Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Fall Of America - UN Arms Treaty

In order fo a Government to take over and control a country certains steps must be put into place.
  1. First the Government must control the economy.
  2. The next step is to have  a large enough Army or police force to dominate the people.
  3. The last step is to take away their power to fight back.
When these three steps have been enacted the rest is easy.

Many Americans have begun to see how Obama and his administration are leading us into bankruptcy. He now has control over large banks, auto industries and if he gets his way health care. By controlling health care he also controls the pharmaceutical companies. Step one is nearly complete.

In Dec of 2009 Obama signed an executive order giving Interpol (International Police) all authority in the US. They can not be questioned by the FBI or any other law agency in the country. They do not have to show any paper work and have the power to take your home or business without question. Step 2 has been put into place.

How will step 3 be enacted?
Hillary Clinton, Sec. of State, is working with the United Nations in order to confiscate our guns. The US joined 152 Countries who support Arms Trade Treaty. This establishes the 2012 UN conference to attack American sovereignity and strip us ouf our right to Bear Arms.
Clinton who hates guns has pledged to push the US Senate to ratify the treaty. All firearms owned by the government would be excluded, our guns would be gone.

Obama found out he could not take our guns away by increasing taxes on ammunition or regulating the States. Since nullification has begun to take hold, the states can stop it. Knowing this, he uses the back door of the UN to achieve his objectives.
By enacting Interpol he would have the world police to back him. He knows many law enforcement agencies and military personnel would not take up arms against fellow Countrymen, so he goes around them to get what he wants.
Former UN Ambassador John Bolton has told gun owners to watch out for this treaty. He says the UN is showing it as an International Arms Trade between states. He goes on to say the real agenda is to control domestic firearms.

It is time to take action. We have to tell everyone we know to e-mail their Senators saying we don't want the Arms Trade Treaty Resolution, vote against it.

I also ask you to click on the links below to read more about this grave and unjust action being imposed upon us. When you do please sign the petition. Our names are already there. Don't let Obama impose the New World Order on us. Tell all your friends to help us fight it.

Freedom Fighter

National Gun Rights and Petition 
Hiliary Clinton's Comments


  1. Rebel Bill13/2/10 7:46 PM

    FF, Your last article explained nullification, if a state can stop certain things there must be a way to stop Hiliary. Besides writing your congressman which I don't believe half them read, what can we do?? I totally believe in guns and feel the US people should have the right to bear them under the constitution. I would like to hear about another way to fight this.

  2. Being a veteran I can understand people wanting to hold on to their guns. People like Hiliary are usually the first ones to start complaining when a crisis comes up and they don't have any protection. The only way to keep our sovereigncy is by being able to fight back.

  3. Ind. Carol14/2/10 4:58 PM

    Everyone should write to their Senators. At least this won't be voted on until 2012 and we will have a lot of new Senators. I will be sending an e-mail to my senator and e-mailing all my friends to read this and do the same. Thank-you for the informative blog.

  4. Rebel Bill - I am looking into this. I am checking on a petition that we can email to all the members of
    With each signature a copy will be sent to their respective members of Congress.
    By the way Freedom fighter I enjoyed your article and also would like to hear more on this subject.

  5. Thanks for the update on this situation. I knew this would be coming and bought my pistol last year, took the shooting classes and training and found that it was hard to get ammo. Walmart from my understanding used to have plenty of ammo at the best price around. Before the election and since they have been in short supply, rarely have any target rounds in stock. The sales people blamed this on Obama, guess they shoulda expanded blame beyond him.

  6. concerned gramps16/2/10 3:55 PM

    I enjoyed your article FF and agree with you fully. This will be another way to go around the constitution and take our guns away. I will be emailing all my friends about this and hope we can get it stopped.

  7. That is really scary, I have friends who own guns. They have them for hunting and the protection of their home. I think there will be a fight over something like this.