorry but I don't ).

    A Burke, I don't know what to think, he made me feel like I along with all the citizens of this great Country are to blame blame for the condition of our Country. Change is all we can hope for.

  13. I think President Obama's speech Wed. night was wonderful. He stated that he has seen the light and is going to create jobs for us. I have been without a job for 4 months. I have lost one car and could possibly lose my home. I have to believe that he fully intends to change the direction he is going in.

  14. I heard on the news (radio-don't watch much tv). We are going to be getting around 1 million job opportunities, guess what they are? Yes the govt can pat themselves on the back for creating new jobs, yes and its the census takers !! Part time employment for several months ... amen, probably these jobs will be counted as improving the economy huh? The unemployment rate is going to be dropping thanks to our savior, just ask him, the general press or any lefty * People will only be looking at the result of unemployment dropping. SOOOO Anonymous you to should get off your butt and go apply too and take advantage of this situation :) ooo
    Or maybe the jobs are pretty much filled by the Acorn underground already huh?

  15. A Burke, I agree with many things you are saying, but as far as getting off my butt I am applying everywhere I can. Could you give me more information as to where to apply for the jobs they are creating. It is easy to give advice when the problem doesn't apply to you. Maybe you should step back into the real world and try to understand the number of people who are unemployed but are looking for work.

  16. Anonymous
    Check google for census jobs in your state, thats what I would do. Google is good for finding information on just about anything. Also listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio (google for internet radio stations that carry him to if you don't know of him) he gives good advice about money and jobs.

    Good luck

  17. I enjoyed reading your article. It is obvious you have some issues with this President. I agree his first year in office has been one broken promise after another. But for the sake of all of us I would hope he was telling the truth on creating jobs.

  18. Rebel Bill31/1/10 4:48 PM

    Everyone I know is saying Scott Brown's victory is the best news we have heard in a year. It is good to hear Mr. Obama finally speaking to republicans, rather than hiding behind closed doors with his left wing lame ducks.

  19. By the way does anyone know why the Pres. got the Nobel Prize. I can't think of anything he did to aide in World Peace this last year or before he took office. He is so full of BS, I think he believes he will lead the world one day.