Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reconciliation and Health Care

The words reconciliation rings out across the US today. The people are saying it is a travesty if Dems allow reconciliation to be used on such an important issue as Government Run Health Care.
Reconciliation has been an objective for parties which has been around for years. Since 1980 it has been used 21 times. What it boils down to is when Congress can not get a bill passed they can opt to reconcile it. This gives them the power to push the bill through the Senate with 51 votes rather than the normal 60 votes. Reconciliation requires 20 hours of debate on bills being voted on and amendments being adopted.
Former Pres Bill Clinton vetoed 3 reconciliation bills put before him. Reconciliation is normally opted in, when Congress is voting to lower the defecit. Democrats are now using it to pass the Health Care Bill Americans have been rejecting for a year.

While 57% of mainstream voters reject Gov Health Care, Obama, Pelosi and Reid demands it to be put through in it's entirety. Pelosi demands to the public 'you do not understand the issues at hand and whether you like it or not it will go through.'
Knowing this will increase our defecit to alarming highs and raise taxes on everyone, they continue to go forward with their gallant quest for power. They don't seeem to care it could bring our country to its' knees. Many countries are already saying they will not buy our treasury notes and many holding our notes can not sell them. Ben Bernanke said "If we don't lower the National Debt our country will go down.

As I am writin and watching the bipartisan Health Care Summit I am still unable to believe Obama's arrogance. When asked a question he does not agree with, he lashes out like a young child.
He said, "I promise we will get this settled before the day is over." Republicans asked him to start over disclosing fair bipartenship from the beginning.
I question how the Dems can take a year to work on it and have it rejected by the people, then believe a 6 hour meeting will solve every problem?
Sen. Chriss Dodd (D- Ct) has said 'when the meeting is over they better join us or get out of the way.'

Do they think the American people are stupid? Do they think we can not make a decision on our own and have to let government decide on everything for us?
If this administration shoves this down our throat, I believe the people will rebell in November.
A wave of hatred is growing in America today. People have awoken to the fact this administration is doing everything they can to take our rights and freedom away.

Continue with your damn smug looks Obama. When you get your arrogant face slapped like a stepchild by the voters maybe then you can wake up to see you are not as smart as you think. Listen to both sides, everyone is not as stupid as your acorn friends.
I feel the 2 most feared things in the world is a gavel in Nancy Pelosi's hand and a pen in Obamas'.


  1. Well said and yes a majority of us are in 100% agreement. I am angry and sad today (happens alot this past year), surprised at the continued way these people that think they are Godlike snub their noses at us,continue to strain the economy, the people and the world

  2. P, I think the Dems said we do need Health Care reform, they said we are idiots. Why shouldn't health care come through to protect my mother who is 75 years old and she shouldn't get health care reform. She has paid all of her life and the government promised she would get it now they are not giving it to her. I think you are an angry lady who thinks that our constitution who thinks that our constitution is still intact wake up and smell the roses. The health care summit was very good.

  3. Hi Anon - why not make a name? Also you misunderstood me, I am angry at the sham of a bs summit today . I was agreeing with what Radical R was saying and glad to see his opinion.

    BTW fyi I believe the democrats are eroding the constitution bit by bit, chipping away at it and trying to go socialism with mega a big govt plans that are screwing us up. Screwing up the economy that was fragile at best 1 year ago... As for your mommy hey there is still social security, welfare and all that helping out, imagine what its going to be like when they strip that away from the old folks who are suffering after a long life. Health care should reform but only if they ever start over and do it friggin right. This is wrong, and will destroy not help, open your eyes up and pray they start from scratch and actually work together rather than shove this through...... ya I'm mad like millions and millions of other people.

  4. Hey P, I think we have a wild one up there. To hear anonymous tell it, he/she sounds like the Constitution and the right to freedom don't exist anymore. I don't think everyone hates democrats, I think we're all tired of listening to the stupidity we hear. I didn't get to hear all the summit, but did hear a large part of it. To me it sounded like the same old thing that goes on in Congress everyday, screw over the people. Get after them angry lady I still believe in the constitution.

  5. Tx.Teacher26/2/10 3:08 PM

    I decided to become an active member and give myself a name after hearing what anonymous said, I didn't want people to mistake me for him.
    I stated before that I was a Dem. who went Ind.
    FF I appreciate the article, I was teaching and didn't get to watch it.
    Rebel Bill, although somewhat crude, I do think you said it all.

  6. wes norman27/2/10 9:43 AM

    If reconciliation is used for the health care bill I believe we will see a lot of very mad people. I've known about it for a long time but like you thought it was only used to drop the defecit. This will be a complete difference from what we have seen in the past. I also believe it could be the end of the Dem party this year and possibly in 2012.

  7. Aah Wes you might be right about the Dem party. Isn't that what and how it happened when Hillary started her health care bs when her husband was Pres ? Could this be a repeat of that era back to haunt them? If anyone can verify it I'd appreciate the info.

  8. FF, I believe reconciliation concerning the Health care bill will be like starting up the war between the North and the South again. We all want health care, but we also know that a price has to be paid for that. I don't think that we should have to pay for illegals or people that can't afford it. I don't think we should have to wait so many years while we are paying for it before we can use it. This is what is turning me against the Dems.
    To P, I would like to say this will come back to haunt them, I can't verify it, but I believe it will bite them on the bottom if they go against the people.

  9. I know full well the Dems will use reconcilliation if Obama asks them to. This man is on such an ego trip he can't understand anything but health care reform. It's sad when our job situation is so low that he pays little attention to that. From what my friends say, they could care less about health care if it continues in the way it is going.

  10. A true injustice to the American People will be done if the Dems go through with reconcilliation. Obama made it clear he will pass this bill with or without the Repubs.

  11. If reconciliation is approved in the Senate and the vote does happen to go through with 51% we will have taken 10 steps backwords. There is no way our economy can pay for illegals, the poor and the people who are too lazy to work. This puts a burden on the people who are trying to get ahead because they will have to cover the cost on their shoulders.

  12. Yes, FF, I do believe they think we are stupid and can't make decisions on our own. I agree with you if Pres O gets his face slapped this year, he may begin to understand what the people are trying to tell him.

  13. Hi, I was at RV-ers for freedom the other day and noticed a link to your website and linked to this page. Reconciliation and Health Care is a concern of everyone who is attending Tea Parties. I have sent some of my friends emails with links to your sites and recommended them to join you. I'm not sure where you ever came up with that name but I think it's great. I will be looking for your motor home with the eagle/flag in Searchlight. Looking forward to meeting you.

  14. If they vote on health care through reconciliation, I believe it will destroy the Dem party. My friends are very mad about this and some of them who are Democrat say they won't vote Dem again if this goes through.

  15. I don't believe President Obama would use reconciliation as a way to achieve something as important as health care. Not to say Nancy Pelosi wouldn't try it. I believe if given more time the President will come through with a bill that will help the people.

  16. gosh, Anon, what makes you say "" I believe if given more time the President will come through with a bill that will help the people.""

    When has he yet done anything for the people other than raise our taxes and hurt small business ?? huh...

  17. Dem Reject4/3/10 5:32 PM

    I agree P, but one thing that's good coming out of all this is a lot of the Dem Senators fear this election year. I heard on the news today that if reconcilliation is used that will force them to go against it. As far as anonymous do you think he could be a liberal?? Ha-Ha